Saturday 27 February 2016

Update - Verification Still Pending.

One of my hypothesis evaluations came back with a high approval rating but, as he put it, without a working model it's still so much hot air.  He was more convinced by the concept than the actual configuration, citing areas of conflict which he believed required further work, but which he thought could be overcome successfully.  That opinion was backed up by my second evaluator.  He has proved really useful, simulating the design on his computer and pointing out where deficiencies lie.  Even though I thought I'd covered everything there were still further clues to be deciphered but I've found them and interpreted them and revised the document and I think progress is being made.

These responses to my hypothesis make me glad that I got some feedback before publishing it.  I know that people will say 'publish it and let everyone do their own work on it', but the closer it is to the answer the less likely people are to reject it with out further consideration.

With the house move taking up so much time, any chance of getting back to work on my wheel is becoming vanishingly small.  The hypothesis document relates most of the design to specific clues I have deciphered and which  seem to be theoretically verifiable, but without the working model I am stumped hence the need for publication of my efforts and to let others try to build it.

The idea of publishing my findings is still uppermost in my mind but a book detailing everything is a strong possibility too, even if my current efforts don't lead to a working model, somewhere.  The book would obviously include the design as well, in order to relate the clues to specific parts of the design.  It's almost like duplicating the hypothesis document but in a lengthier form and would need to include all the textual clues as well. But if I include those pieces of text which relate to clues I have deciphered, how do I engage anyone not familiar with the legend of Bessler's wheel, if they are simply extracted from the original book, out of context? I don't know the answer so I will just publish what I have so far, once I have the final word from my other evaluator.

A simple question on BW forum reminded me of the importance of getting what any of us know, out into the wide world.  The queston is , " If Someone Discovered How To Do It, Would You Be Angry?"  This question or similar ones have arisen before and my answer is the same now as it was on the previous occasions - no.  Why would I be angry?  I'd be pleased because my efforts to inform the world of all things Bessler would see fruit and blossom.   

That someone else should succeed before me - or any of us - is obviously a daily possibility and therefore one I have considered many times over the years and my considered response has always been, good let's get these things out to the world at large so they can start doing some good. And that also applies to hesitating to publish what I know.  Why have I delayed for so long?  Obviously my priimary reason was to try to finish my own version of Bessler's wheel, but time is racing by - it does at my age as others will verify.  So as soon as I can I will ...................... publish!!

Things move slowly here.  Still in my old house; still haven't found a new one, although it is early in the year for people to put their houses up for sale.  So I must just wait.  We should be out of here in the next two or three weeks and living with one of my daughters and her husband and our youngest grandaughter plus Coco, the golden lab.   Then who knows?  Maybe we'll rent for a month or two in sunnier climes.

Next Saturday I have to go into hospital for a hernia operation, my second one.  My first was at age seven and this second one will be at age 71! No lifting for a couple of weeks afterwards so I don't know who is going to do all the work moving house!


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