Wednesday 30 December 2020

HAPPY NEW YEAR - Will Bessler’s Wheel Run in 2021?

As we enter 2021 I marvel that way back in the New Year of 2012, I thought that that coming year would see us celebrating the 300th year since Bessler discovered the secret of the Perpetual Motion machine, with a working model of his wheel.   Yet here we are, nine years later no nearer to success than we were back the ....or are we? But as I frequently say, there will never be a better time than right now, for someone, somewhere on this planet, to produce a working version of Bessler’s wheel.  Really, it is desperately important that we solve this ancient enigma, because there is no cheaper, no simpler and more viable an alternative to producing electricity than Bessler’s wheel.

I am well aware that some people dismiss this invention as nothing more than a toy, incapable of satisfying our electrical needs, but this need not be true.  All machines are scalable and we don’t need to be put off by the imagined enormous size of such a wheel.  You only have to look at the modern windmills scattered over the countryside, here in England and elsewhere and off shore to see that they are monstrous sized machines, Typical modern wind turbines have diameters of 40 to 90 metres (130 to 300 ft) and heights of 328 feet, but much larger ones are planned.

So if we wish to consider the potential size of the Bessler-wheel electricity generator, then the main consideration to overcome is not so much the size as the RPM. High speed rotation to generate electricity requires complex heavy gearing, just like the ones in the windmills, and therefor an efficient and heavy Bessler’s wheel is needed to overcome the load induced by the electric generator. But this is no different to modern windmills which turn at a leisurely 10 or 20 rpm, but produce a turbine speed in excess of 3000 rpm.

We might reduce the potential height of a Bessler generator by, in effect, placing ten or fifteen wheels on one axle.  I’m sure that given suitable research an eight or ten foot high machine with a long axle of anything up to 20 or thirty feet would have a far less detrimental effect on the landscape, and it could be located within a building or even underground.

From what I know I’m fairly confident that this year someone will produce a working Bessler-wheel in 2021. When it happens there are plenty of people with enough financial muscle to take Bessler’s wheel, and research and develop it and bring it into use and provide a solution for the cheap clean energy we need.


Saturday 19 December 2020

A Revision of the Estimated Weight of the Kassel Wheel.

In my biography of Johann Bessler, ‘Perpetual Motion; An Ancient Mystery Solved?’, I gave a fairly detailed explanation of how I estimated the weight of the Kassel wheel.  I did that a few years ago and I think that I overestimated the weight.

So my new starting point was the translocation of the wheel between the two sets of bearings.  Bessler explained that he had to remove the weights prior to translocation because despite the strength of his brother, it ‘would have needed the devil to lift it’. I had previously assumed that the two men might have been able to lift the wheel plus it’s axle and covering oil cloth, if it weighed no more than 300 pounds without the weights, but I now think that would still have been too heavy and prefer to assume an unladen weight of 200 pounds, so they would need to lift 100 pounds each.

How the lift was carried out is not described other than to say the wheel was carried a few steps to the second set of bearings.  I speculated the presence of a movable platform on either side of the wheel, stretching from before one set of bearings to beyond the other, raising the two brothers so their shoulders could get under the axle which was at least six feet off the ground.  But they could also have done without the platform by using a pair of special ‘Y’ shaped yokes resting on their shoulders and high enough to fit under the axle.

Alternatively if they used two long poles over thirteen foot in length, they could each support opposite ends of the two poles which passed along the two sides of the wheel and under the axle, and  simply carry it from A to B.  But those poles would be heavy so would add to the weight they had to carry.  A system based on two specially adapted wheel barrows designed to fit under the axle would have worked, but I still favour the use of platforms because they would also make it easy for the examiners to study the bearings from close to, and from above, as well as below, something they were easily able to do.

So at what weight did it require ‘the devil to lift it?’ We don’t know how many weights there were, but Christian Wolff describes how he was able to handle one of several weights and estimated its weight at four pounds.  If we begin by assuming that there were eight weights, one for each of the eight spokes that’s an extra thirty two pounds to the two hundred pounds of  the unladen wheel.  

If the wheel contained a mirror image of duplicate weights designed to turn it in either direction then the total weight of the wheel to be lifted is 264 pounds, but is that beyond the capabilities of the two brothers to lift it?  I don’t think it’s enough, and of course many people think the mirrored mechanism wasn’t necessary leaving the total at 232.  

Perhaps there were two four pound weights on each spoke?  That would make the total either 264 or 328 pounds if it used the mirror image.  I’m not even sure if Bessler would think that was too heavy, but at this point it’s worth considering how long it would take to remove and replace 32, 4 pound weights every time he did a translocation. How patient would his audience of high ranking men be?  I don’t know, but Bessler was a natural showman I imagine he explained in humorous tones what he was doing and why, but it was still a fairly lengthy task.

