Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Nothing else but a working model will do.

I've had to re-assess my plans following a lengthy email from the USA, and it's bad news guys - at least for me anyway. My American contact has decided that although he is curious to see what my paper says, he says he wouldn't be able to form an opinion on the theory detailed in it, without seeing it demonstrated at least in some small way, by means of a working model.

This, he says,is because, according to his current understanding, there is no place for such a machine within the laws of physics. So even though my paper describes how the machine can be explained within those same laws without any conflict, he has made his position clear and I have had to accept that only a working model will persuade him (and anyone else) otherwise.

It may be partly my fault that his thoughts have crystallised along this path, because I asked him what would be his next course of action should my paper convince him that I was right. He explained that even if he thought my theory had merit he would not be able to take any further steps unless I could provide some sort of physical evidence that my theory was based on experimental data rather than mental gymnastics ( my words, not his). Upon consideration I realise that this has been the case all along and I had allowed myself to be persuaded that he would be convinced by my theory and that that alone, would be enough to start the ball rolling (or the wheel spinning!).

I understand his point of view especially considering that he may be in touch with many people such as myself from around the world, all of whom are convinced that they know the secret of Bessler's wheel and are eager to share their thoughts with him. I, of all people, should have remembered that only a working model would ever convince anyone - I've given the same advice to other people often enough - so if I can't share my theory unless it's backed by some kind of mechanism that goes some way towards proving it, then so be it. I must get back into the workshop and try and try until I succeed - or not.

This raises some questions in my mind. My American friend signed an NDA and agreed not to discuss the paper with anyone else, so how could he have initiated some engineering work based on the paper without discussing the project with anyone else? I would have to obtain NDAs off each person involved in building my prototype. If I was able to follow that route and it was found to have worked; how does one proceed then? I don't know. I know that I have his support if I was in that circumstance and could supply him with what he needed, a working model, but I haven't, so there is only one course to follow - build it myself or publish everything and let everyone else build it. If I publish it how do I get some intellectual property protection; some return for my efforts? Patent? Too expensive; may be already covered by prior patent or easily circumvented; not sufficient world coverage (unless you're already a millionair); not acceptable as a gravity-driven device to be taken seriously by patent offices - etc, etc.

So whether it be pride, greed, paranoia or a fit of the sulks - call it what you will, there seems little point in sending my paper to my American contact nor publishing it yet.

Re-evaluating my intentions has been useful to me and I am going to take a little more of this precious time we have at our disposal to continue with my work and hope I can complete my self-imposed mission. Obviously there has to be a cut off point at which I will have to publish, but as I had thought that sharing my paper with my American friend was almost the ultimate path open to me if I didn't make the working model, I now find myself in the position of preferring to continue for a little longer before I give it all away. I have a cut-off point in mind and I will probably adhere to it, but I better not say what that is for fear of having to over-ride it - again!

I intend to remain quiet from now on about my future intentions at least, because I have put my foot in my mouth too many times already! I will keep those who are interested updated about my progress.



  1. John, you MUST release the beast, and you must do it ASAP.
    Just get a provisional (will take a couple of weeks to process) and will cost a few hundred dollars, go public and let us build it for you.
    So what if someone needs to license the design from you, you'll still get huge royalties.
    C'mon John, the time is up!

  2. I feel confident that if you release the information and someone builds a machine using that information the resulting spin offs of all kinds will be more than sufficient to provide for a prosperous retirement.

    If Jane Goodie could make a million just think what you would make.

  3. I wonder if there is anything in the DSM covering this desire for attention only.

  4. I agree, I think the time has come.. You should share the mechanism on BW.. If at least you want to share it personally, you still can reach me personally.. I am not one of the strong builder on BW, but at least I can help rendering the invention in wm2d and make a smooth animation out of it so that the working is easily understood ..

