Tuesday 30 May 2023

Johann Bessler’s Wheel Could Save Planet Earth.

Some folk seem worried about their future and that of the planet if Bessler’s wheel should be solved, built and developed. But they should be more concerned about their future if Bessler’s wheel isn’t built! Free or cheap, clean electricity might seem politically and economically dangerous, but there are worse dangers waiting for us.

This planet, and all its inhabitants, is facing a far greater danger from global warming than any scenario involving a successful emergence of Bessler’s wheel. I don’t need to tell you what we face or rather our children, but here a little reminder based on what’s happening right now.

“Global Temperature Is Rising. 
The Ocean Is Getting Warmer. ... 
The Ice Sheets Are Shrinking. ... 
Glaciers Are Retreating. ... 
Snow Cover Is Decreasing. ... 
Sea Level Is Rising. ... 
Arctic Sea Ice Is Declining. ... 
Extreme Events Are Increasing in Frequency.”

“In the U.K., communities as far inland as Peterborough, King's Lynn, Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire in the east of England, as well as the Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex coastlines, would all be underwater by 2050 if nothing is done to stop sea levels rising at their current rate.

Recently, on 12 July 2021 flash floods caused eight underground lines to be suspended and many stations forced to close. In the aftermath of flooded basements and shop floors, Londoners quickly took to social media to share shocking images of water gushing down tube steps, sentimental contents ruined, and cars determinedly ploughing through sodden high streets as they battle against water levels that licked the tops of their tyres. 

Five days later it happened again. In under two hours over 70cm (over 2 feet) of rain hit the streets of London. Once more, homes, restaurants, shops and stations were flooded.

Then again on 25 July the capital felt the effects of another sudden, violent downpour. Following this flood, as well as the now usual flurry of tube stations quickly shutting gates to passengers, two London hospitals had to close too, with patients forced to evacuate their beds and the building due to power outages. 

The Met Office also issued its first extreme heat warning in July as temperatures soared to 32⁰C in large parts of England and Wales. Last year temperatures hit 40°C. (104°F) for several days.

As homeowners and businesses struggled to deal with the devastation, yet again, the events were a stark reminder of projections from the non-profit news organisation Climate Central that parts of London were at risk of being under water by 2050. Just 27 years away.”

It’s the same story everywhere:-

“By 2050, sea level along contiguous U.S. coastlines could rise as much as 12 inches (30 centimeters) above today’s waterline, according to researchers who analyzed nearly three decades of satellite observations. The results from the NASA Sea Level Change Team could help refine near-term projections for coastal communities that are bracing for increases in both catastrophic and nuisance flooding 
in coming years.

Global sea level has been rising for decades in response to a warming climate, and multiple lines of evidence indicate the rise is accelerating. The new findings support the higher-range scenarios outlined in an interagency report released in February 2022. That report, developed by several federal agencies – including NASA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the U.S. Geological Survey – expect significant sea level rise over the next 30 years by region. They projected 10 to 14 inches (25 to 35 centimetres) of rise on average for the East Coast, 14 to 18 inches (35 to 45 centimetres) for the Gulf Coast, and 4 to 8 inches (10 to 20 centimetre’s) for the West”.

So don’t fear the impact Bessler’s wheel would have, fear for us if no way of mitigating the effects of global warming can be found.


Monday 22 May 2023

What If Johann Bessler’s Machine Really Worked? Imagine!

It is so frustrating trying to convince people that Johann Bessler’s machine could be a great invention, an incredible benefit to the planet, a source of free, clean energy.  But we struggle to climb a gigantic wall of scepticism and yet there is a constant intensifying debate demanding a solution to global warming and all the ramifications associated with it.

I have, over a number of years, tried to interest people in those higher reaches of research and development who I believe would be in the right position to take note of Bessler’s work, and accept it as a challenge and obtain funding to rediscover the secret.  Polite interest was the usual response, adding a comment such as, “build a working model and I’ll take a look at it!”  This remains the response.

I watched an inspiring video by Prince William on climate change, such a good speaker!  No I’m not going to write to him, but he makes a good case for doing all we can to help our planet back to a healthier state.  Like his father he prioritises the environment.


Bessler, aka Orffyreus, invented and exhibited a machine which he claimed used only gravity to make it rotate endlessly. After about fifty years of study, my original opinion that Bessler’s claim was genuine has been strengthened to the point where I know beyond a shadow of doubt that his machine was genuine.  The circumstantial evidence is so strong that in a court of law a judge must find Bessler innocent of an suggestions of impropriety. 

The fact that we have been taught emphatically that such devices oppose the laws of science, not to mention common sense, should not detract from the importance of a proper investigation into the potential advantages of such a device in today’s world of increasing energy costs, pollution and global warming.

