Saturday 31 May 2014


Just returned from two weeks in Spain - wonderful place, wonderful people!  I would buy a villa there if I got the wheel working and go there whenever I liked, especially when it rains here - which is almost every other day it seems!

I'm itching to get back to work on the wheel. I am kind of reluctant to make any promises or predictions, given the embarrassing fiasco promulgated by the un-put-downable Trevor!  However I will just say that things are looking good and I really hope I can back up my self-confidence with a runner, but time will tell and I wouldn't wish to give anyone the impression that I had it all within my grasp, only to fall at the next fence....again!

I have, rather foolishly, responded to my family's requests for a finishing date for the current wheel of six weeks - none of them believe in it, except for my lovely granddaughter, now just 21, and who should know better, being as she's at Uni learning to be teacher!  Time has a nasty habit of shrinking as it passes and what seems like a reasonable period to achieve everything is now looking a little small.

Before I left I acquired four MDF discs to act as a base - why four?  Because I have to allow for errors of measurement and corrections despite having it all down in black and white and I intend (hope) that when it is finished and running I will quickly construct a cleaner, nicer model with paint and things to make it look more exciting.  Four seems excessive but it is as well to be prepared.  All I need to do now is to find several lengths of aluminum or mild steel, cropped to the right sizes to act as the levers.  Yes there are levers but I can say no more.  Aluminum will be better as it is easier to drill the holes in the right places.  There's nothing more annoying than using a rather blunt drill bit and achieving an elongated hole which isn't quite right but probably works.  The mild steel just gives a better finish in my opinion.

I know I originally suggested 6th June would be a suitable date for an announcement but it was just a wish not a decision and somewhere around then or shortly after that time seems more likely.  The announcement will, of course possibly be one of a failure, but I'm going to give it my best shot, and if it fails I guess it'll be time to try to explain my thinking and what principle it was based on.  What I can say is that the whole thing is extra-ordinarily simple but the leverage itself is a pretty damned ingenious design

I cannot take credit for the design, that is all Bessler's but I would like to be recognised for having deciphered his remarkably simple but obscure clues.  If this works I shall be able to point to the clues and explain each one which will prove beyond doubt that this is the precise design concept that Bessler used - on the other hand if doesn't work I am convinced that people will see what I have deciphered as still bearing the hall marks of truth and that I have either applied them wrongly or I have missed something.

June 7th - 12th Sheffield DocFest is one of the world's longest documentary film festivals and following an interview I did for a small documentary maker, a pitch for funding is being presented for a full length documentary.  Fingers crossed it gets a sponsor.  Anyway I am open-minded about this as it will require considerable input and I'm not sure I'm the most photogenic personality for the job, but it will cost nothing but time! Entries from USA, Japan, Australia, Austria, Sweden, Germany, France, Chine, Denmark and Norway.  I could go on, it would probably be quicker to mention who won't be there!

A German publisher has taken my original book and plans to publish a German language version in October this year and has just told me that the translation is finished and all he needs are some better illustrations to include in it.  I've sent some to him so now all I can do is wait.

That's it for today - nice to be back.



Sunday 4 May 2014

My latest Poem and a small but Important Update

This is a  poem I wrote a few days ago while waiting for my wife and grandaughter who were trying on dresses and took a little longer than expected.

It's not good poetry but I like it!

Johann Bessler

Three hundred years ago, he saw
the conservation of energy law,
which had previously prevented
every thing that he'd invented,
such as wheels that turned forever
driven just by weight and lever,
finally be circumvented.

The so-called experts who declared
that such devices are absurd,
proscribed their source as gravitation,
nor anything else in isolation,
and deny perpetual motion
could still be a valid notion.
But given the ubiquity
of the earth's force, gravity,
how blind they are to evidence
that Bessler's wheel was common sense.

Gravity is not exclusive
permeating and diffusive,
it affects all in its compass,
supplying weight and moving mass;
with the right configuration
it supplies from gravitation
wheels which turn continuously,
simply driven by gravity.

Those scientists who vent their spleen,
who criticise us and demean
our strong belief that such machines
do not turn in isolation
but draw their strength from gravitation..........

The time is drawing closer when I shall reveal my wheel.......or give up and share everything I know - or think I know!.  I am about as confident of success as I have ever been, and I hope to make an announcement on June 6th (seems like a good date for such an announcement) but until then I cannot find a lot to talk about, so just watch this space until then.


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