Friday, 28 May 2021

Some Time for Me to Think and Write and Plan.

My apologies to my many readers over the lack of comments usually available on this blog.  I’ve decided to remove the comments facility for two reasons.  Firstly I’m in the middle of moving house, currently staying with one of my daughters who lives nearby while we search for our next house.  My time is limited for writing blogs and responding to comments and as I have no workshop I’m unable to continue working on my own wheel project.  I have a plan, a design, a concept - call it what you will - but lack of facilities and space prevents me working on it.  I can’t wait to get back to work and hopefully finish it, but I’m really too busy just now.

The other reason for stopping the comments feature is due to a number of comments berating me for my stance on a book published several months ago.  I find the speculation about Bessler described in the book, marginally offensive because of a large number inaccuracies presented as facts, but mainly worrying as the author purports to have found a number of clues for which their existence is visible almost exclusively to himself.  He then interprets these ‘clues’ and produces a design which he claims is the solution to Bessler’s wheel.  This ‘solution’ bears no resemblance to the little we know about Bessler’s wheel, being anything but the simple design described by the only other person to view the interior.  This is not just my opinion, but common to most people who’ve read the book. I fear that such claims may dissuade others from attempting to solve this age-old problem, believing mistakenly that the solution has been found - it hasn’t.  I have been receiving a lot of emails requesting me to publish corrections to the claims made in the book. 

But this is not something I have the time nor inclination to do. But I am taking this opportunity to continue  to complete my book which details all the real clues I have found and how they relate to Bessler’s wheel.  These clues are simple and obvious once they are pointed out.  Once my book becomes available it will become clear that these clues totally negate those described by the other author.

Once I have found our new house and have settled, the blog will return complete with the comments feature switched on.  I hope to publish some of the clues I have found which will hopefully set the record straight and provide legitimate details of Bessler’s hints and clues, where they are and what they mean.


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