Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Look Before You Leap!

It's been a while since I mentioned this subject and I wonder how, or if, people's thoughts have changed.  I know from discussions I have had, that everyone taking part in this field of research, i.e. trying to discover how Bessler made his wheel work and then produce one too, has considered what they would do in the event of success.  What would you do if you succeeded?

There are a number of options and mine are simple but there are still snags and pitfalls along the way for the unwary. I think most people are aware that I wouldn't patent the device, for several reasons that I have discussed elsewhere, and don't wish to rehash here again.  I have the option of publishing my book, and there are other potential income sources so for me the way is clear, and yet there are still things to plan for in the event of success.

Picture the scene - you have just finished the first successful continuously spinning gravity driven wheel for 300 years! Do you rush out and broadcast the news?  (I'm assuming there are no thoughts of patents here.)
Publishing your success should be reserved for later because you don't know who might be planning to copy your device or steal it.  Is that paranoia or just common sense?  There are many desperate people who would love to own your invention so the first thing you should do is photograph it, video it, describe it in writing with drawings - and above all dismantle it, hide it and then arrange to have those backups legally registered with the appropriate persons or systems as applicable. This, so that you have a legal document setting the date of register in stone and thus proving your priority if necessary.  This registering can be achieved without revealing the contents of the package - and it costs a minuscule fraction of the patenting process in both time and money.

Some may say that it doesn't matter how much patenting will cost, as all costs will be repaid a thousand-fold eventually, but I say it does matter and the whole patenting process is fraught with expense, and delay and questions and also the distinct possibility of it being  grabbed by the government and taken out of your hands altogether.

So when do you tell the world about your discovery?  Not until you are ready.  I don't have all the answers but restraining your enthusiasm to spill the beans before you have everything settled, and are confident that you will get some remuneration for all your work seems like a sensible precaution.  If you know of someone who is a creditable scientist, teacher or some other respected member of the community and whom you trust to vet the written description and video evidence before you submit it to the world, that could be useful backup too..  Of course it might be difficult to find someone who will not object to subsequent press harassment.

Many of us sometimes believe we are almost there and have the complete design in our heads and we succumb to the temptation to publicise our conviction that we have the solution ( been there. done that!) but advertising that the wheel is almost complete is like saying that someone is almost pregnant; it is either complete and it works or it doesn't.

Suppose that you broadcast your good news immediately you have success, hold a press conference and tell the world; what do you think will happen?  They will want pictures of the device; videos; detailed descriptions of how it works.  Without these they will simply bring in 'expert's to discuss your ideas and shoot them down and unless you are prepared to reveal everything about the wheel it would be best to remain silent until you are ready.

One more thing - I personally would be unwilling to expose my new baby in its present state - rough and ready is the best I could say of it.  I would make a new version of it in a much more presentable image with nice colours and shiny metal; the original can be kept back for future nostalgic consideration..

Anyone who writes regularly on the besslerwheel forum or has a blog, must continue to post their thoughts , even if they have found the solution, otherwise they might be suspected of hiding the fact that they were just biding their time before revealing their success!  I haven't found it yet - honestly!

Ah well - its good to dream!!  Good luck.




  1. Just letting everyone know that I am still reading this blog . As far as building anything I have given up , meaning I had a design in mind after much thought but I never actually built it and it didn't seem as though I ever was so I closed up shop and walked away quietly . I am now in a position of hopeful abandon . I hope that some day someone will figure out what it was that Bessler built ... and as far as my own efforts and thoughts on the matter I'd like to believe that I actually may have scratched the surface . It seems to me the biggest clue of all was the idea that the wheel was somehow being driven by an ever so slight ( unze ) imbalance on the ascending side . To figure the clues out we must know what Bessler meant by "here" or "there" . We must know the reason that the "hobbler" will criticize the art or be displeased by it's simplicity . As for my last design : I still have an animation of it . It involves five curved surfaces , six weights , two crossbars ( each one independent of the other ) some hinges made of cord , a steel axle and a slight push .
    I'd say cheers but haven't drank since the year 2000 . Good luck fellows .

