Tuesday 24 August 2021

The Orffyreus codes - the Apologia Poetica Wheel

There are many pieces of coded information, buried in this publication, but the Apologia wheel drawing at the end of this book interested me initially because it looked so simple and because of the intriguing and mysterious hint in the accompanying text, which I’ll discuss in a future blog. I first posted this interpretation of the Apologia Wheel back in 2009, and I am, if anything, more convinced than ever that my analysis is what Bessler intended us to understand.

This book was Bessler’s first major published work and is clearly all his own. I cannot be certain but I am of the opinion that he might have done all his own typesetting, always assuming that he could borrow the equipment

I measured the angles at the inner end of the white segments and discovered, as others have found, that the angles are ambiguous – a bit too vague to measure accurately. I noticed that the angles in the white segment formed a point outside the inner circles and that the black segments did not in fact form any measurable angle unless you extended them to a point which came somewhere beyond the centre of the wheel.

 Due to the way things were printed in those times the exact sizes of the angles were difficult to establish. I felt that there must be another reason for the inclusion of this diagram with its cryptic comment above, and Bessler must have made allowances for the irregularities of the printing techniques of his time. If he knew that the angles would be hard to measure then perhaps the exact measurement did not matter? I measured the white angles again and established that they were variously somewhere between 23 degrees and 27 degrees.

I added together each set of the same three numbers forming each of the three angles to see if the sum of the three numbers had any meaning. Using the angles as measured between 23 and 27 degrees, I ended up with several possible totals between 69 and 81. I divided the resultant totals into the 360 degrees of a circle and there was just one number which divided equally into 360 and that was the first real advance in deciphering Bessler’s code.

Three times 24 degrees comes to 72, and 360 degrees divided by 72 is 5. A circle, which can be divided by five, is a pentagram. I decided that Bessler might be indicating that his wheel had five divisions, which might indicate the use of five mechanisms – or it was a clue to further decipherments.

During my research I have discovered that Bessler rarely, if ever, missed an opportunity to include two or three clues or ways of deciphering a clue, within each item that held a clue and the above Apologia wheel is no exception. For those who remain unconvinced that the above diagram does indeed hold a hidden pentagram the following will go some way towards convincing them of this fact.

AP wheel pentagram3

The above drawing is virtually self-explanatory. Draw a line from ’A’ to ’B’ as in the drawing. Drop a perpendicular through the centre of the wheel from ‘C’ to ‘D’. The length of the chord from ‘A’ to ‘C’ is equal to one chord of a pentagram. Simply fill in the remaining four chords to complete the pentagram. Examples of this system of double clues abounds in Bessler’s work and is a way of confirming what initial findings appear to indicate.

Later I discovered an additional clue hidden in the curiously drawn axle in the centre of the Apologia wheel. It consists of a white dot denoting the centre, surrounded by a solid black circle. Surrounding this in turn is a white circle which is itself surrounded by a black circle and finally another white circle but one divided by three terminations of the three white segments. Just decoration? No.

In the next figure notice the same red lines as in the drawing above.First I drew the red horizontal line (as AB above). Next I drew in the two almost vertical red lines, which begin at the lowest corners of the bottom white segment and rise, deliberately skimming the edge of the solid black circle. Note that they meet at the upper edge of the circumference, indicating the same point as ‘C’ does in the above figure. This allows you to draw in the two upper arms of the pentagon


AP wheel plus
Now observe the two blue lines; starting from the only two points left on the circumference which don’t have lines starting from them, draw two lines skimming the edge of the slightly larger black circle to the far circumference. These end points define the other points of the pentagon.

The edge of the solid black circle provides the two datum points for the nearly vertical red lines which define the top of the perpendicular line through the centre. The not-solid black circle provides the two datum points for the blue lines the lower ends of which define the remaining pentagon points

This not only explains the reason for the elaborate centre circles but also proves the presence of the pentagon.


Tuesday 17 August 2021

Johann Bessler aka Orffyreus - Get All His Books From Here.

Johann Bessler’s perpetual motion machine was impossible, that’s what we’ve been taught.  But there is so much strong circumstantial evidence that it worked that it’s time to re-examine the facts; it could be a solution to providing the world with cheap, clean energy.

Gravity’s a force of course, it’s not a source of energy we’re taught, but, I fear, we’re missing something crucial here.

Bessler said the weights within the wheel were the actual perpetual motion, so it was their actions and reactions to gravity which enabled the wheel to rotate continually.

