Thursday, 11 November 2010

Update on wheel progress and decoding chapter 55

Just to update folks who are interested. After my last effort to persuade people that I knew the principle behind Bessler's wheel and the fiasco that resulted, I swore to myself that I would keep my mouth shut in future. The trouble with making such claims is that, understandably, people demand proof - and without a working model no such proof is available. Unfortunately I succumbed to the requests to share my ideas and in effect shot myself in the foot. However,  (didn't you just know that there would be a 'however'!) my recent experiments have revived my optimism that I shall succeed eventually and I simply have to share it (my optimism not the design!)  But don't worry , I shall keep my ideas to myself until such a time as I can reveal a working model. I won't even hint at my design so then I won't be tempted to share it until I can prove it.

So why am I bothering to say this? Well I have just been counting up how many emails I have received since my premature crowing, several months ago now, (just the ones which simply asking me how things are going) and I counted 67! This particular blog was prompted by getting five in one day earlier this week, so this is just to update those kind people who I consider my friends and who seem supportive of my attempts to publish what I know (or what I think know!).

As those who read this blog may remember, I am preparing to post some stuff about my attempts to decipher chapter 55 which I believe holds an encoded message. I was going to hold off until I had included everything about my work on this material, however recent posts on the besslerwheel forum about chapter 55 have encouragedd me to publish what I have done so far, in the next few hours. I'm sure I shall receive the usual dose of criticism mitigated by supportive emails, but if my efforts help someone else towards deciphering the code then it will have been worth it.

I hope that the web site at is not too long and the evidence not too badly argued. I have found it quite difficult to explain without getting into too much detail and yet not omitting important points.



  1. John, you mention a fiasco. What fiasco? I, for one, don't see it that way, to the contrary even. I think the "kiiking" principle is not just very useful but most likely one of the essential ingredients for a working -purely mechanical- wheel a la Bessler. The fact that you revealed that idea - and a great idea it is indeed - only proves that one should think out of the box, nevertheless using firmly established principles in physics.

    Progress is only achieved by doing possible and "impossible" things in new and unexpected ways. Don't forget that your publishing did initiate some interesting research by scientists - not only confirming the principle but also the likelihood of the necessity of solutions like this. I don't see a fiasco in any of this. Criticism is something you can always expect, and we've seen our share here. Even if you show the world a working model, like Bessler did several times, there always will be naysayers, criticizers and outright dogmatic idiots who simple cannot fathom the magnitude of the achievement. And even after it has been proven they will still scream fraud and bloody murder. Such is the world.

    I definitely think you are doing a wonderful job, and thereby a great service to humanity. The sooner the world has solutions for clean energy, the better it is. And you have contributed significantly to that, by research, by designing and speculating, and in several other useful ways. And that is something nobody can take away from you. Fiasco, what fiasco? A great job!

    And now I will read and no doubt enjoy your chapter 55 decoding efforts. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Andre, you're very kind. I read this yesterday and thought how apt it was. 'Every writer who expresses an opinion is accustomed to readers who strongly agree or disagree; it comes with the territory'. I should have it on the wall as a reminder!


  3. Yes John,...In the event that you are not the one to actually produce a working wheel,you are still responsible for coaching us toward that goal and as such you deserve all the credit.

  4. I like your statement Andre!
    And,again I agree with Andre about John.
    I hope that one of us will one day succeed.

  5. My updated website may not be updated! I've been using the same software for years (netobjects fusion 8 and 9) but suddenly it doesn't open so I can't even access the files or publish the web site. I can rewrite it using an earlier version of the software - its in pdf at the moment but it will still take some time, because I made some changes while working on the actual web site - unless I can fix the problem with my current software.

    So patience guys, I'm stuck in the mud for the moment.


  6. I know what you are going through.My computer also crashed.I had to get all the damaged sectors on my hard drive flagged,caused by the tripping of the power.I really think I must get a UPS. to protect my computer.

  7. John, now you have time to work on your wheel, and don't have to wast time on websites and books ...
    Show me a working wheel .... not going to happen because there always something holding you back isn't it .... hahaha
    Thagre Oehlarry

  8. I'm sure you find your comments overwhelmingly funny, but for me they just disappear into a Rather Gray Hole!


  9. Never mind, it won't be long now.

  10. Lol, it's been almost 300 years that people say that!

  11. LIB..let me say something..

    You are right..many have been saying such things since 300 years..but we are more modern now than before..there has got to be an end for everything..there is a time for everything...and that time is nearing..internet has made it possible to carry out quick research and checks..many designs have been tried out and now it is realized that there is one design that will work..we have more means at our disposal than before...more clues have been out now...there is a very strong indication now that we are much closer...bessler wheel cannot be achieved by every person...he has got to be destined for it..We need to find out who is that destined person..who is carrying those traits..

    I agree with Trevor...he is very much right in saying it won't be very long now..

