Sunday 23 June 2019

Kassel Wheel, unloaded = 26 RPM, 8 Impacts at Every Turn

There are some assumptions regarding Bessler’s largest wheel and I  thought it might be interesting to reconsider the sounds coming from the 12 foot, 18 inch wheel at Kassel.

We have Fischer von Erlach’s excellent account of his two hour examination of the wheel, which he confirmed turned at 26 RPM when unloaded.  He described the sound of about eight weights landing on the side towards which the wheel turned in each revolution. This was a bi-directional wheel which could be started in either direction with a small push with just one finger in the desired direction. This brief push resulted in the wheel accelerating to its top speed within a few turns.

A speed of 26 RPM means that the wheel took just over 2 seconds per turn, so let’s simplify this and use a figure of exactly 2 seconds per turn, giving a speed of 30 RPM.

Imagine you are standing close to this wheel; it is 12 feet high and wide.  Your average house probably has 8 foot ceilings and maybe the room itself is only 12-foot wide, so this wheel is HUGE. You are counting the number of RPM, but you are also counting the number of heavy thumps you can hear for each turn.  Visualise in your mind that you are pointing your finger at the top of the wheel as it turns and follow it down to its lowest point in rotation and that takes 1 second.  You follow the same point on the wheel as it climbs upwards to the top starting point, another single second.  In each second you have to count 4 noises, 8 in a single turn of 2 seconds.

It’s not difficult to count 8 in 2 seconds, but it does convey the size and power being demonstrated in a way that might not be apparent to the casual acceptance of the facts.

You can hear what this sounds like if you go to ....

With  2 seconds per turn and 8 thumps per turn, you have 4 thumps  per second. Enter 4 times 60 to set the metronome at 240 per minute. This gives you an impression of the number of noises von Erlach could hear for each spin of the wheel. It provides a real time idea of the sound of the wheel. 

It must have been a difficult task to identify which sounds had the same cause i.e., the sound of the landing weights, against a background of reversing mechanisms which were designed to turn the wheel the opposite way.  I know many people favour some kind of reversing mechanism rather than a mirrored one, but there must have been other sounds besides the ones von Erlach mentions.

I also favour the possibility that Bessler reduced some of the sounds by applying felt, something he admitted doing in earlier wheel’s. I wonder if there were any gaps discernible in the 8 sounds von Erlach heard?  He doesn’t mention any so I assume there weren’t any, but also Bessler could have  added fake sounds to confuse his visitors. In other words, although his report is a useful guide,  we  should not get too hung up on the 8 sounds he described.

This is just reminder to find a way to look with new eyes at the Kassel wheel.

And on another matter: 

My granddaughter Amy is in a rehab clinic trying to recover from a series of diseases which suddenly afflicted her about eighteen months ago.  They are CRPS, FND and EDS.  Sorry for the alphabet abreviations but you can google them if you are curious.

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Friday 14 June 2019

Help Amy to Walk Again.

I know most of you are aware of my granddaughter’s serious illness, which is officially incurable, but  Amy has a real fighting spirit and is making progress at last.  She has Complex Regional Pain Syndrome also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome in the USA. In addition she has developed Functional Neurological Disorder.  She also has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Before the CRPS appeared she had no health problems at all and lived a normal healthy life, as a teacher.  She taught reception class, the new kids, and they all adored her.  Many of them have donated via their parents and Amy has received many good wishes cards and paintings from the children.

An article on page three of the local paper where my granddaughter Amy lives is available via the above link.  I have put a copy here but it is probably too hard to read.  She lives in Rugby, home of the best sport in the world - Rugby!

The article gives an update on her progress at the STEPS rehabilitation clinic in Sheffield, and they are working a miracle but she has far to go.  Her crowd funding site has raised over £23000 so far, but at £5000 a week, she will need a lot more.

Several people here have been very generous and our whole family appreciate every single donation even if it’s just £5.  We are organising a fundraising event on 12th July at Amy’s old school in Kenilworth, which will have live music, comedians, an amazing raffle and an auction of valuable items.  You can only take part in the auction if you are there.  You can buy tickets from

We are expecting one or two celebrities to attend but I can’t say who until we have written confirmation.  Even if you prefer not to donate or have already done so, I would be so pleased if you could share this page or better still her website at

Amy also publishes vlogs and these can be accessed via the same web site.

Thank you for your time and patience, normal service will be returned shortly!


Saturday 8 June 2019

Some Clues.....Belatedly!

Following a fair criticism in comments, I have taken on board the suggestion that I should at least have given away some of the clues I used to discover Bessler’s design for his wheel. I have posted several clues over a number of years but for those who missed them, here are some of the ones previously identified plus some I didn’t mention.  These are not necessarily in order.

