Saturday, 10 October 2009

Final few days and the Virgin Challenge

After assembling and correcting various items on the reconstruction I am at last approaching completion. I just hope that my engineering skills, puny as they are, have accomplished the required quality of build which will allow the various bits to react as planned. My main fear is that if one or more of the mechanisms fails to operate, it will bring the wheel to a halt, or worse, stop the wheel from turning at all. I understand the basic principle behind the wheel's actions and the design fulfills the principle, but there are still one or two variables which may or may not affect the running of the wheel.

If this model fails it won't be because the design is wrong, it will be entirely due to my poor workmanship. This is going to be a hard thing to prove and if I can't build it myself then I am going to have to find someone to help me. I have already had several offers but I am going to await the results of the first test run which should happen in the next two or three days or so, before deciding on the best course of action.

What action that might be is open to question. I am still being urged to forward details of how the wheel works to an American professor who has been encouraging me for some years. I am willing to go that route provided there is some assurance that I won't be side-stepped and my ideas buried. I had thought of trying to get the Virgin Challenge interested but apparently they are after something far more exotic, i.e. "Does your technology sequester greenhouse gases from the atmosphere?"

It seems to me that they are reaching for something that will be beyond the power of human intervention for many years to come - on the other hand a device which generates electricity at no cost and completely cleanly is something to be greatly desired. I realize, of course why they will ignore me - until I produce the goods, gravitywheels fly in the face of science as we understand it - or so they believe.



  1. Well John, I have completed the design of my about 10th wheel and will comence machining of the components tomorrow.
    I build my wheels between jobs that I do for clients in my workshop.

    The main thing that I have been doing for the past about 7 years is designing, drawing and building wheels. Running the workshop on other jobs has just been to support my wheel building escapades and earn my bread and butter. This is the influence that you have had on my life.

    I expect this current build to take me a good few weeks to complete even though I will be using the existing wheel rims and spokes from my last design. I am a skilled machinist and my workmanship is top-notch. Perhaps I may be able to be of service to you in the future.

    I'll email you some pics of my wheel frame if you like. It's 1 meter in diameter. My last four wheels have all been rather large.

    I do hope that if you construct a working wheel before I do that you will not let it be stifled by license holding monopolies but, rather ensure that it goes out to all humanity. That way the atmosphere will clear up quicker and global warming will recede faster and the planet will be saved. You need not worry about wealth. You would be a humanitarian hero and have all you ever need. Health is the best form of wealth. And that is what we need, a healthy planet.

    God bless you and your efforts.

  2. Thanks for the offer and the kind words. Are you UK based? Email me.


  3. John you must be shakin' in your boots with exciement! Good luck.

  4. Quality work just takes can complete the task as required with good materials and a little planning. There are lots of machine shops out there that would provide individual pieces for you to assemble. By placing individual pieces in different fabrication venues no one would have all of the knowledge......that might be a way to improve quality and not disclose anything


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