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Friday, 13 March 2009

The videoless lecture

Unfortunately the video I had planned which would tell the world about Bessler, ( well an assortment of retired engineers with time on their hands) did not turn out quite as I had hoped. It was decided that my lack of charisma might have a stupifying effect on the audience and anyway my pc froze at the prospect of some minor editing, so it was agreed that I would read the text of the video to my good friend in Florida and he, having recorded same, would then play it to the assembled throng (I use the word in its loosest meaning) with some suitable projected images to enliven my spoken words.

Apparently it went down rather well amongst the entire audience of 23, (Dave are you sure you don't mean 230?) and now they know as much as I do about Johann Bessler.

Anyway I decided that the video which I had originally planned to post on youtube would send anyone who innocently perchanced to light upon it, into a dangerous zomby state, so I am rewriting the script and making it altogether more punchy and of course much shorter. I have arranged for some charisma pills to be taken just before filming begins so - watch this space for an announcement!


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