Saturday 28 January 2023

The Code to Success - Bessler’s Wheel.

Johann Bessler suggested both directly and by inference, that he had placed clues to the design of his machine in a number of places in his books as well as his unpublished work, Maschinen Tractate.  Long ago, I became determined to find them and try to understand what they meant.  

Consequently I have spent a lot of time over many years looking for and finding clues by Johann Bessler, which he deliberately inserted into the text and drawings in his published three books.  In addition I searched and found additional clues in his unpublished work, a collection of drawings demonstrating various attempts at building Perpetual Motion machines, which I called Maschinen Tractate or MT.

Many of these clues are described in my website at

More of my work in finding and deciphering more pieces of code can be seen at another of my web sites at This web site explores the hidden coding system embedded within chapter 55 in his book, Apologia Poetica, or AP.

Another of my web site at provides pictures of the remains of Johann Bessler’s windmill, from which he fell to his death in 1745.  It shows the interior as well as some his drawings showing his designs for it.  It was his final project and typically it was an advanced version of a windmill designed to use the power of the wind from any direction without having to alter its position, by utilising a vertical axle.

Finally here is link to my original web site which tells the story of Johann Bessler and his perpetual motion machine  Copies of all the books can be obtained from here as well as from the panel on the right of this blog. There are brief explanation of the contents of each book.  You can also acquire a copy of my book about Johann Bessler.  It contains details of every available letter or other document sent either to or from or about the inventor.  

There are a huge number of clues and codes known to myself and deciphered to my satisfaction.  I have almost completed a book with full descriptions of the clues and their meaning and they reveal exactly how Bessler configured his machine.  I intend to begin building a model soon when the current alterations to our house are completed.   After I have tried to build Bessler’s wheel according to my interpretation of his clues, I will publish my book, whether or not I’m successful with my build.

The book contains so much information that I’m confident that even if my own build should fail, I know it will put people on the right path to success.


Friday 20 January 2023

The Toys Page - 138, 139, 140 and 141

This is a brief return to the Toys page.  In past blogs I’ve speculated on the reason for the four numbers which are attached to the bottom of this page, suggesting that they referred to four pages removed, but I doubt that that is the reason, so here is another.  Why are the numbers 138, 139, 140 and 141 written on the bottom of the page?  

The number of Bible references in chapter 55 of his Apologia Poetica also totals 141. MT 47 contained the number 47 plus a mirrored image of the same number making 3 versions  The only factors of 141 are 3 times 47. The number 47 brings to mind Eulclid's 47th proposition but which can exhibit the properties of the golden ratio with some additional extras.  It describes the 345 right triangle with its accompanying squares. But apart from the golden ratio what has this to do with Bessler’s wheel?

Well, 138 + 139 + 140 + 141 = 558.  Knowing of the ubiquity of Bessler’s use of the two number 5s, 55, and the inclusion of hidden pentagrams in several drawings, I suspect it was another kind of off-the-cuff allusion to his favourite numbers.

5+5+8=18, the basic number in the pentagram from which every other one is a multiple of it, that is, 18,36, 54,72, 90 and 108.

JEEB, (his initials), J 10th letter, two letters E, 5th letter.  He added the J and one of the Es to his forename when he succeeded in building his first PM wheel.

JEEB using the Caesar shift becomes WRRO.  R 18th letter.  W 23rd letter which may only be there for the following reason, W is composed of two Roman numerals, V meaning 5.

He often, (dozens of times) hand wrote the letter W as shown below, as two Roman numerals linked together, and twice in the accompanying passage, 

“A Gärtner is a breaker of fences

A Waggoner leaves ruts

Meanness is the root of evil

Bessler seems to have used any opportunity to point a veiled reference to these numbers.  I should also point out that the 2Gs, refers to his enemy in chief Andreas  Gärtner.  The 2 Ws refers to another enemy, Christian Wagner, the two Bs refer to the third enemy, Johann Gottfried Borlach


Wednesday 11 January 2023

The Reason Why Johann Bessler Left Behind So Many Clues.

Why did Johann Bessler leave so many unanswered questions? Why so many clues?  What do they mean? The detail within each clue and the sheer number of them confirms for me at least, the determination in Bessler’s mind, not to let his secret out too soon, but also not to have it lost after his death - he said he would rather receive acknowledgement for his invention after his death than just give it away.

Many of the clues are designed to have two and even three methods of deciphering them, which conveniently confirms if you’ve got the right solution. To my certain knowledge there are at least eight completely different types of cipher used by Bessler and that’s the ones I’m aware of.  More may appear once the secret of the wheel’s construction is known, and professional code breakers get to work.