Having studied Bessler’s words for over 50 years I’ve come to know him and how his mind worked.  When reading his account of his experiences one can feel his exasperation at the actions of his “enemies” his name for those who opposed his claim to have invented a perpetual motion machine.  He continued to stand by his assertion until his death.  I too will continue to maintain my own conviction that his machine was genuine and worthy of development.

I have written a detailed account of Johann Bessler’s life which is available by clicking the appropriate link in either the top of the side panel under the words, ‘Johann Bessler’s Books and biography’. Alternatively you can click on a link towards the bottom of the right side panel which lists each book.  The biography contains details of letters to and from Bessler plus others writing about him.  There are copies of witness statements, tests and testimonials. 

The other books are copies of Bessler’s own work and each has a full English translation at the end.


Sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine”

― Alan Turing

Monday 8 May 2023

Johann Bessler aka Orffyreus and his Perpetual Motion Machine

 On 6th June, 1712, in Germany, Johann Bessler (also known by his pseudonym, Orffyreus) announced that after many years of failure, he had succeeded in designing and building a perpetual motion machine. For more than fourteen years he exhibited his machine and allowed people to thoroughly examine the outside of it, but it’s internal workings were kept hidden. This was because the inventor feared that his design would be copied and someone else might obtain credit for all his years of hard work looking for the solution. He followed the advice from the famous scientist, Gottfried Leibniz, who was able to examine the device, and recommended a number of demonstrations and tests designed to prove the validity of his machine without giving away the secret of its design.

Karl the Landgrave of Hesse permitted Bessler to live, work and exhibit his machine at the prince's castle of Weissenstein. Karl was a man of unimpeachable reputation and he insisted on being allowed to verify the inventor's claims before he allowed Bessler to take up residence. This the inventor reluctantly agreed to and once he had examined the machine to his own satisfaction Karl authorised the publication of his approval of the machine. For several years Bessler was visited by numerous people of varying status, scientists, ministers and royalty. Several official examinations were carried out and each time the examiners concluded that the inventor's claims were genuine.

Over a number of years Karl aged and it was decided that after so long it was time the inventor left the castle and he was granted accommodation in the nearby town of Karlshafen. Despite the strong circumstantial evidence that his machine was genuine, Bessler failed to secure a sale and after more than thirty years he died in poverty. His death came after he fell from a windmill he had been commissioned to build. The windmill was an interesting design using a vertical axle which allowed it to benefit from winds from any directions. 

He had asked for a huge sum of money for the secret of his perpetual motion machine, £20,000 which was an amount thought only affordable by kings and princes, and although many were interested, none were prepared to agree to the terms of the deal. Bessler required that he be given the money before the buyer was allowed to view the internal workings of the machine. But those who sought to purchase the wheel, for that was the form the machine took, insisted that they see the secret mechanism before they parted with the money. Bessler feared that once the design was known the buyers could simply walk away knowing how to build his machine and he would get nothing for his trouble. 

I became curious about the legend of Bessler’s Wheel, while still in my teens, and have spent most of my life researching the life of Johann Bessler (I’m now 78). I obtained copies of all his books and had them translated into English and self-published them, in the hope that either myself or someone else might solve the secret and present it to the world in this time of pollution, global warming and increasingly limited energy resources.

Not long after I was able to read the English translations of his books, I realised that Bessler had embedded a number of clues in his books. These took the form of hints in the text, but also in a number of drawings he published and I found suggestions by the author that studying his books would reveal enough information about his wheel,to allow “someone with an acute and discerning mind, to build one”.

For some ideas about Bessler’s code why not visit my web sites at 

Take a look at my work on his “Declaration of Faith” at 

Also please view my video at 

It gives a brief account both the legend and some more detail about some of the codes.

The problem of obtaining a fair reward for all his hard work was anticipated by Bessler and he took extraordinary measures to ensure that his secret was safe, but he encoded all the information needed to reconstruct the machine in a small number of books that he published. He implied that he was prepared to die without selling the secret and that he believed that posthumous acknowledgement was preferable to being robbed of his secret while he yet lived.

It has recently become clear that Bessler had a huge knowledge of the history of codes and adopted several completely different ones to disguise information within his publications. I have made considerable advances in deciphering his codes and I am confident that I have the complete design.

Johann Bessler published three books, and digital copies of these with English translations may be obtained from the links to the right of this blog. In addition there is a copy of his unpublished document containing some 141 drawings - and also my own account of Bessler’s life is also available from the links. It is called "Perpetual Motion; An Ancient Mystery Solved?" 

