Friday, 13 September 2013

Never, Ever, Give Up.

I wonder if the apparent dirth of new ideas in this field of research is real or just a symptom of my own jaded perspective.  With regard to a solution to the age old problem of perpetual motion and more specifically, Bessler's wheel, I feel as though I have seen, read about or thought of everything I that anyone comes up with these days.  I still receive emails informing me of the auhor's excitement at the prospect of solving the puzzle of Bessler's wheel and they always wish to share their ideas with me.  I always used to be pleased to see what they came up with but long years of seeing the same ideas recycled over and over, has forced me to politely, I hope, and with appropriate gratitude, turn down the offer to share their new found solutions.  I always leave them with encourgemnt and suggestons as to who else they might approach with me success.

Johann Bessler, also known by his pseudonym, ORFFYREUS, did certainly invent a machine which turned continuously for the best part of two months, lift heavy weights and drive an archimedes screw for pumping water.  It survived numerous official and unofficial examinations during more than ten years, without even the slightest evidence of fraud being found, despite the most determined scrutiny.  I believe, as do many others, that the machine made use of the force of gravity to shift weights in a paricular configuration which created a contnual imbalance in the wheel which caused it to trun continuously.

I am constantly surprised therefore to find that instead of an increasing interest in this extraordinary invention, there appears to be a fading fascination with it.  Yet, in the light of the many problems concerning energy, I am amazed that no single person or department within any kind of research or educational institute has shown the slightest curiosity about why it worked or if fraud, how Johann Bessler did it.

My frequent conversations with strangers usually produces outright rejection of the very idea that such a machine might be feasable, but on hearing the evidence they appear to become more open-minded - at least while in my presence.  I suspect that later conversations they might have with others would proabably be met with the same scornful hilarity as is regularly shown to me, thus I do not blame them if their open-minds slam shut!

So all I can do until I, or some other poor obsessed soul, produces a working wheel is encourage you who happen by chance upon these words, to read my book about Bessler.  I called it, 'Perpetual Motion; An Ancient Mystery Solved?'  I included the 'question mark' to suggest that although I appeared to be claiming that the problem had been solved, I was asking the question, 'was it solved once?'

It details all the evidence I found during some thirty years of research.  I also produced, in an effort to provide more information, three of Bessler's self-published book, each with its own English translation.  You can find links to each book to the right. of thios page.

Good luck and don't give up - ever!




  1. Hi John,

    I always admired your unbroken enthusiasm. Although this blog site is not overloaded by thousands of free energy pursuers I can assure you that they are not extincted. In the upstage they - including me - are working more or less hard. Among others I know some Hungarian guys who try to solve the 300y old mystery. Some of them created rather childish gadgets but on the other hands the rest pursue scientific approach.
    So we never ever give up and we are grateful for your permanent support.
    Your encouragement is not wasting time though it is not accompanied by cheers and applause.

    Ferenc (Fred) Gál from Hungary

  2. Yes John I couldn't agree more and if is any encouragement to you I really think it will not be long now.
    No,we are definitely not giving up because we know it's possible.
    Whether it will powerful enough to be of practical use remains to be seen,but at least it will be perpetual motion and we hope this fact will finally silence all the critics and scoffers.

    Any day now!

  3. Bessler’s two-way wheels seem to be easier to explain. They are balanced at rest and when turned faster and faster, at some point, internal forces (CF maybe) are sufficient to produce overbalance and maintain motion. Conceptually the idea fits his comments that the weights gain force from their own motion and produce excess weight or overbalance (the PM principle).

    On the other hand, Bessler’s one-way wheels appear to have been in a constant state of overbalance. They were self-starters. Some have suggested that as the wheels revolved, excess energy was stored (possibly using springs or weight suspended from the axle), and later when stopped and then released, the stored energy would initiate rotation. It would be helpful to know if there were any eye-witness hands-on accounts of the one-way wheels, namely, if the wheels were allowed to begin rotating, but only slowly for some length of time. If the initial overbalance was due to stored energy, it would deplete very quickly. But, if the wheels kept rotating, this would indicate energy was not stored up, and that there was true and constant overbalance. At slow speeds CF would be insufficient so something else had to perform the weight shifting to maintain overbalance. He would have to of discovered some truly unique lever/shifting mechanism.

    1. I am pretty convinced that CF was not involved as a positive factor responsible for the excess energy. The 1. reason is that Bessler said it was extremely har to find a way to make the wheel balance at rest and turn the other way etc. (bi derctional). If CF was the working force, making it bi directional would be the easiest part. The second reason is that nothing has appeared in the decoding process that in any way point to that. Just the one preponderance principle, where when one weight fall towards the center as it instantaneously forces 4 weights to raise and move towards the rim. (in a 8 weight config). I guess this is why Bssler with confidence could answer what he did when commenting on 1/4 4/1 weight/ratio etc.. Keep it up folks. If Bessler was a fraud he would never go to such extreme lengths to incorpoate the hidden information.

  4. "My frequent conversations with strangers..."

    John, in your whole life have you ever met a skilled craftsman that could
    consturct, from scratch, an all mechanical keyboard control system
    for an organ, or keep the bellows pumping lots of air WITHOUT electricity?
    Could they construct precision wooden gears for a all wood clock?.
    Could they build a comercial size (large) wind or water wheel mill (for making flour)?

    And if you did meet him, did he sit in a dark room every night with just one
    candle for this whole house....just thinking...every night...for decades...
    with no distractions like TV/radio/internet.

    And did that person that you met have a really REALLY old fashion
    religous background such that there was quite likely a LOT of
    praying going on...about very real problems and EXPECTING to get
    understanding and inspiration...directly from GOD himself?
    AND that approach was working working well enought for him that it
    was likely the best source of motivation a person like him could have.

    And did that stranger you met NEVER EVER have a highly educated and
    well respected person tell him that perpetual motion violated the "laws of physics"
    and was impossible?

    Bessler had the right SKILLS at the right TIME .

    A combination that seems not to be happening today.

    1. Didn't Bessler say the idea came to him in a dream? Before the dream, nothing worked. Sounds more like he had the right dream at the right time.

    2. You certainly make a good point Bill. I agree Bessler's life was probably best suited to solve this puzzle but I still believe that if he did it, so can we. I'm glad you reminded me of his interest in organs because, as I mentioned in my book, they were possibly among the most complex machines of his time, along with clocks - and he was able to make them too.


    3. @Zoelra,
      the dream idea is not a crazy as it sounds, if you remember, a little while back, I mentioned a man called Ramon Llull.
      Well, because in his day there wasn't much in the way of access to information, not even many books, he developed a memory system to enable himself to store knowledge.
      To retrieve the information, he would enter a dreamlike trance, brought on by softly singing to himself.
      Hence the terms to lull off to sleep, and lullaby !
      I don't know if Bessler was privvy to this system, but Leibnitz was a follower of Lull.

      Just another piece of useless information. :-D


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