Monday, 20 September 2021

Bessler’s Wheel 2022. That’s My Prediction!

At some point in the (hopefully) not too distant future the solution to Bessler’s wheel will be found and I anticipate (imagine) that it will be broadcast far and wide with no legal restrictions imposed by the discoverer!  

My apologies for what follows but I’ve never been adverse to being called  a ‘verser’!

But each one I write seems to get a little ‘worser’!

Perpetual motion?  It’s a lie

That’s what they taught us, so don’t  try

To understand, how Bessler found 

A way to make his wheels spin round.

But if that’s true then he’s a fraud,

The evidence we have is flawed,

But there are things that don’t add up

Things which tell us, don’t give up.

The evidence is very strong

Bessler’s claims cannot be wrong.

It’s just because we do not know

Exactly how he made it go.

They still say its impossible

To make a wheel unstoppable

But Bessler did and so can we

It might be you, or maybe me?



  1. Replies
    1. Clearly you’re a man of exceptional taste! 😆

  2. Hehe, you're poet
    John and we all know it
    This is not the first verse
    and it's no worse
    than the one you gave before

    Our search aptly described, along with a good prediction :)


  3. "Bessler’s Wheel 2022. That’s My Prediction!"

    We've seen that same prediction from John for each coming year since this blog started. No doubt we'll see it again and again and again until the year it ends. What we need are more clues...not poems! Although to be fair his poem is nice.

    1. I agree, I do predict success each year, but I genuinely believe it at the time. I think it will happen next year, for several reasons. I will be posting more clues. Thank you for saying my poem is nice.


  4. That's good stuff, John Collins!! I love it--------------------------Sam

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Sam. You probably shouldn’t encourage me, I’ve written many poems! Lol


  5. People have asked for more clues, but if you put ‘Toys’ in the ‘search this blog’ box at the bottom of the panel on the right side of this blog, you will get many pages of clues as well as several discussing the ‘Toys’ page. Keep scrolling down the pages there are lots of clues discussed over the years.


  6. John, my Brother said that Your poem, describes the spirit of Bessler's wheel, in a most wonderful way----------------------Sam

  7. Don't be discouraged john! We all are here dreamers. Together, all we form a candle in the dark.

    It would be funny that before much hyped-up nuclear fusion, we had a wooden wheel which is the solution for clean energy. heh...

  8. "Ode to the Bessler PM wheel chaser"

    Roses are red, violets are blue.
    I had an idea for a wheel that'd never stop.
    I worked late every night on it 'til almost two.
    Trying to get its weight to rise over its top.

    But, this and that I tried never seemed to help.
    It had to be gravity only so no batteries allowed.
    Once in a while I'd smash my thumb and yelp.
    Many parts to use from earlier failures I borrowed.

    Ten years of cursing, sweat, and pain,
    All came down to a final test.
    How it worked was simple to explain.
    It was nearly ready and I'd done my best.

    Come midnight I finally released its brake.
    I dreamed of all the millions my wheel would soon earn!
    That weight that left twelve would surely more than a full turn make.
    A quarter, a half, three quarters it did turn!

    Then all went still as it reached the eleventh hour.
    Slowly my wheel's weight came back down to six.
    At six it stopped and there was no more power.
    What went wrong? What could I fix?

    After a failure like this it's time to ponder.
    Had I a mirage only been chasing for years?
    All such thoughts can make one wonder.
    Should I just quit or look for help from my peers?

    But they all have wheels of their own that will not move.
    They wish me well and I'm again on my own.
    I will continue to seek because I have something to prove.
    It was done once by Bessler and upon MY head I want to wear his crown!

    Anonymous and PROUD of it!

    1. Lol! That is exactly what happened with my last build!

    2. Well done AaPoi, and so true!



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