This biography contains a wealth of information about Bessler himself, as well as many quotes by Bessler and letters to him or about him from many interested parties. It tells of his life up to and including his years with Karl the Landgrave of Hesse Kassel, and what happened to him later.

Bessler's three published books are entitled "Grundlicher Bericht""Apologia Poetica” and "Das Triumphirende...".

I have called Bessler's collection of 141 drawings “Maschinen Tractate”, but it was originally found in the form of a number of loosely collected drawings of perpetual motion designs. Many of these have handwritten notes attached and I have published the best English translation of them that I was able to get. Bessler never published these drawings but clearly intended to use them in his planned school for apprentices.

You can order copies of the books from my website at 

Printed books direct from the printer can be obtained from here

Or from the top of the right side panel under the heading ‘Bessler’s Books’.
There are also links lower down on the right side panel.

These books contain the most important information available if you seek to find the solution to Bessler’s wheel.


Thursday 4 May 2023

Gravity Enabled Continuously Rotating Electricity Generator

There are a small group of people wide spread around the world, who believe that Johann Bessler’s claim that he had invented a so-called Perpetual Motion machines was genuine.  But most people’s first opinion is to dismiss such declarations with little further consideration, and it’s not surprising, given the current school of thought about such assertions.

Despite the certainty that the educational institutions have established in their curriculums, teaching the young and old alike that Johann Bessler was a fraud, there are a number of questions which are routinely dismissed or ignored, but which need to be properly examined in a fair and unbiased fashion to determine the truth about his machine.  Why? Because those questions raise serious doubts about the consensus of opinion that any kind of machine such as Bessler’s was or is impossible

The inventor never gave up on his contention that his machine was genuine and he declared that if he was found to have been cheating then he should be executed for it.  You might think that such an end was unlikely but actually several people making claims to take advantage of one or more members of the ruling class were indeed summarily executed by having their head chopped off.

Early on during his initial exhibitions, his claim to have invented and exhibited a perpetual motion machine caused a considerable amount of interest within certain court circles among the intellectuals who inhabited that elite society.  Numerous letters between several witnesses who attended Bessler’s demonstrations sparked the interest of Gottfried Leibniz. He managed to arrange two private demonstrations where he was able to ask several questions and examine the wheel and its motion.  He came to believe that here was a great invention which should not be lost because of the scepticism generally advanced in reaction to the demonstrations.

Following his advice and help, Bessler was ordered to bring his machine to the court of Karl, the Landgrave of Hesse. Karl had spent some considerable time funding the experiments of Denis Papin and subsequent to his departure for London, Karl agreed to provide Bessler with rooms to exhibit his new and larger machine.  Of course Karl insisted on being allowed to confirm the inventor’s claims by examining the workings of the machine which he did.  He concluded that the machine was genuine and remarkably simple.  He was a man of tremendous prestige being held in high regard and had a reputation for honesty and sincerity throughout Europe. This coupled with his interest and knowledge of the latest discoveries in the world of science made him the ideal person to offer Bessler his patronage

Following Leibniz’s recommendations, Bessler developed a series of demonstrations which were designed to provide firm, convincing evidence that Bessler’s wheel was genuine. The most obvious one required a continuous run of around two weeks under lock and key and the Landgrave’s personal seal.  A guard was also placed outside the room for the full period of the run, which was actually extended to 54 days in total.

Other measures designed to reduce the chance of fraud, included providing two alternate sets of pillars supporting the wheel, to enable the device to be moved from set to the other.  This allowed the examiners to check both sets of bearings before and after translocation had taken place. Nothing suspicious was ever found.  An Archimedes pump was attached to the wheel to demonstrate how it could pump water if needed.  A chest of stones weighting 70 pounds was hoisted by the wheel from the castle yard to its roof and lowered many times.

Many have tried to find a way that Bessler might have faked the demonstrations, but no secret method has ever been found, and the truth is there for anyone capable of objective analysis to examine the evidence - to see if it was impossible to fake or impossible to be real! 

Current research suggests that although a perpetual motion machine in an isolated system is impossible, where there is an external force field there must be a way to tap this force continuously for as long as that force exists. Bessler states very clearly that his machine relied completely on the action of some weights thus propounding the force of gravity.

This suggested solution is customarily dismissed because gravity is a force and not a source of energy.  However thousands of waterwheels and hydroelectric power stations are enabled to work due to the force of gravity.  The argument that a fallen weight has to be lifted once it’s fallen is used to dismiss Bessler’s wheel, but if Bessler managed to contrive a method which overcame that problem, then his machine was indeed the real deal.  Obviously he must have succeeded so there is a potential solution to global warming with free, clean energy.  

What are we waiting for!


Bessler’s Wheel is the answer to Global Warming.

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