The first one I wrote about suggested that the note which was found along with the MT drawings did not only refer to the MT but also to any other drawings.  The most instructive drawings have proved to be  those found in DT.  They contain everything you need to know about how to reconstruct Bessler’s wheel - yes, everything.  The point about MT is that it was planned to be a teaching aid, and he added the comment about other drawings when he was arrested.  There was no intention to leave a series of clues in his original design of the drawings, but he added the Toys page to replace some that led to the ultimate design.  They are numbered, but not all by Bessler, so apart from the first 55, there are no comments adjacent to the drawings.

The second one pointed out the existence of the pentagram in not just one of the DT drawings but all of them.

The third one pointed to the existence of a clock within GB and one of the DT drawings.

The fourth one pointed out that the numbers in the above two drawings added up to 660 which when divided by the number of hours in the clock totalled 55.

The fifth one pointed out that the numbers in the two conjoined drawings used the numbers 1 to 10, which also adds up to 55.

The sixth one discussed the inclusion of the extra E for Ernst, added to Bessler’s forenames.  E, the fifth letter of the alphabet, with the atbash cipher applied produced R.  You can see in his logo at the top of this page that he uses two Rs in opposite directions to each other, to support the O of Orffyreus.  The O is sometimes shown as a circumpunct, which represents his wheel.  The reason for its inclusion is because the letter R mimics the path of his weights.  The two opposing Rs also supports my conclusion that the two way wheels were driven by mirror image mechanisms.

The seventh one discusses the addition of the letter J for Johann in his forenames.  When atbashed this produces W.  W is actually double V, which Bessler includes for its use as the Roman numeral for 5 giving 55 again.

The eighth one refers to the large number of NBs and  NBs in AP.  These are designed to point to the shape of the rope which appears in several drawings.  It indicates the path of the connecting rope between two mechanisms.  The italic NB is added to make you question why?  Because italic ones don’t have parallel uprights, just as the actual ropes doesn’t.

The ninth one is extra to the fifth one.  The two conjoined drawings add up to a total of 90, by adding and duplicating numbers in the right hand drawing.  The left side includes a pentagram; 90 divided by 5 gives 18, the base number of every angle possible in the pentagram. 18, 36, 54, 72, 90 and 108.

The tenth one does of course refer to the drawing in AP which I have demonstrated in the orffyreus codes pages, contains a pentagram and nothing more

These ten items barely scratch the surface of Bessler’s ingenuity in providing clues in front of our eyes.  I haven’t even had to look them up I am so familiar with them all. I can spout them all in quick fire delivery because they are so clear to me.  I could give you another ten tomorrow and another ten the day after. 

Why 55? 5 mechanisms, five for each direction,  

 And on another matter:

My granddaughter Amy is in a rehab clinic trying to recover from a series of diseases which suddenly afflicted her about eighteen months ago.  They are CRPS, FND and EDS.  Sorry for the alphabet abreviations but you can google them if you are curious.
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Bessler’s Wheel and the Orffyreus Code.

As I'm currently away and it is difficult to write blogs on my ipad, I'm reposting a previous blog which is simply a brief description of the the legend of Bessler's wheel.
  The Legend of Bessler's wheel.
On 6th June, 1712, in Germany, Johann Bessler (also known by his pseudonym, Orffyreus) announced that after many years of failure, he had succeeded in designing and building a perpetual motion machine.  For more than fourteen years he exhibited his machine and allowed people to thoroughly examine it.  Following advice from the famous scientist, Gottfried Leibniz, he devised a number of demonstrations and tests designed to prove the validity of his machine without giving away the secret of its design.

After more than thirty years he died in poverty.  He had asked for a huge sum of money for the secret, £20,000 which was an amount only affordable by kings and princes, and although many were interested, none were prepared to agree to the terms of the deal. Bessler required that he be given the money and the buyer take the machine without verifying that it worked.  Those who sought to purchase the wheel, for that was the form the machine took, insisted that they see the secret mechanism before they parted with the money. Bessler feared that once the design was known the buyers could simply walk away knowing how to build his machine and he would get nothing for his trouble.
This problem was anticipated by Bessler and he took extraordinary measures to ensure that his secret was safe, but he encoded all the information needed to reconstruct the machine in a small number of books that he published. It is well-known that he was prepared to die without selling the secret and that he believed that post humus acknowledgement was preferable to being robbed of his secret while he yet lived.
I became curious about the legend of Bessler’s Wheel, while still in my teens, and have spent most of my life researching the life of Johann Bessler (I’m now 74).  I obtained copies of all his books and had them translated into English and self-published them, in the hope that either myself or someone else might solve the secret and present it to the world in this time of pollution, global warming and increasingly limited energy resources.
It has recently become clear that Bessler had a huge knowledge of the history of codes and adopted several completely different ones to disguise information within his publications.  I have made considerable advances in deciphering one of his codes; the simplest one, and I am confident that I have the complete design.  Due to unfortunate family circumstances I am currently unable to complete the build I have undertaken but shall return to it as soon as possible and I sincerely believe that 2019 will see the reconstruction of Bessler’s wheel.
Johann Bessler published three books, and digital copies of these with English translations may be obtained from the links to the right of this blog.  In addition there is a copy of his unpublished document containing some 141 drawings - and my own account of Bessler’s life is also available from the links.  It is called "Perpetual Motion; An Ancient Mystery Solved?"  Bessler published three books; "Grundlicher Bericht", "Apologia Poetica" and "Das Triumphirende..."

