Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Perpetual Motion vs Perpetual Emotion

One of the traits observable among people such as I, who have spent an inordinate amount of time chasing the shadowy mystery of Bessler's wheel and trying to find the solution, is the frequency with which we exclaim to the world that we have found the solution and it is only a matter of time before we are able to reveal the secret.  At which point we await with barely concealed excitement the moment when we can bathe in the adulation and excitement which will surround us in our moment of triumph. 

These revelations usually appear in the middle of the night and if they survive the cold light of dawn - which most don't - the lucky recipient goes on to work out the detail before launching a prototype to test the theory.  But the excitement generated by such revelations often refuses to allow us to be silent about our discovery and we cannot resist making public statements such as 'the wheel is only days away', or 'my wheel is getting ready to run'.  These premature announcements can create a certain amount of excitement among those who have had fewer revelations, and are thus ill-equipped to deal with such sensational proclamations, however the majority of old-timers such as myself, are all too familiar with the midnight manifestations which always, in the end, appear to fall foul of classical physics, with the wheels remaining steadfastly stationary.

It is all the more remarkable to me, that despite these continuing setbacks, optimism remains high and time and time again another new configuration occurs to disturb our sleep, launching us into yet another round of gleeful anticipation and premature declarations.  It is something of an emotional roller-coaster that we ride, extreme highs and corresponding lows ; one might almost call the subject Perpetual Emotion!

It seems not to occur to these self-publicists that practically every other perpetual motionist on the planet is also on the verge of success, needing just one small adjustment before success finally arrives.  I'm not blaming people for proclaiming their beliefs from the roof tops - been there done it myself and more often than I care to recall - but please understand that we all want success and just because we say nothing about current builds does not mean we are no longer building, designing, planning and still full of hope.



or to put it another way.



  1. The thing that has been bothering me of late is the consideration of victory snatched away. I see Bessler’s underlying principle as something so basic and fundamentally simple that it will be taught in elementary grade school science class.

    Call me a forward thinker or a pessimist but I have a strong belief that once the “B principle” is revealed it will be applied to electronics, magnetics or some other field. In only a few short days or weeks someone will adopt it and make a highly rewarded leap into history, fame and fortune while those of us who actually worked on the wheel for numerous years are left to the dust heap of forgotten history.

    The so called winner of our little self imposed contest to the “B finish line” will be left with nothing but and a terribly bitter taste in their mouth.

    Although that would be a wonderful epitaph to be placed on ones’ tombstone.
    “So and so…. Discoverer of the obvious”.


  2. Take two round sheets of MDF,re-use a shaft,source two bearings and housings,re-use the MDF until it covered in holes and unusable and even then tell or show nothing,meanwhile over in the BWF most follow the same route,Bessler used wood and materials available at that time,so should we make our own screws as he did....No John if we follow this same path you and i will go to our graves,with this solution never found.....If we have belief in what we are about we should outsource the latest materials and products ,until then we only play at it,...How to overcome the secrecy,kudo's and greed factors i don't know but in truth John until the bringing together of likeminded people this solution will allude us,as it has done for 300 years.

  3. If your/our/their self-imposed emotional/delusional roller coaster ride lands you on the right plateau one of these times it'll all be worth it . Remember fellows that we are not talking about splitting the atom . Bessler said more or less that the " impossibility " had been trumped up by many things mostly consisting of men who were not committed rightly to the task at hand . One of these days ( mark my words ) someone with the right level of commitment and mettle will come along and end the search .

    you may find this informative/affirmative, or just dangerous.

  5. Thanks Jon. Links nicely to my 'kiiking' theory. Pity they didn't show him getting off the swing, I think he might have been a bit wobbly because mostly the blood would have been driven into his legs and away from his head!



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