Saturday, 12 March 2016

Update - personal and impersonal

Had my hernia op last Saturday and I was released to go home the same day.  No heavy lifting for six weeks!  Funniest piece of advice I received was don't sign any legal document during the first 48 hours.  Apparently one's judgement can be seriously affected.  I had a slightly iffy reaction to either the anaesthetic or the morphine and kept having to be told to breathe!  Body temperature went down  34 degrees C, which is equivalent to 93.2 F.  Brought me this thing called a bear hug - brilliant!  Soon brought my temperature up to normal.

We will move out of this house in about two weeks and stay with my daughter until our new house is ready.  It's not really new, but we are getting an old one renovated and then things can return to normal, but until then no wheel work can be attempted, because I aint got anywhere to do it! Verification has turned into a collaboration for now, so I guess some will say it's failed but hang in there for bit longer, and all will be revealed.

I read many theories, mostly old ones rehashed on BW forum, and some which I know are so wrong, and yet you have admire people who keep on trying to get the answer.  Pet theories abound, and that name explains it all, "pet" theories - someone's favourite explanation, to many of us, seems completely bananas.

My own theories seem to me to be the epitome of logic and common sense, but they can't be if they don't work.  Doubtless if my work is not verified soon, once it's published there will be some who will dismiss it without the slightest consideration - but one thing I am confident about is this; when the work I've done on deciphering a large number of clues is published, it will provoke much discussion and I think that someone will take my work forward and succeed.

Once we are out of here and settled with my daughter I will try to entertain with more interesting topics for this blog, but until then there is so much to do, it leaves little time for writing.

My account of the clues I have discovered and solved is comng along and I cannot wait to share the amazing work that Bessler did in revealing so much information right there, under our eyes, without anyone suspecting that there was anything to see.  I guarantee you will be amazed.



  1. Glad to read you are continuing to recover from your surgery, John. To tell you the truth, I was a bit worried because surgery tends to become more problematic with advancing age and one hears of cases of a person who went in for some optional "minor procedure" that then wound up spending a night or two in the hospital morgue before the undertaker came to retrieve his corpse. I think that surgery should be one's absolute last option and only if not getting it is more risky to one's survival than getting it. Obviously, if you had a hernia you must have been experiencing considerable discomfort to risk the surgery. I hope it all works out well and that you will continue to promote the reality of Bessler's achievements for decades to come. And, of course, I wish that for myself and all serious students of the man and his inventions.

    Well, it sounds like you are continuing to receive some negative criticism concerning the design your particular Bessler clues have led you to. I can not really comment on any of it until I see what you've got. I assume by now that someone did a sim for the design and it proved to be a non-runner. Well, I would not worry to much about that because it's always possible that, as the motto under the second portrait informs us, a slight change might make a world of difference in its performance. As always, I look eagerly forward to seeing whatever information you can divulge.

    Update: I have completed some more illustrations for my planned book on Bessler's wheels, but have still not completed the critical testing of those two wm2d model wheels I mentioned in the last blog. I always seem to come up with an excuse not to test them so that I can finally know whether or not to continue with additional illustrations for the book. Well, I will eventually have to conduct the tests because I'm reaching the point where I can make no further illustrations unless I know that those two models are "it". I should know in another day or two. So far, every single clue I've found in the two DT portraits points to them being "it"...but, I've been wrong before. I'm more than ready for a success this time. Now I know exactly how Bessler felt around the end of the year 1711!

  2. ...only days away now...

  3. Yes John,
    my pet theory needs a veterinarian at the moment!
    All the components worked perfectly, individually, the heavy weight tensioned the spring, the catch worked fine, the weighted arm lifted just right, but put them all together, nothing. When it came to the time for the counter-balance to turn the beam to set things off, it didn't work.
    Ah well! at least I have a good base to start on my next idea, I'm thinking of using a different type weight that's easier to move than a simple arm.

    1. It's amazing when you consider it, we never, ever run out of ideas, do we? How many variations are there, of ways to make a wheel that doesn't move! Just kidding, I'm in the same boat Stevo, my design should work but so far nada.


    2. @STEVO: Sounds like your design became the victim of excessive centrifugal force which for those chasing imbalanced pm designs always seems to work to sabotage their expected functioning. One way to neutralize cf is through careful counter balancing. But, the problem with that is that it complicates one's design.

      @John: Sounds like you are confirming my earlier suspicion that the sims being made for your design are non-runners. Time to do some major tweaking which is something we pm chasers spend much time doing.

      Update: Did about another ten illustrations for my proposed ultimate Bessler book this morning. The graphics are top notch. I have the double page illustrations ready for all five coordinating rope layers within the levers and need only fill them in with ropes of the correct lengths, both tight and active and loose and inactive, between the correct attachment points on the levers and the drum. But, now I've hit a road block. I can not complete these illustrations until I am 100% sure that the rope connections used in my wm2d models for Bessler's 3 foot diameter wheel are correct and that the models are, in fact, runners. Once that detail is out of the way, completing all of the remaining illustrations for the book should proceed quickly. But, I'm still dragging my feet and finding excuses not to complete the final confirmation testing of my two models. Procrastination is one way of delaying yet another disappointing failure. Well, hopefully, the spirit will move me tonight and I'll be able to announce the test results tomorrow no matter what they are.

    3. Curses! I just discovered that I screwed up the last ten illustrations I did for my proposed book. I used an earlier lever in them and not the latest one suggested by recent DT clue interpretations. Now I've got to redo all ten illustrations by carefully editing the levers in them. A lot of work and it will delay my critical testing of the "it" designs by another few days.

  4. I am also 100% agree in that "... amazing work that Bessler did in revealing so much information right there, under our eyes, without anyone suspecting that there was anything to see. I guarantee you will be amazed." :)

    John, have you made at least some very simple real world tests to support your theory at all, or is it all just theory at the moment? Or maybe it`s based to some findings/tests that are also visible in YouTube, but They are using "it" for another purpose!?


  5. Update: I've finally come down to four possible "it" models and managed to fully test two of them earlier this morning. Results? Two more "keels" for my collection. I still have, however, two remaining models which I think are the best of the best and will test them tomorrow.

    Meanwhile, this highly intelligent pm chaser has managed to get his wheel up and running now while all we are doing is babbling about what we intend to do...someday, that is.


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