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The Legend of Bessler’s (Orffyreus’s) Wheel - The Facts

 The Legend of Bessler’s Wheel or the Orffyreus Wheel and the verifiable facts.

Some fifty years ago, after I had established (to my satisfaction at least) that Bessler’s claim to have invented a perpetual motion machine was genuine, I decided to obtain as many verifiable facts pertaining to the legend of Bessler’s wheel as possible.  I believe that my publications below provide a summary of all the information available, but I should mention that I have made considerable progress in deciphering some of the inventor’s coded information, none of this is in the books detailed below, but you visit some of my other websites which give plenty of details.  This information is alluded to several times in his books, but it has taken many years of careful study to make sense of only some of it. Having said that there is considerable speculation about the various ciphers embedded in his works but most are too speculative to accept.

I think that the more we speculate the more confusion we can add. Speculation can be taken as fact and if further ideas are added that can compound the problem. I’m not promoting my books as the ultimate source of information on Bessler because there are so many historical documents which remain unexplored due to their poor condition or because they are lost in numerous private libraries. But for now they provide a quick and easy source of information on Johann Bessler and his perpetual motion machine.

Even though I published my biography of Johann Bessler several years ago, the information in it has not altered, because it is based on old documents written more than 300 years ago. There are new additional facts which need to be added at some point but they are details about his later life and although of interest do not impinge on the history of his perpetual motion machine. There are also Bessler’s own books which he published which cover his life in his own words and provide much information. The only other thing relevant to his story which I didn’t publish are two critiques written by his enemy, Christian Wagner and they are freely available in English at my main website, see below.

What follows is a list of my books, all but my biography were originally produced by Bessler to which I added a full English translation. The books are available in both hard copy and also as a digital PDF file.  The digital file allows easy searches for words and names.

I hope that people will continue to use these books as a source of accurate information in their journey of discovery to find the solution to Bessler’s wheel.

1) “Perpetual Motion: An Ancient Mystery Solved?”  View the synopsis for details of the book’s contents at my web site. http://www.free-energy.co.uk/html/synopsis.html.  Briefly it is an account taken from of every document relating to Bessler that I could find from files held in museums around the world, researched and translated. 


2) “Apologia Poetica”   This was Bessler’s account of his life up until the time of Karl the Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel’s patronage. The book contains the original German transcribed into a modern font and includes a full English translation at the rear. I would have preferred to include the original German font but it was in such poor condition that it would have been unreadable. This book contains some allusions to secret codes hidden within the book itself.  

3) “Das Triumphans Perpetuum Mobile “- this was Bessler’s most professionally finished book. It was written in both German and Latin and this edition is a faithful reproduction of the actual pages of the original book. It also includes a full English translation at the rear. A number of drawings are included by the original author and these are said to contain a number of clues as to his machine’s workings.

4) “Gruendlicher Bericht” - this was Bessler’s first publication, ostensibly produced by a friend although I think one can detect Bessler’s handiwork in places. This copy is also in the original German and includes a full English translation at the rear. It also includes the very first drawing which Bessler published and this also contains clues to the way his machine worked.


5) “Maschinen Tractate” - this was found in the Bessler’s possessions after his death, in the form of a number of pages (141) and which contained a message on the front of the volume which stated that he had removed the drawings which depicted how his machine worked but that some one with a penetrating mind could by studying several drawings ultimately discover the secret of its construction. I have reproduced the drawings as they were found.  I included his handwritten notes with the best translation I could obtain, since the writing is very hard to read.


You can also read Christian Wagner’s two critiques of Bessler’s wheel at my main web site.

 Copies of all the above books can be obtained from my web site at 

Books available from www.free-energy.co.uk    

Alternatively you can use the buttons in the lower part of the right side panel under the heading, ‘My Publications’, which also takes you to a payment page.

There are some excellent additional resources and a forum for discussion at the  

Besslerwheel forum

The best German web site is at http://www.besslerrad.de/html/bekannte_details.html

That’s all.  Of course some people prefer to continue their research into perpetual motion machines without referring to Bessler’s own efforts and I respect that, but for those who like to have the information relating to Johann Bessler aka Orffyreus to hand in an easily accessible format, the books detailed above provide a good digital resource.

Wednesday 3 April 2024

Update on my Proof of Principle Model of Bessler’s Wheel.

Someone emailed me to ask me why I didn’t visit the Besslerwheel forum any more and why was my blog silent about my work?

Well I visit the forum everyday but find that I have little reason to comment.  I have rarely come across anything that hasn’t been commented on countless times in the past and the authors seem to be very few in number these days, although they sometimes have excellent discussions with interesting topics.  

There is a lot of commentary on the English translations done for me by my friend Mike Senior, not so much finding fault as much as trying to squeeze extra information from the translations using modern translators.  I have no objection to this, it might be helpful, but I recall Mike’s advice to me when he agreed to translate everything.  

The text was written 300 years ago in a foreign language by a man who was born into a peasant family.  No criticism intended, but his culture would have used colloquialisms, slang, numerous idioms and of course common terminology - unknown to us.  Nuances in meaning vary in all languages including German and English.  So using Mike’s translations provided in a form which he believed gives the most likely meaning is probably as near as we can get to Bessler’s thoughts.  Not that Mike didn’t make mistakes , I’m sure he did, but in my opinion it’s still the best we have. Modern translators use modern German as their baseline - I doubt they could use the German of Bessler’s day to get modern English - even the English of the 1700s differs markably to today’s language.

Visit this website for numerous examples of how English word meanings have changed or even reversed their meanings.  It’s called semantics and it is common to all languages.


The other question about this blog - why is it so silent? Good question, I hoped too have some real answers relatively quickly.

Time passes at an ever increasing speed and my intention was to have one final go at building a working model of Bessler’s wheel, before my 79th birthday, but it seems to have been blown off course by the winds of time.  I thought that with all the rain we’ve been having, I could work on Bessler's wheel in my garage/workshop secure in the knowledge that working outside on my wife’s exterior plans was out of the question.  Oops, I had forgotten a list of interior jobs I had promised to deal with asap.  Anyway to quote from “Gone with the Wind”, the last line of the book reads, “tomorrow is another day”.  So tomorrow has come…..a bit. Now I’m able to spend, at least some time on the wheel, I believe there are no more excuses left for me but to finish this job once and for all!

So from now on I’ll be working on it, but continuing to fulfil my other commitments, by working round them, hopefully.  I’ll have a better idea of a finishing date after a few days.

Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” I guess the same applies to me/us, but my confidence in this design is high and even if it doesn’t work, I will share it here in case anyone’s interested. I do think it is the same as Bessler’s but rather than try to explain it I’ll simply post photos and videos of it once it’s ready. This is not a new design for me because I’ve been studying it for almost a year, but there have been minor alterations and adjustments to make, not to mention the old pieces of previous mechanisms I’m using up which require extensive alterations. 

But perhaps these are just excuses for my procrastination? Maybe I can always find other things to do, which I convince myself, are more important, more urgent ….and easier! Or as someone suggested, the reason for the delay is apparently, that  I fear the outcome which will end in another failure.  That at least is not true, I always anticipate success even though, like Thomas Edison, I’ve found 10,00O, ways of making a stationary wheel.  I’m just getting older and it takes more of an effort to keep working, but I’m definitely going to finish this one as soon as I can.


The Legend of Bessler’s (Orffyreus’s) Wheel - The Facts

  The Legend of Bessler’s Wheel or the Orffyreus Wheel and the verifiable facts. Some fifty years ago, after I had established (to my satisf...