I have also published Bessler's collection of 141 drawings and I have called it Maschinen Tractate, but it was originally found in the form of a number drawings of perpetual motion designs. Many of these have handwritten notes attached and I have published the best English translation of them that I was able to get. Bessler never published these drawings but clearly intended to do so at some point.

For some ideas about Bessler’s code why not visit one of my web sites at
One last thing.  Perpetual Motion machines have been utterly proscribed and Johann Bessler’s claims ridiculed - however, it seems that more than a handful of scientists have now come to the conclusion that it might theoretically be possible to design a mechanical system which is continuously out-of-balance and therefore will turn continuously using the repeated fall of weights for energy.  Gravity but not directly.  These open-minded people remain tight lipped for now, awaiting proof of their hypothesis.
And on another matter:

My granddaughter Amy is in a rehab clinic trying to recover from a series of diseases which suddenly afflicted her about eighteen months ago.  They are CRPS, FND and EDS.  Sorry for the alphabet abreviations but you can google them if you are curious.
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Friday 7 June 2019

A Brief Response to My Fickle Friends.

Despite my concerns about failing to deliver the finished wheel, I felt I had to post something to explain why.  I confess I was not expecting such an angry reaction.  I suppose I should have realised that many people had high expectations of learning some interesting information which they might not know and I let them down.

I won’t be making any more commitments, I’ll just get on with my build.  I only made the promise in order to try and drag myself out of the mood of procrastination which was a feature of the general air of despondency which has enveloped our family over the last eighteen months.  It worked to a degree but was not sufficient to allow me to complete my self appointed task on time and I bitterly regret deciding to go public with such an important commitment, it was a mistake and one I won’t be repeating.

I am grateful to those who made supportive comments encouraging me to continue.  Those others are welcome to leave, they will not be missed.  

I have lived and breathed Bessler since I was about fifteeen years of age, in fact a quotation by Swami Vivekananda sums up my attitude.  He wrote, "Take up one idea, make that idea your life. Think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone.  This is the way to success,"

So the many disparaging comments from people I believed were friends, in response to my honest admission, have reignited my determination to finish what I started. I suppose I should thank them but I won't, because I'd have finished the project in due course any way.

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  my granddaughter's treatment for CRPS, FND and EDS


Wednesday 5 June 2019

Update for 6th June 2019

Today’s the day I am supposed to reveal all, but unfortunately I haven’t finished my wheel yet although it's nearly done.  I’m sorry I’ve missed my date for proclaiming a finished and working wheel and then revealing all, and I know there will be some amongst you who will doubtless, see this as just another  broken promise.

I had my doubts about putting a firm date down for completion of my wheel, but my primary reason for doing so was to get a move on and finish the wheel, and I thought I’d have enough time to complete the task.  But there is so much going on in my private life that time for wheeling has been limited.

I am going away for three weeks so I won’t be doing any work on the wheel ‘til I return, but I have very little left to do and without making any more specific promises when, I expect to keep my commitment as soon as possible after my return.

Mine was a voluntary commitment which I took seriously and to miss the date by one day or one month makes me feel both sad and disappointed.  I obligated myself to reveal all whether the wheel worked or not and I stand by that commitment, and as soon as the wheel is finished, I will honour it.

I believe that explaining how I interpreted Bessler’s clues and deciphered his code, will help many of those who believe in Bessler to attempt to reconstruct his wheel, but without a working wheel, the rest of the world will simply ignore my revelations.  For that reason I prefer to try to finish a working wheel which will do far more to attract more attention, than a booklet by an unknown amateur.  This is the design I am convinced will work, but if it should fail I will publish everything as per my original commitment.

I apologise to all those who were expecting a revelation today, it will have to await my return.  I will post details both here and on the besslerwheel forum, as soon as I have something to publish.

Please share the following link and donate if you wish to aid

  my granddaughter's treatment for CRPS and FND

PS.  Comments so far seem to assume my wheel has failed to work, because I was unable to provide a video and photos, but I ran out of time to finish it and there is no doubt in my mind that when it is finished it will work.  I understand the scepticism and I intend to prove I'm right at the earliest opportunity.

Perhaps I am like a leopard and I cannot change my spots, but then I have never made a public committment before, only revealed my intentions and sometimes they can go astray.  I write what I believe to be the truth and I would never have gone public in such an assertive way if I didn't intend to carry out the details of that commitment.


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