Gravity is ever present and applying its force on everything of mass, so whether an object is falling or is lying on the ground motionless, gravity acts the same, it makes no difference to the work done.  So ten million Bessler-wheels using the effects of gravity, i,e., making things fall, will have no effect on the force of gravity felt on earth. (That’s for those who worry about such things.)

When weights drop in a wheel such as Bessler’s each one has to be lifted in order to drop again, to perpetuate the wheel’s rotation. There is no good mechanical reason why a certain configuration of the weights and their accompanying levers, pulleys and cords cannot be designed to lift the fallen weight by means of one or more other mechanism within the wheel. This has been known intuitively for thousands of years and just because no one has actually proved it, other than Johann Bessler, doesn’t make it any more impossible than designing and building a heavier-than-air machine that can fly does.

Gravity is an enabler that can cause things such as rivers to flow which can cause water wheels and turbines to turn.  I don’t think anyone has called them gravity wheels even though gravity enables their action through the flow of the river.

Many people from around the world believe that Bessler’s wheel was genuine, I do and I am trying my best to find out he did it, by reading his four books and the many hints clues he left for us, over and over again. He embedded at least two significant chunks of coded information in Apologia Poetica and many of his drawings, any or all of which should help us solve this puzzle.

To improve the situation regarding the codes, I shall post information about them on this blog at regular intervals, in the hope that someone can take what I’ve done and progress it to the solution.

All his books complete with English translations plus my own biography of his life are available from the side panel.  You can find them at the top of the side panel where it says ‘Bessler’s Books’, click on ‘Johann Bessler’s books and a biography’. This will open a page detailing the books and a ‘buy now’ button for each. They are digital downloads.

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Friday 6 August 2021

UPDATE for August 2021

This is a brief update on my current position.  I’m looking for a house to move into and ultimately complete my wheel build.  We sold our last house at the end of March and moved in with my daughter, thinking this would put us in a good position to bid for our next house.  Wrong!  There are very few houses on the market at the moment and too many would-be buyers!  But once we find the right one, hopefully we’ll get in there and I can finish this project.

I have a design for Bessler’s wheel which I think will work, but …boy, have I said that before! But I’ve always been optimistic about solving this problem and confidence remains high. There has been little for me to write about that I haven’t covered before, but I have found the enforced idleness conducive to effective mental gymnastics with regard to a solution to Bessler’s wheel and I hope to write some interesting stuff in the future which I hope will surprise all of you.  

I’ve done some work on the two codes which intrigue me - the  684 etc’s with which Bessler infested Apologia Poetica (and none in Das Triumphirende), and the 141 Bible references also in the Apologia Poetica. No success yet but I have proved to myself that they are indeed coded items and therefore hold information of some sort. What information?  Who knows?  One day it will be deciphered and I hope I’m still around when that happens, to find out what Bessler had to say.

I visit the BW forum frequently and enjoy the discussion but I feel that the same ideas are still being recycled, but I can’t offer anything new yet, I need to test my own hypothesis first.  It does seem to me that the number of posts there have reduced somewhat compared to a few years ago, but it’s not surprising.  There is only one thing that would liven the debate and that is a new idea that appears to show the right direction for making progress towards a solution - or the solution itself.

As for my own efforts to work on this problem, even if we were to find the house we seek this week, it might still be nearly November before we could move in, so I’m just going to have curb my impatience to finish my wheel but I’ll  try to get on with it as soon as I can.  

Having found a design which I think will work, I’ve been trying to reverse engineer my design to see if it reveals or confirms anything I can find in Bessler’s books.  Like most other people I have found a number of interesting matches, but they may or may not be relevant and only a working model will do.  

Lastly, please forgive me for including news about my beautiful granddaughter Amy.  You may recall we started a crowdfunding page to raise money to fund special treatment for her and achieved our target of £40,000, which was helped by several kind visitors to this blog. A massive ‘thank you’  to you.

Amy has fought her condition and become an inspirational influencer on TikTok.  She currently has 39.7 million likes and 973,000 followers!  Her latest video has received 40,000 likes! You can see more about her if you just put amyepohl into google.  There are links to her Instagram account as well newspaper reports on her illness and gradual recovery.

Or just visit https://www.tiktok.com/@amyepohl

The newspaper headline is,

Teacher, 25, left with ‘suicide disease’ after botched operation”.  


Did she get compensation, damages? Not a single penny!  But if we were in the USA? 

PS - this article has just been published in the Daily Mail, a UK newspaper, it gives the whole story!



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