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Thursday, 5 March 2009

The 300th anniversary of Bessler's wheel.

On the 12th June 2012 it will be exactly 300 years since Johann Bessler first exhibited his wheel. In some ways it feels as if events are conspiring to create the perfect moment for the re-emergence of Bessler's wheel.

First we became aware that we could no longer rely on unlimited supplies of oil and then that there is no realistic universal alternative energy solution in view. Next we were warned that the enormous amounts of pollution we are creating are apparently leading to global warming. Now we have the global recession. Companies going bankrupt, jobs disappearing at an ever increasing rate.

What single simple solution would go a long way towards resolving all three crises? You know the answer - Bessler's wheel!

Firstly it would help massively to supply electricity for domestic use at least, replacing in some measure the fossil-fuel-burning electricity generators we currently use. It would largely remove the necessity for banks of windmills and nuclear power generated electricity.

Secondly, as a non-polluting solution it would also help in reducing pollution and eventually, maybe, correct global warming in time.

Lastly, it would generate millions and millions of jobs in a useful contribution to the stabilising of the global credit meltdown.

Bessler was born before his time, arriving as he did at the start of the steam age, but perhaps we had to go through the steam age and the fossil-burning age before we could return to a cleaner, less demanding source of energy. Who knows, perhaps we wouldn't have had gas-driven autos, jet aircraft and space shuttles if his technology had prevailed?

Then again what other developments have we missed because of his reluctance to share his secret while he was still alive?

I hope that the world will be celebrating his life by 2012 because someone has suceeded in duplicating his wheel.


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