  2. Ahhhh. The fantasies of the revelation are the hallmark of the unsuccessful (I know, because I'm one of them). For me: I would need to be sure that I understand what is going on sufficiently to be able to reproduce it and defend the principle publicly. A nice noisy press conference would be the minimum, try to get TV etc. to attend. After that, all the self-proclaimed pompous specialists will explain why it is so obvious and no special achievement, etc. blah blah. It would develop its own dynamics and I would have the satisfaction of having kicked it into life... Of course, the sad variety would be that nobody cares and goes back to business as usual - a definite possibility that the followers of such blogs and forums as this would be needed for backup of the cause. If you get there first John, you have my backing, anyway!

  3. Thanks Mimi. I look forward to someone - anyone - getting there soon..

    I have a feeling you might be right about all the "self-proclaimed pompous specialists explaining why it is so obvious and no special achievement". but perhaps I'm being too cynical?


  4. I saw your old Youtube video, so I know you know how to make one. Forget press conferences.

    I am reminded of when Pons & Fleischmann announced their cold fusion research in 1989. No Youtube back then. It seemed almost every college chemistry lab in the world had professors + students trying to replicate their experiments. Exciting times.

    Make your video(s) long enough AND detailed enough that anyone with a garage+tools could think they could duplicate it. The video could also direct people to your website for even more detailed information, pictures, plans, etc.

    For inspiration, I have seen some good videos on constructing homemade windmills (using magnets to generate electricity, etc...but your device just needs to rotate; not generate).

    Don't worry so much about making it LOOK powerful, solidly constructed, pretty. In fact, that be a bad thing that would discourage some people who might think that their skills and available materials are not sufficient.

    In short, go viral.

    1. if you look for recent event on cold fusion, you shoul know it is becoming industrial and publi...
      A swedish electric research consortium have tested cold fusion reactor and confirmed it worked, and printed it in their corpoprate magazine

      for more details you can read my executive summary

      and that article on scientific evidences

      about replicating, it is very hard job, and it was part of the problem to be recognized, because best electrochemist took one year to replicate it... moreoever at the beginning there was many ignored requirements...

      today ENEA, SRI and NRL replicates ech others and for PdD start to understand many details.

      for NiH it is mostly trade secrets, except for Celani work.

  5. Hi John,
    I agree with Bill. Publish everything you have - anywhere you can. Vids & forum posts are dated - proving precedence. If it works - and you sit on some of the details, you'd be target #1... It'd probably be best to get all the details out - so no one else can claim it - and there's no motive to kill you. :)

    So, my vote would be for: making a detailed video, and posting new threads on every OU-type forum you can be bothered with. Maybe then call the TV companies - but they can't be trusted...

    I personally believe that it's more than ok to give things away for free - I understand that Jesus actually advocated a Gift Economy. Not that you'd hear that from the church...


  6. OK John, time for your next blog post? You know, the one where you state the MT drawings that gave you the clues. ;)

  7. I'll get around to it soon, jso, and you may be surprised but I hope not disappointed!


  8. Haha... John... I loverd the sentence "almost pregnant". That's all about the Bessler Wheel in it current state. isn't it?
    We are "almost there".. everyone of us... but we keep on trying... and because of that... one will be successful one day... because Bessler was...and the time is ripe for this idea.

    Actually I do not agree in hidng a functional device. If the "big boys" want to nab it... it has to be known to everyone. There are so many examples for people being successful in making overunity devices (Stan Mayer, Haskell Karl... you name them...) that have been kicked into the butt, got their devices stolen and even died for their idea. Even Bessler made the mistake to sacrifice his idea to his wish of getting profit (although he wanted to do something very social and revolutionary for the time he lived in). He destroyed it, the moment he could have got famous... S'Gravesande was convinced, that the machine was functional (I read his comment on that). He was sent there from the London Society where Newton was waiting to hear the good news... and what did he? Destroyed it. Just imagine how energy would have been treated up to now, if we had known how to harvest gravity since 300 years!!!!

    So all you Bessler Wheel re-inventors... stop solemnly thinking about your own benefit. IF you've got the solution. Make sure the idea will spread. But do it wisely... anonymously... so no one could trace you... and you will be able to survive your invention.

    Luckily no one yet had the challenge of bringing your blog chapter into action.

    But if there is one. Let us know. We will all be with you...


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