Sunday, 21 November 2010

Apologia Poetica, Chapter 55. Beginning to decipher the code?

As promised, I have published my ongoing research into deciphering the code in chapter 55 and nyou can read it at I haven't actually deciphered anything yet although I feel I have made some small progress in untangling the clues. I confess I've reached a dead end at the moment and although I do have some other ideas to explore there is nothing sufficiently convincing for me to think it worth sharing.

Even if the web site inspires someone to have a go at following my lead and succeeds where I have failed, then it has to be worth it.

Good luck!



  1. To all those wheelwhrights who are fervantly try to bring about a wheel solution,however humble your eforts,I wish the very best.

  2. A very interesting read indeed, John. I read it yesterday evening and today again. I will require a lot of study, that's for sure. What I did notice, at the very end, there are some interesting things going on as well. Not only does Bessler includes some Latin phrases here, twice pointed to by NB (nota bene - as to make sure it stands out). And there's more. Let's start with the Latin:

    Quod tibi non vis feiri, alteri ne feceris
    (What you would not wish done to yourself, do not to another) - pointing to Matth. 7:12


    Omnia factus sum omnibus (I became all things to all men) - pointing, as many do, CORRECTLY to 1 Corinthians 9:22

    and finally

    Dominus novit suos (God will know his own - I think) - pointing to 2. Timothy 2:19.

    What's remarkable is that these phrases do seem to point to correct Biblical references.

    Also, I noted some other oddities. I don't know what you think of it but I sure would like to hear what you and others think of it's significance.

    First, there's what seems to be a date, but cannot be correct, preceded by the name of a town (Girach):

    Girach am 32 v. 20.

    What kind of date is that? Very odd. It's followed by another statement: "He who fears [respects] the lord / finds the right path / will light up justice / like a light"

    Next "date" and statement:

    Girach am 34 v. 14.

    Another impossible date. The translation of the statement is: "Now I see / that the believers have the right spirit"

    All this followed by the Latin statements as discussed above, and the a very curious drawing, that looks like leaves but does seem to indicate or depict a path, a trajectory perhaps? Inside the drawing, on the left, there seems to be something that resembles an Greek Omega sign, AND something that might be the opposite, to the right. With some fantasy (and I have plenty of that) one can see 3 phases of some kind of mechanism here, with pendulums interacting with the Omega-thing, and it's counterpart on the right side.

    This is all far fetched, I know, but that's what I see. The resolution is not good enough for me to clearly determine what it is - maybe it's just a decoration, but a very strange one. Surely there were better "stock" ones available.

    Finally another thing I noticed at the top of each page: those flower-like gears with petals - or so they look to me, to the left and the right of the page numbers. Or are they depictions of angles?

    It's all very interesting. But the final verses - should they not be included in the count? Also significant may be the fact that these DO seem to point to valid biblical references.

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  5. Looking at the odd dates, perhaps the Roman numeral V indicates the month of May. So the first date (read from right to left!) would read 20th of May [17]32. Is the fact that the date has to be read from right to left a clue as well? A key on how to read other things?

  6. Girach is probably Gera. And the three verses of course fit neatly in the missing blank lines, as John already pointed out. So they are probably significant, hence the Nota Bene (Mark Well!) and the larger font. Hmmm. And the drawing at the very end is very interesting. * end of ramblings *

  7. Its Sirach 32.v.20, Andre, not Girach.

    Verse 20 "The slipping of a false tongue is as one that falls on the pavement: so the fall of the wicked shall come speedily."

    I'm not sure about the 'am'but a quick look suggests several thoughts possibilties such as, 'continuously', 'ideally', But as it is
    outside the 55 verses I have ignored it so far.


  8. You are right, John. What a horrible font. If you look at the first words on page 125 and 126, "Gottliche" en "Gerechter", it's almost identical, but there is indeed a small difference. I thought it was a date and a clue. Dang, back to the drawingboard :-)

    It only shows how much effort (and misery reading it) you have endured trying to interpret and decode this stuff. My hat off to you!

  9. What do you think of that odd "decoration", by the way?

  10. I'm not completely certain, but I tend to think it is just decoration, Andre.


  11. A bit off-topic for this platform perhaps but interesting nevertheless. A (mechanically very simple, electronically very smart) successful electromagnetic version of the besslerwheel can be seen operating here. It requires very, very little energy – like a few milliwatts – to keep it spinning, while generating a considerable amount of torque and electricity. The secret is in the switching; it runs on a single battery while charging a considerable bank of secondary batteries. Clearly an overunity (COP>1) system in the sense that it somehow harnesses the zero-point field to supply the energy for charging the secondary bank. It's not a motor but an energizer, according to the inventor, John Bedini.Yet because of it's size and torque mechanical energy can be harvested as well - enabling an even higher COP figure.

