Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The 20/20 vision of hindsight

It has been pointed out to me that my posts both here and on http://www.besslerwheel.com/, over the last few months, about my self-proclaimed progress in building a working Bessler-wheel, have been somewhat overly optimistic. Having read through a summary of them, kindly provided by a member of said website, I have to agree that it certainly looks that way. But I never fail to be amazed at the efforts some people will go to prove a point, in this instance, trawling through pages and pages of text to harvest choice comments made by me with little consideration at the time, to support their apparent belief that I am either a dreamer or a scam artist - or completely deluded.

In fact I'm none of these as will be shown in due course. But I am embarrassed at how almost effusively I have predicted success within a short time and how cruelly the truth emerges that I am not quite there yet. It is easy to point the finger of scorn at predictions, using the 20/20 vision of hindsight, but how many would put their reputations on the line by predicting success, no matter how convinced they might be, in an area so thoroughly derided, even within a community of like-minded individuals such as we perpetual motionists? Only someone having complete conviction as I do, that time will prove them right. Optimism reigns strongly here because, as has been the case for several years, I find that each failure teaches me something new and is a step forward towards success.

I have good reason to be optimistic about solving this puzzle but I cannot share it yet. All I can say is that I have solved a large number of clues both textual and graphic and when added to my knowledge of the principle behind the wheel, leads me to believe with absolute certainty that I will succeed in replicating Bessler's wheel. I have a detailed drawing which shows every part of the mechanism and even some areas which had, only weeks ago, remained slightly hazy have become clear. I am building it according to my drawing. As I have said before, if I cannot build it then I shall have to get someone else to do it for me. Either way publication of the details will follow.

This does not rule out the possibility of someone else succeeding before me and it might be that they get there by a different route, but I can say with sure and certain knowledge that mine is derived wholly from Bessler's wheel. Once it is built I shall be able to say that I could not have succeeded if I had not had his clues to help me. Even though I might have tried for a lifetime, without the clues I don't think I would ever have succeeded. But some other researcher might arrive at the same objective because they have better skills, both intellectual and dexterous, and in that case they would be far cleverer than I who simply followed a trail of clues to the treasure.



  1. True John, there is always a chance that someone beats you to the post, but the outcome is the most important thing I believe, not necessarily who is there first.

    I always believed that due to the efforts of many people that a collaborative effort would have been more satisfying for those involved, but secrecy persists with many PM builders. Best of luck.

  2. So how long have you kept these extra clues secret? Timing is getting somewhat critical because by the end of 2009 the foundations for a 1 world government will be laid via the theory of global warming and the belief that rich nations owe poor nations money because of their "carbon footprint". Having spent a significant amount of time in third world nations I can say for certain that they've done their share.

    Anyone who hasn't put their best ideas on the table have contributed to the failure of this community to be anything but flakes. Again, you are becoming dellusional and that dellusion is keeping you from contributing fully to the discussion and perhaps thereby contributing to the failure. 300 years and counting.

    How mad is everyone at Bessler's greed that has cost us for so long? Bessler claimed that it was a gift from heaven, but somehow thought also that the gift should not be shared. Insincerity all around. He probably was worse than insincere, he was probably a liar.

  3. DrWhat, I understand your view and I spent several years of collaboration before finally giving up. The problem lies in human nature, there will always be somebody who either believes that they had the idea, or their skills are better or simply that they know best - and then there are the rest who don't agree. Its a no-win siuation, so that is why collaboration has failed in my opinion.

    Wind - the clues I held back could not be proved except by building according to them. I think Bessler laid the clues as a fall-back method of proving that he had got there first in case someone else succeeded in selling their version of the PM machine. Because if this the clues can only be substantiated by a working wheel.

    I cannot say if Bessler was greedy - I don't think he thought he was - but I know he didn't lie.

    Yes timing is highly critical and that is why I shall publish everything this year - win or lose.


  4. Hi John,

    I have been following your progress with great interest. I am one who would like to know the workings of it (as would everyone else!!), but I know that you can only do what you can do, when you can do it.

    I do sympathise with that as my life can be and is taken up with work and other personal issues.

    Ignore everyone and just do it when you can. You will get there sooner or later with a working (or maybe not) wheel, but there is not point rushing things. Rushing causes oversight and sloppiness. It will be done when it's done!

    After all, it's been nearly 300 years since the last one, another few days won't make much difference!

    I'm routing for ya!


  5. Well I have been side-tracked by personal family matters the past week so I know that it can be tough to keep going sometimes. And now work for income has fallen behind so I need to get moving on that.

    As far as telling other people about my wheel building is concerned, there as very few. I have been called nutty before and even laughed at so I don't tell many people anymore.

    You're a good man John, and you have played a great role in spreading the info on Johan Bessler. Don't give too much value to the ramblings of people that have played a lesser role (or no role at all) than yourself.

  6. "so that is why collaboration has failed in my opinion."

    So we agree on the point that actively discussing these things and entertaining random blowhards, especially the lying type, is a waste of time. What is not a waste of time is flooding the internet with as many ideas as possible while passively analyzing the information available. In fact, even the seemingly pointless process of trying to help the latest "eureka quack" (present company hopefully excluded of course) does have benefits for us. Many of us can spot a rookie from a mile away. Even the lifetime rookies who never seem to accept the importance of a working knowledge of some physics.

    I personally doubt I'll play a role in this discovery, but I am selfishly prodding you, because to me anyone who purposely withholds important information to this discovery is thoroughly unaware of the stakes. Again, it's too big for one guy to get all ambitious. In fact, you may be surprised at how undesirable the recognition you seek really is. I am thoroughly livid about the Bessler thing, because if he was not lying he committed a great injustice by withholding the "gift" he was entrusted with.

    I hope you don't have some secret page from MT or his gravestone or something. If you do, you really should question your motives here. You have to know that there are more scientifically discerning people, even in our quack community, than yourself. Your elite on the research, but not on the physics from my review of the few comments you actually make on the matter. I disagree with Johnny, time is CRITICAL, every day represents further penalty for Bessler's sin.

  7. I don't hold any secret papers, Wind. All I have is everything I've published either in book form or as information I call deciphered codes, which is all available to everyone at www.theorffyrescode.com. No, I'm not witholding anything other than my own conclusions about how Bessler's wheel worked. Everyone has access to the same information that I have, nothing more and nothing less. I may not have offered designs for wheels but I have put out everything I know for precisely the same reasons you mention.

    I have considered posting designs of wheels I have built but then most of them suffered frequent alterations and variations until it was hard to draw a definitive design of any one wheel. It seems sensible to me to wait 'til this last most promising design has been built and tested and then published - working or not.


  8. I had hoped so JC. So you do understand what is at stake. I'm glad that you're sure that he wasn't a liar. I still have my doubts about Bessler. There are so many stories about these secret designs and dead designers that it is absurd.

    Many of those people were probably con artists, but it does seem possible that a few were simply never able to find suitable terms for the release. Taking it to their grave rather than missing out on fame or profit. The stakes are simply too high. The next discoverer will need to put it out there, full specs and quick. The community should be in agreement that such a person would be worthy of lavash praise not just for their brilliance, but the humanitarianism that caused them to forego lengthy "protection" processes. If there are any "MIB"s they've most certainly been able to count on the greed of the discoverers to give them plenty of time to do their silencing.

    Consider Bessler's buddy Karl. He had even seen the reality of it, and could have purchased and revealed it, but instead he chose to spend his money on women. Human nature may well be the nemesis and not physics.

  9. John, after 300 year couple month her or there means nothing. Thumps up :D


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