Saturday, 10 September 2011

Updates and words that unintentionaly offend

Recently, I intimated that I had a small revelation to make - and now I have written it up on one of my websites. I haven't published it yet, but now I'm wondering if I'm right, and if I am, should I be broadcasting it, and if I'm wrong do I want to stick my head up above the parapet to get shot at again?

Its not much of a revelation, I think that word was used by another blogger who used it when I mentioned that I had something else to discuss. I had what I think was a moment of clarity just before I went on holiday and nothing I have done since has dispelled the feeling I have that I'm right - but as I always say, I've been there before - and been wrong before! So I'm making a video to show the effect which I have described on my web site (not published yet) and I'll include it there. I mention this now because I've had a couple of emails asking me when I'm going to reveal it, but I'm not ready yet.

On another subject, writing blogs and responding to comments can be a tricky business, and I am as careful as I can be not to upset people and if I discovered that someone had taken offence at my words I would be extremely sorry. I have always requested that people moderate their language and try to do myself. Recently I discovered that someone had felt personally insulted at my words and I regret that, I therefore offer my sincerest apologies - they know who they are. May I say that having read and reread my words I can find nothing to take offence at, in fact they appear to me to be supportive of that person's view so I am at a loss to understand where I have overstepped the mark. Perhaps a private communication to explain would assist my understanding?



  1. John ,you don't have to apologies to any one for anything,without your research,Bessler and his invention would be still unknown to most people on this planet.I am half way on my project (electrostatic generator) if it fails, so be it.
    John,I don't like you for one reason only,you give me incredible headache, and most likely til rest of my life.

  2. I can't wait to hear about your new idea, John. Keep one thing in mind though - the fact that people are critical and/or laughing at ideas doesn't mean they are right and you are wrong. To the contrary, even, I dare say that most inventions and ideas, especially when disruptive, have been ridiculed at first. Sometimes for years, until it couldn't be denied or ridiculed anymore. And then suddenly everybody accepts it as self-evident.

    Such are the ways of this world. But without people brave enough to go against the grain, there would be no progress whatsoever. The essence of (real) science is to question everything and anything, and not consensus proclamations from the top of the ivory tower.

    So keep the ideas and creative juices flowing, I say! No doubt some will disagree, and some agree. And some will be in between there, in the gray areas, sitting on the fence. So what? Personally, I enjoy trying to follow other peoples train of thought. I am sure you have thought long and hard about your idea and I'm sure it must have merit. Don't get discouraged if others don't agree, unless they can actually PROVE you wrong, which is doesn't happen that often. And even then you may have still a great idea, but not refined enough yet.

    Keep up the good work and let us have it, I say!

    Oh, and BTW: I've never read anything offensive from your hand, to be honest. I one reads what's often going on at other blogs, yelling and screaming, name-calling,(free) calculations of each others IQ and whatnot, we're a bunch of timid choirboys :-)

  3. John, if you're not sure, then how will you be sure unless you risk being wrong and being shot at again above the parapet? The only other way would be to try your revelation physically. If it doesn't work, no one need know, unless you see value in the failure. If it works, then you'll be sure, and you can publish without reservation.
    The cat and mouse approach doesn't seem like you. I apologize if that seems hypercritical, but that's me.

  4. I've noticed that there are alot of people in this world that are perpetually offended. They see themselves as victims of everyone and everything. Although they are unaware of it, this is their mind's way of relieving themselves of any responsibility for their own failures and personal shortcomings. They like to excuse in themselves what they accuse in others. Often they will even "bait" others in an attempt to provoke an unkind response from them so they can continue to play their little mind game.

    I haven't seen anything you've produced which I would consider offensive to anybody in general or in particular. You don't own anybody any apologies. If they think you do, then that is THEIR problem, NOT yours.

    As far as any theories you have on Bessler's wheels are concerned, you're probably beter off sharing it when you feel ready rather than sitting on it expecting it to be the "big" secret that you do not want to just give away. Chances are it will not be that, but revealing it and having it analyzed to death by others can help keep others from wasting time on it (if it's not the big secret) or can help to guide them toward a working solution to the Besseler mystery (if it IS something he actually used).

    I look forward to seeing what you've come up with.

  5. I was surprised to get the complaint along with the news that any attempt to respond by email would be (and has been) blocked. I have no idea what I've done but as he refuses to explain, I can't do anything about it. Enough said.

    Sorry for the headache Vincent ;-)

    Doug, you're right of course and I am trying to design a test to show the concept is valid. It's not the design of the wheel but rather a feature of Bessler's words which I'm attempting to explain/interpret.