    We live in interesting times. Now let's get Besslers mechanical version running...and achieve COP equals infinity...


  12. Yes indeed interesting times, Andre Sir...

    When the actual Bessler wheel is going to be reintroduced into this world it is going to be much more interesting than you are experiencing right now..This will happen in a year or so. Maybe by 2012, as I can understand. Certain things are ruled by one's destiny..Even if one has the idea he cannot do anything about it unless the right time arrives. This is what we never understand completely. Bessler tried his best to sell his idea but the sale was never through...Can anyone tell why this was so???

  13. John,...What does the apologia wheel represent?
    I have had a new revelation and I just want to compare notes.

  14. Trevor....Your question is not clear to me..

  15. I just wanted John's opinion about the message Bessler was trying to convey with the apologia wheel.What is it that we "still do not uderstand to understand"?

  16. Sorry,..."Do you still not understand", is a quote from Bessler's words,don't take it personally please.

  17. Trevor, for me the Apologia wheel is as I explained at
    and at

    It's all about pointing people to chapter 55 of the same book because this is where he hid a coded meassge. I think it is also an indicator of how many mechanisms are involved - a minimum of five, but potentially more, but only odd numbers. I have tried to explain my thoughts on that at

    I know many people look for additional meanings but for me it is clear and I still subscribe to that explanation.

    The "Do you still not inderstand?" quote is in my opinion simply a device to make the reader look more deeply into the drawing for understanding and from thence discover what I have describes in my various web sites.

    In the end it is just my opinion until I can prove it with a working model and I m still confident that I shall do so.


  18. I just feel that the Bessler wheel will make its re-apperance before the end of the year is out.I hope this will be good news for you.

  19. No Trevor..Now I feel it is going to take much longer...maybe by 2012.

  20. Maybe I know something...Like a Bessler wheel that works purely off gravity,just as you kept saying.

  21. Yes..we happen to know it all and there is no doubt in is something to do with the destiny...there is a time for everything....only when the god wills it will happen...

    See, Bessler tried to sell it but it didn't happen..JC sir tried his best and it didn't happen have also been on the job and your estimated time has elapsed..Many have tried it like this before and many more are and many will..Bessler wheel has eluded many...

    Now, I feel that things will take their own course..and, there is nothing we can definitely predict here..

  22. Don't let hope deferred cause you to doubt and be skeptical. I assure you it will happen even this month of Decemember.

  23. It may appear so Trevor and then it keeps dragging...that's what it has been happening for the last 300 have been saying it since june or july if can remember right.

    If anyone has the correct design then it shouldn't take this much time in finishing the same...if he is still researching and trying out new technics then it could take years..

    The most important thing we should realise is that the bessler idea has to be first realised in the mind.

  24. Yes, that is the problem. The solution has definitely been solved in the mind, but to cram all that mechanics into the small space of the wheel takes some careful design.
    Even Bessler said the wheel consisted of many parts. I suppose,the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.
    I can sum up the solution to the wheel in one sentence and people will say, Wow! why did we not think of that first. I have nothing to lose by saying I can give you a working wheel soon because I am not answerable to any body's investment money.
    If you prefer, I will not say another word on this blog until I have a working wheel then I will do so.

  25. It doesn't consist of complicated parts or we can't even say it consists of too much mechanics...

    Bessler wheel mechanics is very simple, Trevor dear..We only have to design one lever-weight mechanism and the rest is just a duplication..

    You are very much right that the solution can be described in just one sentence...we must discuss such clues and other things about the wheel which would keep us is not very wise to keep shut...

  26. Yes I agree, it is one set of weights,with its prime mover which is just duplicated,but they must be designed in such a way that they fit into one eigth of a quadrant of the circle so that there is space for 4 sets of weights altogether.
    It is quite difficult.This is why Bessler said,"In my wheel are many compartements."
    So even if I am just starting with one set on its crossbar I have bear in mind to make space for the others.

