Tuesday 8 April 2014

I'm taking a break to finish my wheel - or publish details about its design.

This may be my last post for some time because I'm finding less and less to write about and I don't see much point in writing a post just to fill a space.  I shall return to posting when I have something I think is of value or interesting to say - such as an important update about my own wheel or someone else's, or details about my hoped for documentary or the publication in German of my original book, which is due out in October of this year; or details of the secret principle I have worked with for the last three years.

My own wheel project proceeds, albeit slowly, and I remain confident that I shall succeed this year, but who knows for certain? Not I. If my own success should magically arrive it will be proclaimed both here and everywhere else - so fear not that you might miss this extraordinary announcement - no chance!

I shall copy and past the 'legend in a nutshell' after these few words, in case anyone should arrive and wonder what went on here  So to all those kind people who took the trouble to read my thoughts and to sometimes post a comment, I offer my profound thanks and I hope that you will drop by occasionally to see if anything new has appeared on this blog.  I shall continue to read and sometimes respond to any comment which you might wish to make. Hasta la vista!


The legend of Bessler’s wheel began in 1712 when Johann Bessler announced that he had invented a perpetual motion machine and he would be exhibiting it in the town square in Gera, Germany, on June 6th of that year.

Everyone was free to come and see the machine running and he would demonstrate its unique ability.  It took the form of a wheel mounted between two pillars and could run continuously until it was stopped or its parts wore out. The machine attracted huge crowds.  Although they were allowed to examine its external appearance thoroughly, they could not view the interior, because the inventor wished to sell the secret of its construction for the sum of 10,000 pounds – a sum equal to several millions today.

News of the invention reached the ears of high ranking men, scientists, politicians and members of the aristocracy.  They came and examined the machine, subjected it to numerous tests and concluded that it was genuine. Only one other man, Karl, the Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel, was allowed to view the interior and he testified that the machine was genuine.

There were several attempts to buy the wheel, but negotiations always failed when they reached an impasse – the buyer wished to examine the interior before parting with the money, and the inventor fearing that once the secret was known the buyer would simply leave without paying and make his own perpetual motion machine, would not permit it.  Sadly the machine died with the inventor when he fell to his death during construction of another of his inventions, a vertical axle windmill.

However, the discovery of a series of encoded clues has led many to the opinion that the inventor left instructions for reconstructing his wheel, long after his death.  The clues were discovered during the process of investigating the official reports of the time which seemed to rule out any chance of fraud, hence the  interest in discovering the truth about the legend of Bessler’s wheel.

My own interest was sparked by the realisation that an earlier highly critical account explained how the wheel was driven according to Bessler’s maid - an explanation so obviously flawed that I was immediately attracted to further research. In time I realised that there was no fraud whichleft me with the only other possible explanation, the wheel was genuine and the claims of the inventor genuine

The tests involved lifting heavy weights from the castle yard to the roof, driving an Archimedes water pump and an endurance test lasting 56 days under lock and key and armed guard.  Bessler also organised demonstrations involving running the wheel on one set of bearings opened for inspection – and then transferring the device to a second set of open bearings, both sets having been examined to everyone’s satisfaction, both before, after and during the examination.

The only fly in the ointment, so to speak, is the fact that modern science appears to deny that Bessler; wheel was possible, but my own research has discovered what might be called a loop-hole, a work-around that avoids conflict with the laws of physics.



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