There can really only be one of two possible reasons for including a variety of coded texts, drawings - and the hints that interested people should study his books..  He hoped that one day, maybe after he had died,  someone would succeed in deciphering them, revealing either how he had deceived everyone - or how the machine worked. 

Despite the traditional view as formulated by Herman von Helmholtz in 1847, that perpetual motion machines could not be possible, there is extensive evidence that Johann Bessler genuinely designed and built a continuously rotating device, with no discernible energy source, capable of lifting a heavy load, 70 pounds for example, driving an Archimedes screw for pumping water and able to run for at least 54 days under lock and key, as was tested.

Of course many people have tried to prove he faked the demonstrations but they failed to show how, though they tried every trick under the sun.  But it isn’t just that which convinces people of his sincerity, the one outstanding piece of evidence against him, apart from the said impossibility of the device, was the statement by his serving girl, which described the most unconvincing means of faking the machine, and other equally ridiculous suggestions when questioned.  This plus Karl the Landgrave’s statement that the machine was genuine and quite simple, as he had insisted on being allowed to satisfy himself by examining the workings of the wheel before certifying that Bessler was no cheat. 

Read the full story in my book, Perpetual Motion; An Ancient Mystery Solved?  That and all four of Bessler’s books, with English translations available through the panel on the right.

Having spent many years studying Johann Bessler, I am satisfied that his claims were genuine, and that his machine can be replicated again, and now is as good a time any as the global warming increases.  One thing is certain, his machine was enabled by gravity, make of that what you will. What better way to reduce pollution from burning fossil fuel than by bending the action of gravity to our needs, and those of the planet? No more fossil fuels, no nuclear, none of the other sources which are all limited in some way.  Gravity is ceaseless and everywhere. 


Friday 6 January 2023

Why I Continue to Seek Johann Bessler’s Secret?

So often over many years while I’ve been trying to find the secret of Bessler’s wheel, I’ve been asked why? Why did I spend so long looking for the answer to a question which was already known, understood and believed.  Johann Bessler’s wheel was faked, such machines were impossible and I should stop wasting my time on a fruitless task.

When I first chanced upon the legend of Bessler’s Perpetual Motion machine I read it and came to the same conclusion as most people, it had to have been a fraudulent exercise by a desperate man.  Everyone said, “it’s impossible!”

However, day-dreaming about the story one day, I suddenly realised there was an absurdity or an impossibility in the account I had read.  At the time I thought perhaps the records were inaccurate or there was some other explanation, but subsequently I discovered the records were correct but a major piece of evidence was false, which was designed to prove that Bessler was a liar and his claims were false.  

This simple discovery set me on a lifetime quest for the truth.  I was about fifteen years of age at the time, now I’m approaching my seventy-eighth birthday and my confidence has never been higher because I have at last been given a clear view through the smoke and mirrors that Bessler used to disguise the true configuration of his mysterious machine.

Johann Bessler first exhibited his machine in 1712 in Gera, Germany and he valued the device at 100,000 Thaler's,  equivalent to twenty thousand Pounds at that time.  Coincidentally in that same year the British Board of Longitude offered the same amount to the inventor of a method for establishing a ship’s longitudinal position at sea.  This was won eventually by John Harrison’s marine chronometer, but it must have given Bessler the confidence to ask a similar sum.

Of course Bessler’s insistence on being paid the money before he would release the machine or even allow  an internal examination of it, prevented any chance of a successful sale being completed. He had managed to arrange for verification of his claims by a man of impeccable reputation, Karl the Landgrave of Hesse Kassel, who demanded full access before agreeing to certify that the machine was genuine.   But despite this excellent endorsement and several expressions of interest no-one could agree to the details of the sale.

The reason for my continued search for the solution is the existence of no less than three books written and published by Bessler plus the discovery of a file containing 141 drawings describing attempted perpetual motion designs.  There are numerous clues within the text as well as the drawings included in the three books. In more than one place he has hinted that close examination of the books could lead to the solution for someone with a discerning mind.

It is clear to anyone who reads Bessler’s words in his books, that he is sincere; that he suffers from stress piled up on him by his critics, his “enemies” as he constantly refers to them.  If he was false would Karl have backed him? Wouldn’t he be subject to the same punishment as anyone else found to have been trying to deceive his ruler, Karl, namely execution by a beheading? That is a likely outcome for anyone believed to have been trying to cheat his ruler and there was plenty of precedent.

