Wednesday 31 October 2018

If It Works! What Next?

When your wheel finally works, spinning continuously, with nothing more than the force of gravity enabling its action, what will you do, how will you proceed? Your options would appear to include sharing the secret freely or patenting the design, or finding a sponsor to help develop the machine into a commercial project.

I suppose it depends on whether you want a lot of money, or just enough, or if you dont need any - and when do you want it, immediately or can you wait a couple of years? Also do you want fame, or just acknowledgement for your achievement, or are you content to remain anonymous?

These questions fill the minds of all those hundreds of people who have and still are seeking the solution to Bessler’s wheel.  You only have to look back at the history of the search for perpetual motion to discover that the same concerns occupied their minds from the earliest times. So what is the answer?

I have never liked the patent system for this device.  It costs money to patent and yes, you may say that you will receive many times it’s cost over the years,  even if you have to wait a couple of years. But  there are more concerns; such simple technology invites copycat machines, patent infringements and patented improvements, each of which can leave you in the starting blocks, while your competitors rake in their rewards.  Policing patent infringements is a costly and lengthy task with little chance of financial compensation, even if you only go for a limited patent protection instead of worldwide patent protection.

Licensing the use of a patent is a possibility but could still fall foul of patent infringements and patented improvements.  A patent licensing agreement is a legal contract that grants the licensee certain rights regarding the use or sale of your patented invention. Licensing agreements can be: exclusive - giving the licence holder the sole right to exploit the patent.

So what’s the best course of action?  I have my own optionse and there are numerous possibilities for anyone who wants sufficient financial rewards to live comfortably and help out members of his or her family.  The worldwide media is hungry for stories and will pay for them,. The term "media", includes print media (books, magazines, newspapers), television, radio, movies, video games, music, cell phones, various kinds of software, and the Internet. All of these mediums are like a voracious animal and each requires feeding many times, and they pay well.

So my advice is avoid patents and share the information you have, as widely as you can. What ever design you make public, will always be improved upon, so thinking that by publishing the design, no one can patent it, doesn't necessarily apply to any improvement, but at least the basic concept will be out there and cannot be unpublished.


Wednesday 24 October 2018

Gravity Power

It is ironic that despite our best efforts to interest the rest of the world in our search for the solution to Bessler’s wheel, there are others who are also inventing gravity-powered devices, which however require winding  up in some way.

I liked this simple idea for emergency lighting;

We are all familiar  with weight-driven clocks and apparently the earliest weight-driven mechanical 
clock was installed in 1283 at Dunstable Priory in Bedfordshire, England. But of course the ability or necessity to be able calculate the passing of time goes back at least 5000 years to the Babylonians

I’ve seen a number of unique ways of achieving clock time as well as producing light but the levitating nixie clock is unique!

And this free standing gravity lamp is impressively hi-tech, but it still needs resetting.

There is also a lot of research going on to find the best way to store gravitationally generated electricity.  This is all very nice and I'm pleased that the idea of using gravity to generate electricity is universally accepted, it seems such a small step to make that gravity power continuous instead of having to rewind or reset the mechanisms after each action has been completed.

Numerous articles are published demanding new and more research into alternative energy sources; or seeking to make windmills more efficient, smaller and less obtrusive, applying the same principles to solar panels.  To we amateurs, who continue to try to solve and thus prove Bessler's wheel was legitimate, all these articles seem to be ignoring and avoiding any consideration of what seems to us to be the perfect solution to our energy/pollution problems.

All it takes is one respected scientist to read up on Bessler's work or visit this forum and others like it and become convinced that the facts support further consideration, and promotes new research.


Wednesday 17 October 2018

Reduce Global Warming with Bessler's Wheels.

We live in strange times.  Global warming leading to freak weather; heat waves, torrential rain, hurricanes, sumamies, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and each seemingly more intense.

We are told that greenhouse gas produced from vehicle exhausts and other fossil burning devices is the cause of the gradual warming up of our planet earth.  But then there are some who blame it on the fluctuations in the sun’s heat output and can point to previous historical cold and warm periods each matched closely to the sunspot activity.

Regardless of who is correct, events seem to be conspiring to a point where we are about to become desperate for a solution to an alternative way of producing electricity.  The burning of fossil fuel and its dangerous side effects is becoming an increasingly unacceptable risk to human life.  The remaining sources of fossil fuels is diminishing and will either run out or be too expensive to recover. None of the alternatives are universally practical, be it solar panels, windmills, geothermal energy, tidal etc, etc.  Each has its merits but each also has its negative aspects.  Nuclear power is of limited benefit considering the difficulty of dealing with its waste products and its huge expense.

Global temperatures will continue to rise as long as we continue to burn fossil fuels, therefore electricity is the most important and user-friendly power source available to us today and tomorrow - if only there was a way to generate it without the need to locate in a sunny or windy or coastal waterway etc.

The following abbreviated exctract comes from an article published by the Union of Concerned Scientists

"To effectively address these growing climate risks — and ensure a reliable supply of electricity for years to come — we must take steps today to improve our aging electricity infrastructure and reduce the carbon emissions that are driving up the planet's temperature.

Ramping up renewable energy is a key component of this effort, both to make our electricity system more resilient and reliable in the short-term, and to curb climate change over the long-term.

Smaller-scale, more distributed power: Renewable technologies like wind-turbines and rooftop solar panels are small, distributed, and often weather storms and heat waves better than conventional power plants. If individual turbines or solar panels are damaged, the impact on the grid is far less than if a large coal or nuclear plant goes off-line."

Small-scale  generaters looks like a perfect description of Bessler's wheel.  

We need to solve the puzzle of Bessler's wheel now, and stop burning fossil fuels as quickly as possible to bring global warming to a stop. Clearly it will be like trying to bring a huge ship to a stop but we have to start soon and the sooner the better.

For more on the subject see


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