    Thanks again Andre and technoguy, sound advice as usual.

    The explanation on the website (still not published) is being improved and added to as I may not be able to include a video quickly enough and I need to get this idea out in public asap.


  6. I have never found your writings over the years offensive or disagreeable in any way John, you allways seem measured and respectful, and if I may say some others could learn from your reasonable and reasoned attitude. You (and a handful of others)have done more than most to shine a light on this and I for one am very grateful for your efforts and openess.
    Best Regards

  7. Gentleman or Ogre, both ways have nothing to show, so which is superior?

  8. There's only one way to find out...........Fiiight !!

  9. Being a gentlemean is always preferable to being an ogre, even if it has not as yet uncovered the secret of Bessler's wheels.

    One of the drawbacks of the internet is that its fascade of annonymity/pseudonymity tends to encourage many people to be far ruder while using it than they would be in real life social situations where their rudeness could get them ostracised or assaulted or even arrested! Fortunately, there are means to ban such individuals from a website once their behavior begins to get escessively annoying to others there.

    I don't think that Bessler, despite the centuries later psychoanalyses I've read of him, was really that rude. He was obviously a devoutly religious man and a very intelligent and skilled craftsman despite his lack of formal education. If he was really antagonistic or mentally imbalanced, then I don't think a cultured man like Carl would have tolerated him despite his having found the secret of PM or have allowed Bessler and his family to live in his castle with him.

    Bessler's major character flaw, to me, seems to have been his inability to overcome his fear of being cheated out of a "just comepensation" for his amazing invention and thereby allowing this fear to continually get in the way of him negotiating a more flexible deal for its sale like, say, 25k thalers in advance and then 10% of all future profits it would produce. If he could have overcome his fear and suspicion and done this, then we would have his secret technology in use today and he could still have lived the rest of his life in considerable comfort and probably made far more than 100k thalers during his lifetime. Instead of being written off by the world of science as a clever hoaxer, he would have taken his rightful place in the history of great achievers.

    Ultimately, it was not the fall from the windmill's upper story in November of 1745 that killed Bessler. It was really his inability to listen to the many interested businessmen that would have approached him and then to compromise a bit so that others could enter the picture and make the use of his discovery a practical reality for the rest of humanity.

    I hope that whoever rediscovers the secret of Bessler's PM wheels will not also then allow his own inner fears to keep it from being revealed and finally made available to mankind.

  10. Ah! anon 17:47 - other Harry Hill fan I see!


  11. technoguy, I see signs of those same inner fears manifesting themselves among many of us, myself included. But I think commonsense will win.


  12. "I hope that whoever rediscovers the secret of Bessler's PM wheels will not also then allow his own inner fears to keep it from being revealed and finally made available to mankind."

    That's easier said than done!

    If you discovered the secret of the wheel today, would you just give it away (for the benefit of mankind), or would you want to be rewarded?

  13. Great Bear,

    I would just give it away.

    I'm an older person with enough assets saved up to live a comfortable retirement for the rest of my life. Once I finally die, all the money in the world is not going to make me any less dead.

    To me, the really important reward would consist solely in having found Bessler's secret, announcing it to the world, and, in the process, proving Bessler was not a fraudster.

    If whoever finally does find the secret of Bessler's wheels makes the same mistake he did, it might take another 300 years to be rediscovered or it may never be rediscovered again. That would be a real shame.

  14. I'm afraid I'm not quite dead yet, and although altruism is important to me, so is the money. I still need to live and there are projects I need to finance. I suppose the difference between myself and Bessler is that I keep notes, so should I discover the secret, those nominated will be able to carry on where I left off.

  15. There is a tacit assumption here that there would be no impediment to announcing, or selling the invention to the world. A few years ago I met somebody who had been closely associated with the controversial "Water-Fuel Cell" inventor Stanley Meyer of Grove City, Ohio, who collapsed and died on March 21, 1998 (after he managed to yell out to multiple witnesses that he'd been "poisoned"). What I was told, (in confidence, so I can't repeat it) adds to an already high suspicion of foul play in that case.

    About ten years ago I did a bit of research on free energy researchers who had suffered "premature deaths". I gave up after about ten cases - the topic got too macabre!

  16. Every inventor should be rewarded for his or her invention,if mankind should benefit from it,than doubly so for the inventor,last ten years I have build different devices,witch cost me fair amount of money,time and mental stress.I have to admit,i am not so noble,to give something for nothing.

  17. Oops, this is where the conspiracy theories start...


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