Sunday, 4 May 2014

My latest Poem and a small but Important Update

This is a  poem I wrote a few days ago while waiting for my wife and grandaughter who were trying on dresses and took a little longer than expected.

It's not good poetry but I like it!

Johann Bessler

Three hundred years ago, he saw
the conservation of energy law,
which had previously prevented
every thing that he'd invented,
such as wheels that turned forever
driven just by weight and lever,
finally be circumvented.

The so-called experts who declared
that such devices are absurd,
proscribed their source as gravitation,
nor anything else in isolation,
and deny perpetual motion
could still be a valid notion.
But given the ubiquity
of the earth's force, gravity,
how blind they are to evidence
that Bessler's wheel was common sense.

Gravity is not exclusive
permeating and diffusive,
it affects all in its compass,
supplying weight and moving mass;
with the right configuration
it supplies from gravitation
wheels which turn continuously,
simply driven by gravity.

Those scientists who vent their spleen,
who criticise us and demean
our strong belief that such machines
do not turn in isolation
but draw their strength from gravitation..........

The time is drawing closer when I shall reveal my wheel.......or give up and share everything I know - or think I know!.  I am about as confident of success as I have ever been, and I hope to make an announcement on June 6th (seems like a good date for such an announcement) but until then I cannot find a lot to talk about, so just watch this space until then.



  1. Great John, you really missed your vocation.

  2. Why thank you Trevor, I'm blushing!!

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  4. I think the orffyrean technology is way too advanced for this civilization as they are still using internal combustion engines .

  5. I sincerely hope and wish, that you hit JACKPOT, and simultaneously put out of misery all mobile seekers... including me. Good luck John.

  6. Thank you Vincent, I hope so too!


  7. hello,
             I am stop working on my ldea till 6th of june.
             Best of luck john..........

      Waiting your wheel's positive update.

                    "Thank you vary much"

  8. Somehow, i have bin thinking about TG, and his project.....did he adjured ? Let's hope, John's endurance, finally pay's off.

  9. This is not fair... I wanted to present my wheel on the same day....
    haha... just kidding. According to statement... is that your last try then?
    I hope not...
    kind regards from Germany..

    1. I hope it will be my last try Seb, but you never know when another revelation might hit you and you have to test it!

      I'm very optimistic about this wheel, but I don't know for sure if I'll finish it before 6th June because I'll be away for two weeks before then, but I'm going to try. I guess it doesn't really matter if I'm out by a few days but it would be cool to do it on that day.


  10. I presume you mean that you will find out on D-Day whether it works or not.

    As a matter of interest do you think RAR is ahead of us with a working device?

  11. Hi Frank,

    I will find out before then if possible but it's looking difficult to make the date. Mother-in-law in hospital and I going away for a couple of weeks so D day may be later in June.

    I'm confused about RAR. It doesn't look feasible to me and yet so much time and money has been spent it must surely have been proved?


  12. I believe they have proved it and that the latest developments reported from Brazil by poa_engineer are a simplification of the system.

    We shall see - I was going to say, soon enough, but at the rate they have progressed so far I think we may have to wait sometime yet.

    From a selfish point of view I hope they haven't succeeded since I believe that I have :-) as you will see from my blog. However, knowing how cautious you are not to be influenced by other ideas perhaps you had better put off reading it till after you settle your device one way or the other.

    I sincerely hope your build works since you're the person who has done the most to get this show on the road and no doubt influenced RAR as well since it's known they contacted the forum on more than one occasion.

    If your device should not perform as expected then I'd very much value any comments you have to make on my Gravity Pulse Motor proposal.

  13. ...and God shall make your soul of glass, were countless thousand eons pass, and you shall see the spinning worlds as men see dew upon the grass....

    your is better than mine methinks.

  14. A Solicitor walks into an off-license...

    1. McGough (Solicitor): I'm sorry. I'm afraid I've caught poetry.

      Mr. Bones (Off-license proprietor): Oh really? Well, don't worry, sir - I used to suffer from short stories.

      McGough: Really? When?

      Mr. Bones: Oh, once upon a time.

    2. Hahaha!!! Very good Mark ;-)


  15. When I was on the BW forum a few years ago, before I was banned from the forum , every few days on the private forum someone had a working wheel , at this stage there must be thousands of working bessler wheels in the world. Nearly everyone has a working bessler wheel , except for me cause I do not understand how it works.

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