  27. Whats happened to all the other guys? Have they given up? Is it only you and me that is left?

  28. Noop Trevor still here. How is your wheel progressing ? Who is leading you or John.

  29. Trevor.

    Just share what you have and lets finish this saga. More minds working together will save you time. I'm not a believer of anyone saying they have the solution as I have heard this for years.
    I am sure you are working diligently and I wish you all the best as always. And I do live in hope too!

  30. Things are still very much on track and I'm sorry for the past where people have kept you on a string. My confidence in what I'm doing gives people hope to keep going andI do believe that I have found the altimate principle that will bring things to a head.What I have found out tells me that Besslers wheel definitel was genuine.
    At least if a few guys say this then one of us is bound to succeed.

  31. I'm sure we're all still here Trevor. And we're all eager to hear your about your ideas and/or progress, and of course we all wish you the best. I agree with drWhat: we all should share more. By collaborating and sharing ideas progress should be much faster. Most endeavors in this field are hampered severely by secrecy, lack of collaboration as well as lack of time and funds. Heck if money and/or lack of time are the problem, I don't mind investing in it. I still have a complete team of academic engineers at my disposal, I don't mind making them available to all you guys. They can work at several ideas at the same time same time and may have interesting and helpful ideas of themselves. If it's (professional) software we need; we'll get it. If we need hardware, I have access to extremely capable hardware. Let's open source this thing! Let's do it all together.

    Why not start some open source project: the Bessler-Collins project. The internet is the perfect collaboration medium for that. And don't forget: there's safety and power in numbers. Once it's out there in the open, goes "viral", (we determine when, of course) nobody can suppress it anymore. Personally, I don't mind sharing my ideas with everybody, even if it means that somebody comes up with a working system using some of my ideas. Everybody can benefit from that. John also didn't mind. We all should follow his example.

    My personal preference would be a two-pronged approach: two teams building (and sharing ideas) building both a purely mechanical embodiment and a electromechanical version. I personally lean towards the latter since it's so much simpler to build and fine-tune.

    And the ideas of both can create synergy in achieving the ultimate goal: cheap, clean energy as well as the vindication of Bessler.

  32. I respectfully disagree Andre.Its been my experience that when you involve a group of inventors it actually holds things up because every one has a different approach or opinion as to how it should be done.Even when I describe the mechanism most do not know what I am talking about.
    Actually the wheel is so simple it does not take a rocket scientist to build it and it does not take a lot of money at all. One can build it with materials available at the hardware store.
    I think its just taken a little time to hone in on the most ideal configuration.Dare I say just a little while longer!

  33. Andre Sir....A potential bessler wheel inventor wouldn't like collaboration at all...there is too much money and fame involved....bessler hesitated to share it even with Karl...apart from this there is a constant fear of leaking the secret...I agree with Trevor...

  34. I bet that in Dec 2011 we are exactly in this same place, ie nowhere!

  35. Andre,is right and wrong.
    If all of us would live just across the street in
    same neighborhoods, that, I thing would solve the
    problem, and maybe also the wheel.
    Individually do something like this is very difficult,Bessler solved one problem, and, at the same time created even bigger one. GOING SOLO.This is why till the end, he and his wheel
    stayed alone.

  36. Don't be such a pessimist.Do you think I would waste my time on this blog if I wasn't confident. It is only those who are at a dead end that have nothing to say.It won't be December 2011 either but December 2010.

  37. Trevor, I like your high spirits...but if you haven't yet already figured out how to cram in those weights in equal compartments then it could take a lot of time...not possible in this year, at any cost...

    Vincent...bessler went solo with his wheel and did not succeed in selling it..those times were different...but in these times of internet things are going to be entirely different...

    The only problem now is that there is too much distraction...for example, the electronic version stated by Andre sir...If we only focus on building Bessler wheel then we will have it the sooner..

    The wheel concept has to be realized first then an attempt at building it should be made...

    Trevor is absolutely right...Bessler wheel is possible, it is very simple and can be built in the backyard using material from the local hardware shop..

    A great hindrance is that it cannot be made by placing order or taking help from a team of engineers, for that matter...the chances of loosing the secret remains high.

    The real fact is at the moment no one has the complete blue-print of the wheel...only the principle or a partial understanding of its internal one has the complete perception of it yet as seen by Karl...

  38. I'm sorry if my rantings about a electromechanical version perhaps creates the impression that it has my preference over and above the purely mechanical Bessler version. That is not the case. I propose a two-pronged approach, with two well-funded and well-equipped teams equally vigorously trying to nail it. Once that is done, we have made an extremely important point - namely the point that gravity engines are feasible. Personally I am quite certain that the electromechanical version will be the first to be operational as that can be kept extremely simple.

