Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Leave no stone unturned - or the wheel will remain unturned!

It is a strange affliction that drives us to seek the solution to a device which science tells us is impossible. This obsession has driven me to visit places I would never have otherwise gone to; visiting museums, libraries, archives of ancient books, historic sites, demonstrations of ancient machinery, and communicating with as diverse a bunch of people as it hard to imagine. I've given lectures on Bessler at a crop-circle convention, inspected ruined windmills of many kinds, attended an opera based on the life of Bessler, met people from all walks of life and from different countries, done several radio interviews, the most bizarr being one for the palace of the paranormal! I've assisted in an attempt to remotely view Bessler's wheel, allowed someone to try psychometry on a book handled by Bessler, dowsed for his hidden grave and been invited to a spiritualist church in case he had a message for me - he hadn't!

My obsession (I don't think anyone could call it just an 'interest'!) has led me down paths I doubt I would have been interested in or even become aware of without the need to find the key that unlocked the secret - the Jesuits, the Masons, the Pythagorians, the Jewish Kabbalah, Bible codes, alphanumerics, Trithemius' codes, etc etc. This journey led me to the discovery of Bessler's codes and the interpretation of many of them. I was aware that I had discovered some for which I was unable to find the key; I was also aware that I was doubtful about my own interpretations in a small number of cases, but there was one in particular that I was convinced that I had extracted everything there was to find in it.

But....I was reviewing my latest construction and comparing it with my conceptual drawing based on the coded information I had found and I had one of those too rare flashes of inspiration. I was considering an alternative interpretation because of a single tiny apparent superfluity which had bugged me for a long time and for which I had made up interpretations to explain away. As someone on Besslerwheel forum said, manipulating the facts to fit my theory instead of the other way around. So why was this extra little bit there? Once I had asked myself this question, looking at my drawing at the same time, it suddenly became clear why the extra bit was there and it was at that moment that I realised that Bessler had alluded to it several times and I had missed it.

So my wheel is complete, only it doesn't work. The reason being that everything is there except for the inclusion of the connectedness principle which I thought I understood, only I didn't get the whole picture! It is so easy to fool yourself that you think you understand something and yet there is always an element of doubt without the vital unambiguous instructions to inform you. I slipped up, but now I understand what should have been obvious to me some time ago, as it has been in front of my eyes for several years and since I have been posting my discoveries on my web sites, also in front of everyone else's.

So, I can do no more for now because I'm off to sunny Spain,. More when I get back.



  1. Don't drink too much Sangria :-)

    Have a nice and relaxing trip, and I can't wait to hear more if your new discoveries.

  2. Yes John enjoy,.. the break will refresh you.I am taking a break because I am relocating from Cape town to Durban where it is much warmer.
    I am still optimistic that the breakthrough with the wheel is coming soon now.

  3. One could aptly call the wheel a Pendulum motor!

  4. Thanks...Andre Sir...For remembering me..Trevor is right....actually, I was trying to reason with Doug and later realized that it was all a vain attempt...I am a bit sensitive..also, lately, I have been busy travelling in the south of India..

    I must admit that your reference to the oscillator design in one of your recent posts is very close to the actual bessler design..You almost hit the bull in the eye....

  5. Welcome back Suresh!

  6. Nice to see you back Suresh,and don't be so sensitive.

  7. Is it actually documented anywhere that Bessler said that once a buyer saw how the wheel worked, that they would think they had been cheated?

  8. Welcome back Suresh! Of course we remember you. Thanks also for the interesting comment you make, on the oscillator - care to elaborate on that?

  9. Andre Sir,
    The wagging of tail as described by Bessler also hints at swinging levers...And even your persistent mentioning of oscillators amounts to the same....
    The swinging or the oscillation of these levers is of paramount importance to the wheel had been stating this from the beginning but in one of your recent posts your hint was too close to the truth...I always knew your research wasn't like others...I would like to say here no one else in this blog was ever as much near to the real thing...And let me also assure you that what Karl saw and stated is very true..the bessler wheel mechanism is too simple...the internal arrangement is very special...The problem is, it never occurs to anyone so easily..a harmonic fusion of the action of the weigths and they maintain their cyclic motion incessantly...Everything happens fast....
    And it feels very nice to be back with you...Now, what has happened to Trevor ?? He's gone off the Radar..

  10. Hi Suresh, thanks again for your kind words. It also made me think again about certain other lines in Apologia.

    Dang - I am torn between building my own idea (which is "cheating" as I use modern electronic tricks) or trying to replicate the original Bessler design as closely as possible. Maybe I should do both.

    I bet Trevor is busy experimenting!

  11. In my opinion sir...we should purely concentrate on the original bessler is very much possible...just a matter of time...we may be making a grave mistake by incorporating modern electronic fact,this should be resorted to at a later stage...the universal momentum which feeds on the very fabric of deep space mysterical gravity discovered by bessler is too precious to be ignored...
    There are too many clues and explanations from Bessler which provide ample support...Come to think of it..even for the electronic version of the wheel to function adequately we still need that basic bessler wheel design to impart continuous impulse for maintaining the motion...One weight lifts the other and so on...they really act in pairs...and they still have enough to spare...ball bearings have to be liberally used to reduce noise and friction and to increase wheel life...eight weights and levers in all...its as simple as that..


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