  5. DSM-IV Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

  6. Yes I worked that out anon. Not a helpful comment really and, on the surface, of malicious intent. And in fact I do seek attention but not for the reasons you imply, but to bring the attention of as many people as possible to the fact that Bessler found a way to use energy to drive a machine directly and continuously.

    I checked out the data on attention seeking as a mental disorder and I'm satisfied I am no worse than anyone else, but I did note that 'projection' is described as attributing one's own unacknowledged unacceptable/unwanted thoughts and emotions to another; includes severe prejudice and severe jealousy.


  7. Believing that others are jealous when they are not, is a problem.

  8. Ah, I see the trusty anons with superiority complexes are back as well, now that you decided to continue developing a working model. Don't worry John, throughout the ages mediocrity has always feared creativity and intellect - examples abound. Criticism is easy, cheap, and some people love to choke everything, good or bad. I say good luck and Godspeed on your work, but do consider going open-source with it. An invention of this magnitude will always provide for more than sufficient income.

  9. JC

    if it were written in the cards that you were to become rich and famous ,,, you would have been born a pimp .

  10. John. You do not want to build it becourse you affraid it wont work and your dreams collaps-

  11. JC, the anon above is just out to aggravate!

    I would ignore him completely if I were you.

  12. I believe that he has built his dream idea and the problem is, is that it doesn't work. Thus the excuse that it can't be built.
    BTW, the Yank wants to see a working model. What's the point in having someone critique the plans if you already have a working model in the first place.
    Just how dumb do you think we are???

  13. I wasn't going to rise to the bait, Anon 02.52, but to answer your question - in your case, pretty damned dumb. If you had bothered to do any research you would know that the 'yank' as you call him had offered to develop the device into a commercial product and cover all costs and, as he put it, 'globalise' any successful device. So when I, or whoever I find to help, makes the device work we go back to the 'yank'.


  14. J,C>
    I am rubber , you are glue.
    What you say bounces off of me and sticks to you.
    Looking to get the product commercially developed when you don't have something that even better than worthless, is putting the cart before the horse, sir.

  15. Give the guy a break. At least he's talking, while the rest of you are dopeing. Lust you've turned out to be quite a liar haven't you? What happened to the guy who thought he could build anything? What happened to your robotic sun following thingamashizzz?

  16. The f|_|ck are you talking about ANONYMOUS ?!
    Too scared to tell who you are!?

    At least I don't hide..

    Liar !? Why?! Where did I ever lie!!! LOLLLLL..

    Contrary to you, my precious anon, I have other goals in life than waste my time with stupid riddles and little probability of ever finding the perpetual motion.. Still searching it, when I have new ideas..

  17. Putting the cart before the horse. Now THAT is "damn dumb".

  18. Mr. Anonymous,

    If you don't have anything constructive or helpful to say on the matter then don't say anything.

    I presume that you don't have a model, working or otherwise, so leave the guy that appears to be coming up with the goods, and has spent a fair number of years actually doing something about it, to do his thing.

    I, for one, am 100% behind John's efforts. I believe that Bessler did it and have no reason to believe otherwise. I also have no reason to say anything against him or his work.

    It is up to Mr. Collins where he wants position cart and horse, he has free reign.

    Just my thoughts.


  19. JohnnyBGood

    Perhaps a name change to "lemming" is in order for you.

  20. Your wish is my command.


  21. C'mon John,

    Tell us more. What is the secret! Give my life some meaning!

  22. If you kindly bend over Dr. I'll give your life some meaning.

  23. What was it Karl said? "It is so simple even a carpenter's boy could make it."

    Why not just show us your idea of what the secret it, rather than this endless wild goose chase? How difficult can it possibly be to make the wheel, if Bessler made so many in his day, with no modern machinery, no CADCAM, nothing.

  24. I Think that it would work and has worked. 1972--1955 660 12 55 time travel is happening every day that we walk on this planet and feel the DNA of our ancestors. I do not need a perpetual motion machine I just want one that will lower my power bill. The work you have put in is awesome and I hope you figure it out.


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