Thursday 23 September 2021

Some Small Clues in Connection with Johann Bessler’s Wheel.

People have asked for clues, so I’ll try to offer some more.  Here’s another clue which may be helpful.  

In Apologia Poetica XLVI, page 296, Bessler comments thus, “ A crab crawls from side to side. It is sound, for it is designed thus.”

This implies a horizontal movement which is a design feature of a mechanical arrangement. One thinks of the storks bill.  

In MT 47 he wrote, “ No. 41: This is yet another stork's-bill model. It is not necessary first to explain the letters. There is only this to mention: the present horizontal application of the stork's bills is always better than the machine with the vertical application, which constantly has more friction. I can assure the reader that there is something special behind the stork's bills. Whoever knows how to construct them will note that the figures sketched here are not exactly the correct artistic application."

This suggests a horizontal action is needed, which is not an amazing thought but a useful one if you know it is a vital ingredient.


A wheel appears on the scene - is it really a wheel, for it does not have the normal type of rim.

Corrected translation of the above, “You see a wheel, but is it a wheel, for it has no tyre(tire)?  

Cart and carriage wheels had rims of iron.  Etymology late 15th century (denoting the curved pieces of iron plate with which carriage wheels were formerly shod): perhaps a variant of archaic tire, shortening of attire (because the tyre was the ‘clothing’ of the wheel). Oxford languages.

This isn’t a clue, Bessler is just explaining that everyone refers to his device as as a wheel, but it isn’t like a cart wheel because it doesn’t have a tyre or rim. I think he is saying that it isn’t strictly speaking, a wheel and I have often thought this too.


The word ‘Kreuz’ appears in Apologia Poetica, XXXIIIb, Bessler talks thus, “ If I arrange to have just one cross-bar in the machine, it revolves very slowly, just as if it can hardly turn itself at all, but, on the contrary, when I arrange several bars, pulleys the machine can revolve much faster”.

Google translates it thus,

In a work with just a cross, as it were, then you will see it very slowly hardly turn around by itself; On the other hand, when I cooked up many crosses, trains and weight ’,then the work can run much faster; ‘

It was translated as “cross-bar” but that would be a different word in German.  During my research I found that the word kreuz can mean, cross, intersection or, crossing and can also be used to mark a document with a cross or X.  When attached to another word it can mean many different things. Bessler may also have meant either just one cross, or a cross, meaning one cross with four arms, which was insufficient for the wheel’s rotation.

But interestingly, the phrase used here and which is often used by Bessler, “as it were” means “sometimes said after a figurative (= not meaning exactly what it appears to mean) or unusual expression: For example: If he still refuses we could always apply a little pressure, as it were. Figurative use of language. Cambridge English Dictionary.

So Creuz just describes something which might be thought of as a cross but isn’t actually that.


There is an abundance of clues for those who want to look, and I am confident that I have found and correctly deciphered most of them, but I must, for my own satisfaction, try to build the wheel before I share it.  This will have to wait ‘til I’ve moved into my new (old) house, which is likely to be in November.

Remember there are loads of other clues on my web site at The Orffyreus Code, plus many discussed over several years right here on this blog.


Monday 20 September 2021

Bessler’s Wheel 2022. That’s My Prediction!

At some point in the (hopefully) not too distant future the solution to Bessler’s wheel will be found and I anticipate (imagine) that it will be broadcast far and wide with no legal restrictions imposed by the discoverer!  

My apologies for what follows but I’ve never been adverse to being called  a ‘verser’!

But each one I write seems to get a little ‘worser’!

Perpetual motion?  It’s a lie

That’s what they taught us, so don’t  try

To understand, how Bessler found 

A way to make his wheels spin round.

But if that’s true then he’s a fraud,

The evidence we have is flawed,

But there are things that don’t add up

Things which tell us, don’t give up.

The evidence is very strong

Bessler’s claims cannot be wrong.

It’s just because we do not know

Exactly how he made it go.

They still say its impossible

To make a wheel unstoppable

But Bessler did and so can we

It might be you, or maybe me?


Thursday 16 September 2021

Are Electric Cars the Answer to Climate Change?………..

