Friday, 17 February 2012

The Italian Documentary "Moto Perpetuo" is finished and I've seen it.

I have just watched the Orffyreus documentary by FarmStudio Factory and I have to say's brilliant!  They have used virtually all the information from my book, "Perpetual Motion;An Ancient Mystery Solved?" and they have made good use of some ingenious graphics and animations.  It has included some shots of me talking but fortunately they have added a voice-over in Italian so you don't hear me umming and erring!  It is shot in a subtle golden glow which gives it an olden-day nostalgic atmosphere, but there are also some moody shadowy scenes too.  I love the Italian commentary - its poetry! Pity I don't speak it, although I was able to follow it in a vague way.

There are three 'experts' interviewed but I have no idea what they were saying or even if they were in agreement with my own views but it doesn't matter as long as more people become aware of Bessler and his work.

I have suggested that they make a version with English subtitles or possibly with an English voice-over but I think they'll do what they want and probably take no notice of me.  I have a copy of the documentary for my own use but I have signed a document agreeing not to share it with anyone, and I dare not violate our agreement. Even if I did share it, it's in Italian so unless anyone understand it they won't know what's happening.

I'll post something when I know when it's going to be aired.



  1. @ JC

    What a pity...a Bessler documentary on DVD and nobody outside of Italy will be seeing it?! I would have made it a condition of my appearing in it that I would be able to make it available to the English speaking world.

    Maybe you could get some sort of license from them to make your own English dubbed version and then market copies of it? You would then pay them a small fee per copy sold. Where there's a will, there's a way...

    Good luck with it. Hmmm...maybe you could get permission to just publish some stills from the documentary on one of your websites? That way, at least we could see how the Weissenstein wheel came out. Maybe if they saw you doing that, they would realize there was a market for an English version and would grant you a license to distribute an English version DVD.

  2. I too would like to see it, in English. My Italian is very poor.

  3. It would be very interesting to see it John,even if it was in Italian we would still understand what is going on because we know the subject.

  4. Please let us know if it is ever released as a DVD or as a web download as I will buy a copy and my wife can translate it for me. My wife speaks fluent Italian. My Italian is not very good - learning Latin as a schoolboy does not mean you can speak fluent Italian. Maybe someone will upload a subtitle file for it to one of the subtitle websites. Then every one can watch it with English subtitles.

  5. I have to check this out but perhaps, once the program is aired on RAI 2, it might be possible to share it?

    I'll post updates here as and when I get them about what and when and where they are doing anything with the documentary.


  6. There is still chance, they will ask you to pay for the documentary to be aired,despite the fact that it supposed to be gratis.Circumstances can change quick and dirty,i hope that it's not the case,the documentary would be good encouragement for you new book.


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