Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Optimism vs pessimism

I anticipated being able to publish good news this week but I can't yet. It's not because my efforts to replicate Bessler's wheel have failed (again!) no, other factors have prevented me for returning to my workshop, so success is still eagerly anticipated. I never fail to be amazed at the enormous optimism I continue to have that I shall win this thing - unless someone else gets there first!

And this is the key to success. It has always been a source of irritation to me that here in my home country, England, we seem to suffer an all-pervading atmosphere of negativity while across the water in the USA the opposite is true. There, optimism and patriotism vie with each other for supremacy. Here we see headlines such as 'pig flu stronger than we thought' and 'it hasn't gone away', while in America they say, 'the flu virus is milder than we thought'. And this is representative of the difference in attitudes that is so obvious. How can there be such a dichotomy of attitude coming from two countries reportedly using the same language and sharing a common heritage and so many ideals?

Given the above comments you might assume that the successful solution will come from someone living in the US, but for our size this country (Britain) has produced more innovative inventions than any other and I look forward to continuing that process.


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