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Monday, 23 March 2009

Book and wheel update

I must advise anyone who is interested in discussions about Johann Bessler to visit I have been a member since November 2003. and have found the forum very lively and the posts often inspirational to me. Although I post occasionally I must take some criticism because although people may find my books about Bessler interesting or useful, I have made little effort to post up information on any of my own attempts to find a solution.

Because of the extensive work involved in producing the follow-up book about Bessler, it might be thought that the main thrust of my work is towards the completion of the book, but in fact I have too often been diverted by sudden inspiration, sometimes found on the forum and have left the book untouched, preferring instead to spend time in my workshop, tinkering with new ideas. I know this has been intensely annoying to those who need more facts to establish exactly how Bessler's wheel worked, and I can only apologise and say that the wait will be worth it even though it has taken longer than it need have.

My own attempts to find the solution continues and some members of the forum will know that I stated, some while ago, that I knew the concept of how Bessler's wheel worked and was confident of building a working model. That situation is still the same and since then I have worked out exactly why his wheel worked without conflicting with any of the physical laws. I think that the solution to this assumed conflict is absurdly simple.

I have been unable to work on the wheel for the last two weeks due to family demands and before that it was too cold in my work shop, and before that I was still in post operative recovery following some fairly heavy surgery on one of my lungs! But ... I hope to return to the wheel work next week.

I shall test this last model to see if it has any merit .... if it hasn't I'll continue with my plan to post everything I know about the wheel to my long time correspondent in the USA. If he gives it his approval he will begin funded research to reconstruct the original Bessler's wheel.


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