Saturday, 30 November 2013

Update - the evacuation of the foxes - and my scrambled priorities!

I have got somewhat behind in my updates and there is a good reason.  Very little has been achieved over the last few weeks, not because I have failed in my attempt to use my theory to replicate Bessler's wheel but because other things keep intefering with my plans.  Those of you who are married, or have been married, may well appreciate the difficulties involved in persuing what is sometimes scathingly referred to as my hobby!  

My garden (backyard to our North American cousins), has been a centre for social networking for a number of foxes over the last few years and although the idea may seem attractive, the reality isn't!  At some point I attached eight foot high wire netting to the side fences because the fox can jump at least six feet - and also laid gravel along the foot of the fences because they can dig a hole of no more than 4 inches in height and six in width through which they worm their way.  The reason for their close proximity was revealed a few weeks ago when our neighbour, whom we had lived next to for some 16 years, sold up and moved out.  The new people discovered that their garden housed several abandoned kitchen units which, over a number of years, become steadily covered by leaves, conifer needles, grass-clippings etc, to become invisible to the casual observer - and so they proceeded to dig them up. Below ground lever the old kitchen cupboards were dry warm and provided a perfect lair for the foxes, invisible to the eye!

So now that the foxes have been chucked out, my ugly wire-netting fence is no longer required - not that it did any good any way, the foxes used it as kind of spring board  - so I have been requested nicely to remove it and replace the old knackered fence with a nice shiny new one!  Curiously, the departure of the foxes appears to have been welcomed by various local cats with the result that there are now a number of corpses of small birds caught by the cats and littering the garden which have replaced  the equally numerous corpses of pigeons which the foxes seem to have preferred.  Anyway I digress, all this fencing takes time, but the point to which I am intending to get to is this........

I have in my head, the complete design for the replication of Bessler's wheel, which could, if I was allowed to continue, solve the earth's energy needs, earn us a bit of money with which I can assist my family, and make a name for last!  But it seems this is a minor priority because no one believes me!  So I waste my time and money putting up a superb fence when I could be building my version of Bessler's wheel, saving the planet and making my fortune!

So, to date I have two mechanisms to complete and link in a certain way, and test to see if what I am certain will happen...will.  Then I shall proceed to step two which requires five such mechanisms.  During many nights of quiet contempletion I have created a concept I call the Bessler-Collins Principle.  It follows on from the secret I discovered that permits the wheel to makes use of gravity without requiring any fundamental changes to the laws of physics and which consists of some interesting geometry which has some surprising (to me) ramifications.  Nothing that may necessarily prove useful but which I feel certain no one has discovered before and yet is very simple - and I am in the process of writing a document for a video, describing the finds and which show that they are unarguably correct and simple to understand.



or to put it another way.



  1. If you find that Fortune does indeed smile upon you, John, don't hesitate to fill your boots!
    You certainly will have deserved it.

  2. To settle prematurely for a flawed theory and then work oneself to tatters trying to improve it is the much trodden path . A better path would be to chose a flawless theory , conceived in the mind and then work slightly and arbitrarily to make a working example of it .

  3. You are one blog too late Trevor. ;)

  4. You are one blog too late Trevor. ;)

  5. Sorry for being off topic John but this is for Mimi. I found an old video from Dave ( funwithgravity) that is an example of a preloaded wheel. Mimi in the past wanted to see one.

  6. No problem jso. I've seen it before but it is thought provoking.



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