Wolff describes the sound of a spring being ‘raised aloft’, but I don’t know what that would sound like, but I think it must have related to the way the weights were attached to levers.  The simplest method allowing quick attachment and detachment  would be some kind of split pin above and below the weights through the lever even so it might take at least 30 minutes to detach and reattach the weights, and move the wheel, each time he did a translocation.

Of course as many here know, I still think there might have been only five mechanisms which would reduce the weight of the wheel, leaving the option to add more weights.

Finally why did Bessler wrap the weights in a handkerchief prior to allowing them to be handled by witnesses? Although Wolff thought it was done to disguise the appearance of the weights I think it was to protect his visitors hands from animal grease used as a lubricant in the mechanisms.  This brings me to another potentially limiting factor - the bearings,

I think the Kassel wheel was designed to achieve the endurance test, so it was designed to turn more slowly, yet still have the ability to lift the 70 pound box of stones.  It also had to have bearings which could survive the endurance test without failing too soon.  They were only three quarters of an inch thick to reduce friction and must have been well greased.  Animal fats or combinations of olive oil or linseed oil and thickeners such as chalk were commonly used but were probably messy and with Bessler handling weights frequently they needed to be wrapped to protect his visitors from spoiling their hands and clothing. Apparently some lubricants in common use were ‘black slugs’ so that would increase the desire not to offend his audience by spreading their residue! 

The size of the bearings must have limited the weight they could support without failing and therefore I would limit the maximum weight of the whole wheel to be no more than 500 pounds, which allows for more weights if necessary. These extra weights might be necessary in order to achieve the lifting of the 70 pound box of stones and the turning of the Archimedes screw. Perhaps Bessler included some kind of bath or reservoir of lubricant around each bearing during the endurance test to maintain sufficient lubrication during the endurance test.


Monday 14 December 2020

Are There Any Unprejudiced Documentary Makers Out There?

The efforts to encourage the world’s governments to take action to try to slow global warming is becoming ever more intense.  Besides planning on reducing or eventually ceasing the manufacture of gas driven cars and the burning of all fossil fuel by a certain date, the search continues for a new form of energy with which we can power our lives.  The obvious solution is electricity, but the means to generate it without the current issues attached to that is proving difficult - and storing it at an economical price remains an obstinately intractable problem.

So why is it that we still can’t persuade any of the world's scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs or wealthy investors to take an unbiased look at the evidence of Johann Bessler’s wheel, and realise that the problem of global warming might just lie within this simple mechanical device?  The answer is always the same; gravity is not an energy source.  How many times have you read that?  Too many!

Of course it’s true, but it is still used as an energy source indirectly.  Everything which involves a motion which relies on gravity needs a system such as rain to replenish what ever has fallen i.e., water, or it has to be lifted back to its  starting point, weights.  There are lots of way this is done, and by doing this we use gravity as an energy source - yes I know....indirectly.  

Bessler’s wheel also used gravity but was able to lift the fallen weights back up ready to fall again.  Another concept we’ve all read over and over again!  At some point  Bessler’s wheel will reappear and everyone will say, ‘of course, it’s obvious, why did no one think of that before?’  Why indeed.  It’s not for want of trying, and if the world at large did not laugh at our pathetic attempts to create a perpetual motion machine like Johann Bessler’s, we who inhabit this niche world would be more forthcoming in public, whereas we only have each other at this time.

When I flew to Rome to be interviewed for RA1 TV,  I was talked to on a one to one basis, but when the documentary came out there were several experts shown who gave their views on my interview and basically dismissed Bessler’s claims along with myself and the rest of us.  We need a documentary done by someone who is open to the suggestion that Bessler’s claims need to be re-examined and the evidence of his success reviewed.  I’m sure it would grab a lot of attention and maybe focus the minds of those who might be interested in financing legitimate professional researchers with a laboratory full of engineers using the best equipment.


Monday 7 December 2020

The Need to Find the Solution to PM Continues in 2021.

This has been a traumatic year for everyone but hopefully 2021 will be better with the successful administering of one or more of the proven vaccines against Covid-19.  Things tend to look brighter in the spring and I have that same old feeling I get each year that the new year will herald the birth of the new version of Johann Bessler’s wheel, a working replica of his original one.

