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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Bessler revelations

Over the years of researching Johann Bessler I have often woken in the night, usually around for four o'clock in the morning and lain there thinking about how to build a working version of his machine. Often the solution to an apparently insoluble problem appears to me in clear detail. Obviously these 'revelations' don't bear fruit otherwise I would be sitting on a tidy fortune by now - but they are always new, unique and unobtainable by normal means in the daylight hours.

I think that the unconscious continues to worry at the problem and it only surfaces in the small hours. Last night I had another revelation and I am sure that I have everything I need to build the wheel.

About a month ago I had another one which resolved the problem of gravity being a conservative force. The answer was so clear and so obvious and so simple I cannot understand why I didn't think of it before. It was then that I decided to write a thesis, if I can call it that, and present it to a contact in the USA who has given me so much encouragement over the last twelve years.

So I must finish the video, the thesis and build the wheel. The book will have to wait just a little longer, but it is already about five years late!


Thursday, 26 February 2009

A scientific paper (amateur) and the Video

I'm in a quandery. I am completing the video about Bessler and I'm completing the paper which contains everything relevant to building Bessler's wheel, which I have discovered over a number of years. Do I continue with the paper and await the review by a certain learned gentleman, or do I hold on to it and wait until I have tried to build the last prototype? Do I add anything to the video which is also in the paper, thus giving away much of my own work? If I give it away and someone else builds a sucessful model, using the information I have given, will I get any recognition?

Reading this back it sounds selfish and I do want to share the information, but at the same time I'd like to achieve some kind of reward if only so that my family and I can benefit. Time is short, I know, and a new energy source needs to be found. Bessler's wheel could be that source, I certainly believe so.

I shall probably end up sending the paper because the wheel is too difficult for me to build with my limited resources, so that could help me make the decision. As for the video, I can leave some stuff out because if the paper is accepted then the video doesn't matter so much.

The video began as a favour to a friend but now looks more useful for me in letting the world know about Johann Bessler. We shall see.


The Legend of Johann Bessler’s Perpetual Motion Machine

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