Tuesday 9 July 2024

Bessler’s Wheel is the answer to Global Warming.

We've all heard the term Carbon net zero, but what exactly does it mean? Put simply, net zero refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas i.e, Carbon Dioxide, that's produced and the amount that's removed from the atmosphere. It can be achieved through a combination of emission reduction and emission removal. This balance – or net zero – will happen when the amount of carbon we add to the atmosphere is no more than the amount removed.

Unfortunately the plans to achieve a balance between Carbon Dioxide removal versus its emission is already proving disastrously over-optimistic. The best guess was that a balance between the two could be won by the 2050s if we could cut emissions in half by 2030, but with China planning to build another 168 coal fired plants and the USA committing to a huge oil drilling project on pristine land in Alaska, the future looks grim.

These old methods of generating energy are expensive, wasteful, polluting and inefficient. In general the modern methods of generating energy are limited to nuclear power, which has its own concerns, windmills, solar energy and a number of small inefficient technologies; the solution to produce clean, free energy available anywhere in the world 24/7 is up for grabs. Without a radical shift away from fossil fuels in the next very few years we will continue to face increasingly serious effects of global warming.

Briefly we can expect record-shattering storms, catastrophic drought in places in Africa.  But by the 2030s, as temperatures rise, climate hazards are expected to increase all over the globe as different countries face more crippling heat waves, worsening coastal flooding and crop failures. At the same time, mosquitoes carrying diseases like malaria and dengue will spread into new areas.

So are there grounds for hope?  Most people dismiss the possibility that a Perpetual Motion machine could ever exist. I’m not referring to a device which is supposed to produce more energy than it consumes, an obvious impossibility. Nor am I suggesting that it is machine that moves, rotates or drives something while being isolated and with no access to an external energy source. I’m talking about a gravity-enabled machine that was able to rotate and move other devices through the effect of gravity on a number of weights on a wheel freely able to rotate. These were arranged so that the energy that they generated was used in a unique way, to provide more than was needed to keep itself rotating leading to acceleration up to a certain point and therefore other devices were also moving.

At first sight this seems as impossible to achieve, as are the items discussed in the above paragraph, but there are two excellent reasons for being optimistic. One reason is that someone has already built a working model, exhibited it and had it certified as genuine by a man of absolute integrity who was allowed to examine the internal workings.  The second reason is that the inventor wrote not less than three books extolling the virtues of his machine, and in order to protect his invention against theft and competing claims by other inventors, described the full details of his machine in his books, how it worked …. in a series of multiple clues, codes and ciphers. Through these cryptic notes, he explained, his work could finally be acknowledged and his rightful place in history be established, even after his death if necessary, for he declared, he would never just give away the secret of his machine without receiving a full and generous reward and acknowledgement as the true inventor of this remarkable machine.

As a matter of interest the difference between codes and ciphers is this. “ Codes substitute arbitrary symbols—typically, letters or numbers—for the components of the original message. Ciphers use algorithms to transform a message into an apparently random string of characters.” Both systems plus some others unique to the inventor were used.  Much work has already been done to extract the intended meaning from the secret writing and I think the solution is imminent, and better now than later. Why?

We are being bombarded with warnings of impending catastrophes mostly due to climate change. We need to do this and that - and stop doing that and this, to reduce the impact of global warming. It seems as though there is no attempt to look elsewhere for solutions other than the old school, tried and trusted laws of physics, which are pretty well established even though they are based on empirical evidence which in general, looks at what is and ignores what might be.

Astoundingly this machine was first exhibited in 1712! It was and is dismissed as fraud, a scam to get money for a fake invention. The inventor, Johann Bessler, spent his entire life trying to get someone to buy the secret of his machine, almost succeeding when Peter the Great, Czar of Russia, decided to purchase the device and was on his way to do so when his plans were interrupted by his sudden death en route.

I have spent most of my spare time over the last fifty or so years researching the life of Bessler and I have absolutely no doubt that his claim to have invented a gravity-enabled wheel was genuine.

All around the world people are studying his books all trying to decipher the codes and discover the secret of replicating his machine. The benefits of this machine today are incalculable.  As I mentioned previously, imagine a world where you could have free electricity from a simple inexpensive machine, day and night, anywhere the world, in both small units for each house, or huge ones to power whole cities.  It would be an example of low technology, being simple build and simple to maintain.

I have been trying to alert the world to this invention since 1996 and now it’s time for it to come to life again and take its place on the world stage and save this planet and all its inhabitant.  Close all fossil fuelled industries, remove their polluting technologies and replace them with Bessler’s Gravitywheel,  and maybe we have a chance to stop global warming.

All of the books in question are available with full English translations from the panel on the right and in the previous blog.  You can read some of the codes I have deciphered at www.theorffyreuscode.com. Other of my websites also contain deciphered information are linked at the same right hand panel.


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Bessler’s Wheel is the answer to Global Warming.

We've all heard the term Carbon net zero, but what exactly does it mean? Put simply, net zero refers to the balance between the amount o...