Or…… this all just a solution to solve the problem of falling availability of crude oil?

I read this today on Facebook and I thought I’d share it here.  We already know that windmills are incredibly expensive.  This quote below gives an idea of their costs, read it but then look at the following quote!

What's the cost of a wind turbine in 2021? $1,300,000 USD per megawatt. The typical wind turbine is 2-3 MW in power, so most turbines cost in the $2-4 million dollar range. Operation and maintenance runs an additional $42,000-$48,000 per year according to research on wind turbine operational cost.”   

Now read this!…….

Reapers Holland

Reapers Car Club is for all those that love cars and bikes.
Founded in Holland and now over 10 chapters World wide,in the USA, UK, Australia, Sweden and Holland.

Total fuel consumption of U.S. airlines is approximately 19 billion gallons annually.

Total fuel consumption for mining Ore for construction of electric car batteries is approximately 21 billion gallons annually.

The 21 billion gallons of fuel burned can only produce enough Ore to build 250,000 electric car batteries.

The lifespan of an electric battery is 10 years and is not renewable. By 2050 these batteries will fill landfills with 50 million pounds of waste that does not break down.

I wonder if people would still believe in electric power cars, vehicles or equipment if they knew how massive the carbon emissions footprint really was?”

Are these true facts? I don’t know but I suspect there’s more than a grain of truth in them. What is true, is the problem of what to do with the batteries after they are done with.

Electric cars are significant contributors to climate protection – but the mining of lithium for the batteries is often criticised. However, lithium is also used in the batteries of laptops and cell phones, as well as in the glass and ceramics industry and there doesn’t seem an alternative for them, yet.

So where is the most lithium mined?

With 51,000 tons, Australia was by far the most important supplier of lithium in 2018 – ahead of Chile (16,000 tons), China (8,000 tons) and Argentina (6,200 tons). This is shown by figures from the USGS (United States Geological Survey). The four countries mentioned have long dominated the picture, with Australia only gaining a clear lead over Chile in recent years.

Given these ‘facts’, real or only partially real, Bessler’s wheel is even more important than ever. Reducing the number of batteries needed would require a cheap, clean, portable energy generator - Besslerwheel, for example. Could the BW drive transport? Cars, trucks and ships? Sure. Aircraft? Doubtful, but is there any alternative to burning jet fuel the way we do today? I don’t think so, unless you accept a much,
much slower, larger, glider type of aircraft, maybe?


Sunday 12 September 2021

My Blog About Johann Bessler (aka Orffyreus)

Now that the number one Bessler forum is back on line 🙏👍. I’m back too.

I’m posting these stats to show there is a lasting interest in this subject across the world, even if it is disregarded, not to say dismissed and derided by the educational institutions. I once gave a lecture and opened it with the question, “hands up anyone who believes a perpetual machine might be possible”, in hindsight it was far too open a question but it happened 25 years ago and people were more open minded about such things then. The audience were of mixed ages and education but a swift head count gave a surprisingly large number of “believers”, over a third. I’m not sure a similar question would elicit such a large percentage of “believers” these days. 

This, it seems to me, is our biggest problem; these days the young minds seem closed to new or old ideas unless they are “trending” on the internet. Our field of research is regarded as “dead in the water” so to speak. If it hasn’t been solved in the last 300 years it must indeed, be impossible and they are therefore not interested. I don’t know the average age of Bessler researchers, but I get the distinct impression that it is much closer to my age (76) than say the twenties. This is not a subject that attracts young minds, which is shame given the urgent need for a technology so similar to the one we seek to reinvent.

So since I began this blog in February 2009, there have been:

Over 1581472 visitors. -  I’ve published 694 posts. -  There have been over 26303 comments.

Visitors have come from the following locations:-

United States                        24%

France.                                  15%

United Kingdom.                   10%

Australia.                                 8%

Poland                                      6%

India.                                        5%

Italy.                                          4%

New Zealand.                            4%

South Africa.                             3%

Denmark.                                   2%

Ireland.                                       2%

Taiwan.                                       2%

Germany.                                    1%

Canada.                                     <1%

Lithuania                                   <1%

Norway                                      <1%

Belgium.                                    <1%

Ukraine.                                     <1%

Bolivia.                                      <1%

Other.                                          12%

I know there are visitors from several other large countries, such as China and Russia, but I assume they are included in the ‘other’s. Romania is a constant and frequent visitor, but they don’t show up outside the ‘other’s group. 

