Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Bessler's wheel still stationary!

Well I said I'd report back, so here it is - unfortunately the latest design doesn't work. Despite this setback I remain confident because the information I have acquired from Bessler indicates that I'm on the right track. There are variables to this design and maybe others that I'm not aware of at this point so I need to go away and think about the alternatives. I'm unable to work on the reconstruction for now, anyway, as I have other plans for the next two weeks.

This news of my failure to finish with a working model will hearten many and disappoint others, but for me it is a case of keeping going. Because, as I have said before, I understand the concept which underlies the Bessler wheel and I have also managed to find some sketches of the actual mechanism, which will doubtless provoke a great deal of interest. It may be that I have misread the sketches and need to review them in a calmer state of mind.

The concept or principle upon which the Bessler wheel relies is simple and obvious once you know and, in response to more emails received, I can assure anyone reading this that there are no physical laws which will need revising to accomodate it. There is no doubt about this and I have no fears of anyone disagreeing with me once they understand the principle.

Of course there will be some who will say, 'share it - now!' But my mind is made up not to patent it (if I'm sufficiently lucky to succeed in this self-imposed task) and that could leave me potentially penniless for all my hard work, so once I give it away I have only the book to provide for me and my family. That's when I'll share everything.



  1. Hey John: Bessler asked for his wheel the sum of £20,000, a fortune in those days, equivalent to well over a million Pounds today; and if you're sufficiently lucky to succeed in your attempt to reconstruct Bessler's wheel, you'll just give it away! Nevertheless that it could leave you potentially penniless and you need to provide you and your family. Don't you think John, that this is also another thing you have to think about and need to review it in a calmer state of mind?

    Lucius Anneus

  2. This is a decision I've arrived at over a number of years Lucius, so although I aprreciate your point there are many associated rasons for coming to this decison. I will probably post something about it in due course.


  3. I'm surprised you see hunting the Bessler solution as work. I find such things as play. For that matter I would have gladly carried out my 40 year research career for free if I had private means since for me it was a hobby job.

    As for families, I was fortunate enough bring up my children (nine) at a time when Universities were free+ and now they are more than capable of providing for themselves and my 55 granchildren.

  4. John, Are you still working on it, no post in seveal months. I have my own version that looks just like the drawings. Sent you a photo but no reply. Would like to discuss.


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