In an attempt to attract more people to begin working within this very niche subject, I arranged to have all three books plus the 141 drawings and their notes, translated into English and then I self-published them through the internet.  I also wrote an account of my own about the Legend of Bessler’s Wheel, entitled ‘Perpetual Motion; An Ancient Mystery Solved?”

I’ve recorded a YouTube video, given seven radio interviews; been flown to Rome to take part in a documentary about the inventor.  Had articles and reviews written in magazines; gave a public lecture to room full of engineers, and talked to members of  a readers club at a local library and yet …. so far none of the thousands of people I have corresponded with has succeeded so far in discovering Bessler’s secret.

In 1712 when Bessler first exhibited his machine, Thomas Newcomen’s steam engine was also being demonstrated for the first time.  That two such different machines should appear at the same time, each trying to solve a similar problem - flooding in mines - is an amazing coincidence, but an unfortunate one for Bessler.  He was about 300 years too soon, but now in these times of global warming, and high energy costs, his wheel might just supply the energy we need, it’s cheap, clean and simple.That very small niche might develop into the greatest opportunity of this century.

This blog has run continuously for thirteen years and will not end until Bessler’s Wheel reappears and finally refutes the unfair allegations against Johann Bessler, or I run out of time.


NOTE. All the books mentioned are available both in printed and digital formats. See the panel on the right.

Sunday 1 January 2023

The Difficult Takes Time. The Impossible Takes much Longer. I don’t know about you but I think it’s been Long enough!


                                       HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!

I’m back!

Once again we approach the New Year full of optimism that this time we will succeed in replicating Bessler’s wheel. I think that in 2023 the wheel will finally be revealed.  My new workshop will be ready for me soon, to begin building my latest and probably my final configuration of Bessler’s wheel.  It has been more than two years since I had anything resembling a workshop and it has been a time of utter frustration given that I broke through Bessler’s numerous obfuscations and obtained a clear view of the design just about two years ago.

I struggled to decide whether to build a model as soon as possible or publish the details first but I was advised to build it first as any details published before I had a working model, would suffer from critical analysis from the traditionalists, resulting in confusion and dismissal, with a positive reception lost amongst the angry attacks from the objectors. So I will build it first, as soon as my workshop is ready and then publish all the details. 

We have workmen in at present but they are almost finished and soon I will be able to install my work bench and get building immediately - I’m so excited at the prospect of constructing a new working model! As the build proceeds I will give updates on my progress and share some of the new information. 

I mentioned the traditional objectors above, and I have encountered some every single day since I first shared the idea that Bessler might be genuine, about 60 years ago!  Any method used to describe in detail, on paper, a machine which has been definitively proven to be impossible meets with a brick wall of scepticism.  Our arguments are scornfully dismissed as the crazy ravings of a  nympholeptic, (wild frenzy caused by desire for an unattainable ideal.).  

But Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” George Bernard Shaw. This quote relates to an old French proverb, To believe a thing impossible is to make it so.”

There are numerous examples of over-reactions and total rejections to new ideas generated by lots of amateur researchers, and not just in this field. There are many historical precedents, but many of these so-called impossible dreams are said to be due to imperfect knowledge or inaccurate assumptions, but inevitably some of those dreams have been realised and those who have been unjustly maligned will have the last laugh. 

But those who shared their ideas were attacked in the meanest and most offensive way. Some of those so-called “experts” attacked those who dared air their views, ripping into their theories and calling them lunatics, despite the support many received.  All of us in this field have suffered the same reactions since we began. We have been told so many times that Bessler’s wheel is and was impossible and therefore he was a fake and a scammer, do they really think we don’t know the current and past information being taught about perpetual motion?  I understand their reaction, but there are many people who have considered the very convincing circumstantial evidence that Bessler’s wheel was genuine and have accepted it, yet are consistently derided for their delusion. But it isn’t a delusion and I hope to prove it in 2023.

Offering written evidence and drawings simply won’t be accepted; nothing short of a working model will gain credence, and even then a thorough examination of the device by an accepted expert of impeccable reputation will be demanded. I hesitate to use the  word “expert”, because, how can anyone be an expert on something which is believed to be impossible?

It brings to mind Aristotle’s famous quote, Probable impossibilities are to be preferred to improbable possibilities”.  I think as Bessler’s wheel was believed to be impossible, it will turn out to be a more than probable impossibility.

When I first read that Bessler’s wheel was impossible I thought, but….maybe, just suppose it was possible.  How delightful to picture all those dumbfounded “experts” back peddling as fast as they can!


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