Of course compared to the Besslerwheel forum, my stats are minuscule

Besslerwheel forum stats - Total posts 178388 • Total topics 7223 • Total members 3271 

I guess this means, as if we didn’t know it already we absolutely ……….
have to build and demonstrate a working Besslerwheel, right?


Tuesday 7 September 2021


The recent disappearance of the wonderful facility at  has caused great despondency and alarm.  Besides providing an excellent discussion forum for all things ‘Bessler’, it holds a huge archive of excellent postings, comprising suggestions, possible solutions, ideas and facts about the inventor and his books. Many expert alternative translations have been posted and the whole archive forms an invaluablecstorehous which we cannot afford to lose.

Scott Ellis is doing his best to find a solution to the current problem but as is so often the case these days the solution will probably involve a large increase in the money demanded to continue this amazing service.

We have had several offers of help and I have passed them on to Scott but if anyone has the technical know-how to help him and has a direct method of contacting him I urge them to message him directly in whatever format they can use.

Fingers crossed the forum reappears.

I have recently hit the same problem, my book sales just about covered the cost of running several web sites, the money coming in was no longer sufficient and I had to let some go.  I still have the following ones, but I’m considering losing them too.

Mostly they are not really active any more but I like to keep the information available until I eventually publish my book which has been on a long, long time coming!


Thursday 2 September 2021

The benefits of COVID?

It’s an odd title but it does seem to have had some benefits for me and some others apparently. As many of you will know I sold our house and moved out at the end of March thinking that this would give me an advantage in securing a new house.  It didn’t, not immediately - because there were no suitable houses for sale, due to the effects of lock down. There were houses for sale, but they were usually too expensive, too run down needing too much money spent to make them right.  Or too far from here etc. 

But at last we have found one and we won it, despite having to get it by taking the sealed bids approach. For those who are unfamiliar with this method of determining the best offer, it happens when there too many people after the same house.  They ask for ‘full and final’ offers in a sealed envelope by a certain hour of a certain day. On the hour all the envelopes are opened, eight in our case, and the best offer is picked.  There was one other bid which matched ours, but as we had actually moved out having sold our previous house, and the other people were still in their’s, we were chosen.  There are too many people looking for houses to buy and too few for sale which has boosted prices unfortunately.  Now due to Covid, conveyancing is taking about twelve weeks even though we’ve sold our house and that should shorten the time.  So even though our offer was accepted we won’t be in our house before December!

So we have been living with one of my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter and Millie the black Labrador. We have lived in one small bedroom for over five months and it’s not been easy, but there is light at the end of this seemingly very long tunnel.  It’s just possible that we might move in before December, I hope so, it used to take four to eight weeks before Covid, but due to staff shortages it’s going to take twelve or thirteen weeks, so they tell me.

So, I hear you ask, “what benefit did you find?”  Well I have no office or workshop or tools, so all I could do was ……….THINK.  Thinking without the bother of building, drawing and testing has made me study the whole shebang, the whole picture along with every detail and all that falls between. I’ve re-examined my conclusions and looked for errors, omissions and inaccurate conclusions in my  various hypotheses and I think I have found a way to get to the answer.  I have been here many times before as you also know, but this time I’ve been able eliminate some steps I would have taken if it weren’t for enforced physical idleness. I can recommend a period of intensive cogitating about this subject, it can surprise you when you least expect it.

I can’t wait to get back to building in my new workshop, but I’m guessing it’s not going to happen until next year. You have to be an incurable optimist in this field of research, and being obsessive about it helps.

I’m writing down and drawing all the steps I need to take and planning the process to a successful conclusion, I hope. If it works then I’m certain that this design will match what Bessler did, because so much of it relies on his many drawings.

To those many people who emailed me asking about my progress, if any, thanks for your encouragement and kind words, watch out for my announcement which will appear as soon as I’ve built and tested the design.  


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