Thursday 24 August 2023

First Steps Towards a Working Model.

After a long while I’m back in my workshop.  It has been a difficult time with other things pulling me this way and that, and not having had somewhere to make my builds but I’ve now got a space in my garage and I’ve started to build again.  I hope to prove that I’m on the right track and heading for a working proof of principle wheel.  I realised that all the code and clue dissemination which I have indulged in over the years proves nothing and I may be right or I may be wrong and only the device that works and is repeatable by anyone will satisfy the world.

I began by dismantling the remains of many previous attempts because some of the parts are reusable and have some of the required details needed for the new design.  The one thing I keep in mind is that this version has to be simple and even though the concept has been in my mind for many months, actualising it is harder than it looks on paper.

When we last moved house about seven years ago I threw out the remains of some 17 wheels plus most of the component parts and we moved again last year, our eighth move! People have asked me for photographs of them but when you’ve worked on the same design for some time, modifying it over and over, at what point do you take a photo of it?  Near the beginning or half way through or at the end of a succession of failures.  So no, I’ve got maybe three or four pictures which I might post in the next blog, but I will post pictures of my current build for the first time.  I must add that the quality of the build is basic, I see no point in producing a beautifully crafted device before I’ve even got a working model, so this build will be crude but simple.

This is my last build as far as this concept goes, although obviously there may be adjustments to be incorporated as I progress, I don’t have any plans to change it because I’m certain that this design concept is the same as Bessler’s and this will be provable in retrospect by examination of the clues I have discovered.

As promised, the full details will be published here regardless of whether I succeed or not.  I think I’m still able to construct a mechanical device, but you never know what difficulties might emerge during construction, but it is quite simple so I’m confident that the wheel will be finished.


Monday 7 August 2023

UPDATE - Starting Work on a Proof of Principle Model Build.

Sorry for my absence guys, I’ve been busy with my book and also with a number of jobs around my house, as listed by my very patient other half. I’ve just finished painting a very large ceiling and (hopefully) that’s all.

 I’ve always been an early riser and I find it’s the best time of the day to add more illustrations to my book, and I’m writing explanatory text, and rewriting it, explaining my interpretations and making sure everything is logical and acceptable. In view of the deservedly awful reception KB received for his monumental work on Bessler, I’m determined to try to avoid getting a similar response, although I don’t really have any fears of that because the codes and clues I describe are plain to see and my interpretations obvious once you understand them.

In addition I’m getting back to work on building a model, a proof of principle wheel.  I had all but given up on that because of the lack of a usable work shop, and the belief that illustrations, simulations and explanatory text would convince people that this was the solution.  However I had an email from a long time correspondent who has supported my efforts from the start, who declined to receive my explanation saying he couldn’t consider asking his peers to evaluate such a document regardless of how detailed it might be. He said the institutions which support the established laws of physics wouldn’t even consider anything less than a working model as a proof of concept or principle.  He’s right, I was looking through my blogs yesterday, just searching for the occurrences of the number five, and there were a lot of blogs about the use of number five including ‘sharing information blogs’ going back to 2011, and looking at the comments on them, I see that most of my information details are either dismissed or ignored.

I have no problem with this as it’s all a matter of opinion until firm evidence is produced, which is why I’m delighted to be back in the workshop now it’s at last available. I will be adding the occasional picture of my build as it progresses.

It’s good to back on here as well.


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