This year, as every year, I remain confident because I found what I think is the solution ....again!  I have been working on the same design for maybe three years only to find I had made a mistake.  Three years of effort to come to a standstill.  But that’s par for the course in this field of endeavour and a common experience among all of us and we never, ever give up.  Because even though the ultimate reward may be less than we hoped for, to receive acknowledgement for our achievement would mean the world to us. But the reward could be huge both financially as well as beneficially for the planet Earth, leading to climate cooling, pollution reducing, energy saving.

What an amazing achievement for who ever succeeds, and it could be anybody and possibly more than one.  To prove all the naysayers wrong - the scornful, the scientists, teachers and of course the bulk of the populations, how very satisfying that would be!  So let’s all recharge our batteries over the holidays and start afresh with renewed vigour, optimism and determination not to let this solution evade our best efforts in 2021.

I’ll be 76 in February, some 60 years since I first learned of the legend of Bessler’s wheel, and I think it’s about time I was proved correct in my conviction that Johann Bessler did not defraud anyone about his claim to have invented the perpetual motion device for which he became so famous, (or notorious). So anybody out there who thinks they might have the answer, get to work, build a PoP wheel, or make a sim that proves we were right all those years ago.


Tuesday 1 December 2020

Information in English About Johann Bessler (aka Orffyreus)

The Legend of Bessler’s Wheel or the Orffyreus Wheel and the verifiable facts.

I think that the more we speculate the more confusion we can add. Speculation can be taken as fact and if further ideas are added that can compound the problem. I’m not promoting my books as the ultimate source of information on Bessler because there are so many historical documents which remain unexplored due to their poor condition or because they are lost in numerous private libraries. But for now they provide a quick and easy source of information on Johann Bessler and his perpetual motion machine.

Even though I published my biography of Johann Bessler several years ago, the information in it has not altered, because it is based on old documents written more than 300 years ago. There are new additional facts which need to be added at some point but they are details about his later life and although of interest do not impinge on the history of his perpetual motion machine. There are also Bessler’s own books which he published which cover his life in his own words and provide much information. The only other thing relevant to his story which I didn’t publish are two critiques written by his enemy, Christian Wagner and they are freely available in English at my main website, see below.

What follows is a list of my books, all but my biography were originally produced by Bessler to which I added a full English translation. The books are available in both hard copy and also as a digital PDF file.  The digital file allows easy searches for words and names.

I hope that people will continue to use these books as a source of accurate information in their journey of discovery to find the solution to Bessler’s wheel.

1) “Perpetual Motion: An Ancient Mystery Solved?”  View the synopsis for details of the book’s contents at my web site.  Briefly it is an account taken from of every document relating to Bessler that I could find from files held in museums around the world, researched and translated. Buy Now

2) “Apologia Poetica”   This was Bessler’s account of his life up until the time of Karl the Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel’s patronage. The book contains the original German transcribed into a modern font and includes a full English translation at the rear. I would have preferred to include the original German font but it was in such poor condition that it would have been unreadable. This book contains some allusions to secret codes hidden within the book itself.  Buy Now

3) “Das Triumphans Perpetuum Mobile “- this was Bessler’s most professionally finished book. It was written in both German and Latin and this edition is a faithful reproduction of the actual pages of the original book. It also includes a full English translation at the rear. A number of drawings are included by the original author and these are said to contain a number of clues as to his machine’s workings.
Buy Now

4) “Gruendlicher Bericht” - this was Bessler’s first publication, ostensibly produced by a friend although I think one can detect Bessler’s handiwork in places. This copy is also in the original German and includes a full English translation at the rear. It also includes the very first drawing which Bessler published and this also contains clues to the way his machine worked.
Buy Now

5) “Maschinen Tractate” - this was found in the Bessler’s possessions after his death, in the form of a number of pages (141) and which contained a message on the front of the volume which stated that he had removed the drawings which depicted how his machine worked but that some one with a penetrating mind could by studying several drawings ultimately discover the secret of its construction. I have reproduced the drawings as they were found.  I included his handwritten notes with the best translation I could obtain, since the writing is very hard to read.
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You can also read Christian Wagner’s two critiques of Bessler’s wheel at my main web site.

 Copies of all the above books can be obtained from my web site at 

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There are some excellent additional resources and a forum for discussion at the  

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That’s all.  Of course some people prefer to continue their research into perpetual motion machines without referring to Bessler’s own efforts and I respect that, but for those who like to have the information relating to Johann Bessler aka Orffyreus to hand in an easily accessible format, the books detailed above provide a good digital resource.


The Legend of Bessler’s (Orffyreus’s) Wheel - The Facts

  The Legend of Bessler’s Wheel or the Orffyreus Wheel and the verifiable facts. Some fifty years ago, after I had established (to my satisf...