Saturday, 4 July 2020

Bessler’s Perpetual Motion Machine’s External Energy Source.

When Johann Bessler finally constructed a working perpetual motion machine he was hesitant about labelling it as such.  He stated that the weights within the machine were the actual perpetual motion device, which at first sight looks unlikely, or perhaps there is ap paucity of information.  But he knew from more than ten years of trying to build the machine, that it was the heaviness of the weights which provided the energy to turn the wheel. I should add at this point, everything Bessler wrote was important even if it looked like a throw away comment.  There are always extra meanings to be found within his comments.

The word ‘heaviness’ has the same meaning as ‘ponderance’, a word often used by Bessler - and Sir Isaac Newton used the word ‘gravity’ which translates literally from the Latin, in which he wrote, to ‘weight‘ ‘heaviness’ and ‘ponderance’.  Given that perpetual motion was defined in those days, and still is today, as being an isolated system, having no access to any external energy source, one can understand Bessler’s reluctance to describe his machine as a perpetual motion device.  He wrote that ‘heaviness’ surrounded his world and permeated everything in it and therefore could not be excluded from both within and without his machine, in which case either it wasn’t a true perpetual motion machine, or the definition was wrong to exclude all external energy sources.

But he had little choice if he wished to gain the attention of the rich to whom he wished to sell his wheel. He called it a perpetual motion machine but explained why it might not be correct to label it thus.  He said that no device could ever be perpetually in motion because of wear and tear, or accidental breakdown.  He often referred to it as the ‘so-called perpetual motion’.  He was a clever man who had a good understanding of his machine and how and why it worked.

Given Bessler’s understanding of his machine and the definition of perpetual motion, it’s amazing that numerous examples describing perpetual motion exist on the internet, thus,

 Perpetual motion is the motion of bodies that continues forever. A perpetual motion machine is a hypothetical machine that can do work infinitely without an energy source. This kind of machine is impossible, as it would violate the first or second law of thermodynamics.”

So, they all state the obvious, that without an energy source such machines are impossible. They ignore Bessler’s strong claim that gravity - an external source - supplied the energy.  Countless times I’ve been made aware that gravity is not an energy source, and I accept it as a fact, but - and I’m going out on a limb here - Bessler attributed his energy source to the weights, the weights fell and through some ingenious mechanism, caused the wheel to rotate. Gravity made the weights fall.  So  gravity did work, and how much work it did can be calculated through a simple formula. So regardless of the fact that gravity is a conservative force, it did do work.  Gravity is described as a force.  Force is defined as the capability to do work.

The only possible reason for not accepting that gravity can be a source of free energy, is the fact that no one ever invented a way to return the fallen weights back to their pre-fall position....until Bessler did.  It was never impossible, just that no one knew how to do it.



  1. Scientists; they are a joke! Isn't that a little bit like saying, that a windmill won't run in outer space? And, we can prove it! I'm sorry, I hate them--------------Sam

    1. Dear Sir John.

      Bessler had a problem defining an unknown phenomenon because he knew it was an external source that provided energy, he knew it existed, but it was scientifically unexplored and he couldn't name it, so he hesitated to label it as such.
      For all your years you feel that the source has more than 1 - right?
      Because I am a being with feelings and reason, I come from the universe and have all the qualities of a conscious man who sometimes acts unconsciously. Sometimes something can seem like an advantage like education and sometimes it becomes a curse because you can't move forward.
      However, I do not feel that the source has more than 1; I feel that zero does not exist.

      Best regards.

    2. Doesn't any one get what I mean? For years they said perpetual motion can't work by using gravity. Now the SOBs are saying you can't even use an energy source to get it to work. Of coarse a gravity wheel won't work without an energy source!!
      No machine can---------------------------Sam

  2. I agree that the conclusion from observation and study of the Bessler-case. This is the preliminary conclusion we should draw and work on. Repeating some natural science opinion and law and conclusion will not bring us closer. I especially liked this quote: Until Bessler..It was never impossible, just that no one knew how to do it. If you base a law on "Not knowing how to do it" can't use that law as an argument against knowing how to do it.. Then again..laws can have exceptions.. Many natural laws have exceptions.. just that the expressions are often minusculed.. Best ØR

  3. Thanks for your comments guys. Sorry for the delay in responding. I’m going to put up the blog about a Bessler’s wheel again, but still allowing comments. I’m finding it difficult at the moment to give time to the blog so I’ll drop in as and when I can, to respond to those I think need a reply. I’m committed to finishing my reconstruction of Bessler’s wheel by September and I simply cannot risk not doing it by then and there are several calls on my time before then, so I need to concentrate on that. Please keep dropping in, because when I’ve finished it, it will be posted here first of all - I hope it will be worth it in the end.


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