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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Should I bet on a certainty?

I wonder if it is possible to place a wager on the likelihood of the appearance, in the next twelve months, say, of a gravitywheel? If I am really convinced that I shall succeed in this venture then I suppose I should put my money where my mouth is and wager that I, or some other misguided fool, will indeed produce such a machine and one that works?

Certainly the rewards would be exceptional. I have yet to receive the exact odds available (I have applied for them) but suppose odds of 5000/1 against such a thing happening in the next year were offered; it might persuade me to part with say £50 or even £100 for the promise of upto half a £million!

The history of betting is full of off-the-wall wagers and this is almost respectable by comparison. At least I'm not betting that the earth will be governed by aliens by 2010 or that the Elvis will resurrect next year, which some have bet heavily on!

This wager has a certain attractiveness to it for me because it simplifies the actions under consideration should I succeed in my venture. I could just show the working wheel on youtube and then pocket the winnings from the wager.

No patents to worry about; no contracts to sign to sell the device ; instant availability for anyone with internet access - and of course the publishers would contact me for permission to publish my book instead of the other way around where I have currently papered the walls of my office with rejection letters.

Some may say that giving it away is foolish and I could earn tens of millions but the truth is I don't need millions, (just a couple!)


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