  12. There are also more distractions today than 300 years hanging out on John's blog, posting useless rubbish about how close you are, etc....

  13. Unless someone has got something he is just not publicly declaring about imminent success..

    Unless he knows the actual bessler secret he simply wouldn't be announcing like this...The problem here is that not much can be revealed for fear of losing the secret... The core idea is really too simple and if a little is revealed then the entire concept can get leaked..This is the fear that haunted bessler.. I can say here that the unique lever-weight design and its artful arrangement internally is all there is to it..this has got to be realized mentally first before practically going about it..The gravity will take care of the rest..

    Today we have the bessler secret with of us is so close and there is no doubt about is only a matter of time before the wheel rolls out before our eyes..
    You are right about distractions...many a times we are misled..And many a times we also don't comprehend too what is being discussed in this blog..

  14. Thats correct! There are many free loaders out there that will take your idea and make it their own.It's a problem bigger than the wheel itself.

  15. Trevor, are you using a type of flail device.

    Had great results testing a pendulum verses a device which could be called a flail, with a weight at its end.
    The flail device is easier to get back to 12.
    It's not affected by CF as much as a pendulum.
    Perhaps this is what figure A, on the toys page is, a type of chain linkage the flail device could use.


  16. The flail is the pendulum that oscilates back and forwth from the hub to the perimeter forming an S curve path,if you add the opposing pendulums together.
    The caracteristic of the flail is such that as it travels toward the perimeter,the gravitational CF doubles if it is advancing with the wheel,but on the return the CF becomes zero.

  17. Correct the typo to... characteristic

  18. Trevor
    had performed the test with opposing flail devices.
    The test was to see if the flail device was powerful enough to overcome the highest resistance point needed of a spring.
    The test was successful, once the remaining parts of the mechanism are made, the wheel should definitely run.

    The flail acts a little like the joints of a leg (wheel with legs), so when it swings down in the same direction as the wheel, the joints of the flail lock (knees), which triggers the spring device in my system.
    the joints or bushes don't lock in the opposite direction, which allows it to wrap around the hub on the way up.
    The wheel in my design only uses the central hub for its connections, no outer rim needed, except for a cover to keep the dirt out.
    the only devices coming out from the central hub are the weighted flail legs.


  19. >> there is a very strong indication now that we
    >> are much closer

    Why are we much closer!? I don't see how you can be between having it and not having it ..

    For example, I would assume you think you have 90% of the work done.

    Where I say, you have nothing, it means exactly that, you have nothing or you have it all, there is not in between ..

    Don't think we are smarter than those people from 1700s. Our society is fucking dumb, all those gadgets and the lack of needs made people retarded..

  20. You are right LIB..There are no original thinkers these days...there are no original or fundamental inventions either...but we can't rule this out outrightly..their could still be a few newton like ones out there..
    And, to work out a bessler wheel one need not be such a great odd person with different thinking is all that is needed..see bessler too was a very simple man..but an odd one..

    The wheel design is very simple yet not attainable that easily...why so?? Maybe, god's blessings are reqd..or the person has to be the chosen one...I am not sure here but there is something that is holding this invention..

    The core design we can say is such that once realized it can be concluded that such a person is almost sure or very close to the secret because rest of the mechanism is either just a cover or support to the core design..

  21. Just remember Spinner,that the only useful force the wheel creates that does not rob from its revolutions workwise,is the CF force.
    All it will do is slow the wheel slightly,which would not happen if there is another set of weights working to compliment them at 90 degrees,but in anycase the return stroke takes care of that.
    This site is about progress and persiverance, all because we know and believe that Perpetual Motion was definitely accomplished in the past.
    That is why we have to press on no matter who may mock.
    We will have the last laugh.

  22. Trevor, unsure how it works,

    I learn from observing, when performing tests.
    The test on the spring device, was to check if the flail had enough force to overcome its highest, needed tension.
    the other test was to check if the spring unit could rotate the wheel, placing weight on one side of the rim, used as resistance for the test.
    Once both units are combined the wheel should rotate, plus have power when many units are placed in the wheel.
    The device does apply its weight at right angles to the axis, as bessler stated.
    parts of the mechanism that performs this, could be called the clubs and columns.


  23. We're getting close,it's only a matter of time.
    After 300 years I'm sure another few weeks or months should not make a differance.

  24. I'm sorry if my eternal optimism tends to get peoples back up, but could it be that there is faintest possibility that the builds are finally honing in on the ultimate solution.
    Surely this could only serve to spurr the enthusiasm of the followers.

  25. Trevor - I share your optimism. Don't worry about nincompoop naysayers.
    There is a way to solve this, and I may just beat you to it!

  26. If that is a challenge,...Youre on!

  27. Lol.. I propose a challenge, stop saying you have it each and every time you post!

  28. I propose you a challenge,...How about you show us what effort you are making towards positive progress.


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