    This would be a breakthrough in that it will greatly help mainstream acceptance of the Bessler (mechanical) version. Which is, of course, even more brilliant as it can be used in any environment, and has higher a COP.

    It may sound odd to you, but I am not interested in the money. The money will come by itself and it will be more than sufficient. Wealth is not my goal. Personally, I think that under the cloak of secrecy is the worst possible way of doing this stuff. First of all most resources will be limited, exchanging ideas and fresh input will be equally limited and, most importantly, there's always the possibility of theft, sabotage and/or suppression. When we collaborate in a smart way, all of these risks and limitations are less. Of course if we all lived in the same street it would be most effective - but with modern technology effective communications can be achieved.

    Of course there will be (and should be!) discussion about concepts and ideas and ways to implement. But consensus can be reached at some point. Don't forget that quite a few of the great achievements in human history were almost all the result of (often massive) teamwork. The Apollo program, nuclear fission, the development and implementation of the AC ideas of Tesla, and many more examples. Yes, it starts with an idea, maybe of a single person. But building it, realizing it, often requires far more. Of course there are other examples of garage-tinkerers that came up with completely new developments and technologies, but many paradigm-shifts came from teamwork - simply because the scope was too big for a one-man band.

    I really think we should share more. At least on ideas.

  39. Chins up guys.


  40. Andre I agree,...It is possible to make a Bessler wheel going the electromechanical route,and I have been tempted.The problem is,because most people don't understand electronics,they are suspicious that you are using some hidden force to work the wheel.
    Now if I get a wheel to work by itself using pristine mechanics there will be no
    argument,because what you see is what you get.
    With referance Sureshs'remark, my high spirits is not because I'm a compulsive optimist,it's because I have the solution in hand.The mechanics is just routine stuff,even though it may take a little while to organise.John's valiant effort is a case in point.

  41. Trevor, the solution, if it is based on Peqaide's theory could be as simple as a cord wrapped around the axle and a hanging weight slowly descending. The high mass wheel accumulates enough momentum that once the hanging weight reaches the base (perimeter) of the wheel at 6 o'clock it catches onto the rotating wheel and is dragged up past 9 o'clock. This is the first experiment that should be attempted.

  42. Bessler warned that you will never do it with passive weights in critical positions.You have to find a way to maximise gravity's natural property.

  43. Yes...Trevor is right...Passive weights wont do...they have to be really active...all eight of them...I don't understand how DrWhat still remains a skeptic...Let me say this...Bessler wheel mystery is no more a mystery now...a few of us have the secret already...we understand the inside of the is for fear of loosing the secret that we are not able to reveal more...we are not here to mislead, misguide, confuse or even delay the matter...this we need to get straight first..we are not kids either to prank or play or be here just to pass the time...we are past 50 and are very serious about the matter....remember, only very serious people happen to realize the wheel's secret...

  44. Guys, I am a true believer. I'm just tired of waiting!

  45. After all is said and done I would like to thank Sir John Collins for this opportunity on this Blog to be able to share our views.It has been a source of continual inspiration envoking renewd enthiusiasm and commitment at times just when we needed it.
    We all have our highs and lows and periods of doubt even the best of us.

  46. Yes...many are tired of waiting...the past progress and failures are the cause of much i had been saying is all to do with the destiny or fate you may call it...god decides who and when will implement this...But as far as the secret is concerned it is no more a secret..

    just hang shouldn't take very long time...definitely there has been a tremendous progress..more clues are out...competition is rife...environment situation is getting favorable...let's hope for the best but be well assured it is not the mystery it used to be before...

  47. I'm pleased that you like having this blog to publish your comments and I enjoy reading them. I note with some curiosity that we each have our own view of the way to the solution, and they are all different, including mine. I wonder which of us, if any, is on the right path?

    I expect each will claim that his is the only way and the one which will lead to success. Time will tell - and the time is getting close.

    It seems almost too perfect that we approach the 300th anniversaryt of Bessler's discovery and we all feel that we are on the verge of success.

    All of us would agree, I think, that it would be a wonderful way to recognise Bessler's achievement by proving that he was genuine on or near to his anniversary.


  48. existe t'il une version de poética apologia orffyreus du latin vers le français?


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