Friday, 14 March 2014

The Laws of Physics can accomodate Bessler's Wheel.

It has been commented on more than one occasion on the besslerwheel forum that when the solution to recreating Bessler's wheel is discovered, the laws of physics will have to be amended.  This suggestion cannot be more wrong, in my opinion.  Just recently it was repeated and I thought it worthwhile to see if this view is justified.

We refer to Bessler's wheel as a perpetual motion machine because it would run for ever or until its parts wore out.  But originally this concept was supposed to apply to machines which had no access to an external energy source, obviously an outdated and irrelevant idea because energy has to be accessible to enable work to be done. We might as well call an internal combustion engine a perpetual motion machine because it will run for ever or until its parts wore out - as long as it has sufficient gas to continue to burn, and the same applies to Bessler's wheel as long as it is enabled by gravity.

Bessler used weights, and that is beyond doubt, so gravity had to supply that energy regardless of what others may say or what we have been taught.  The simplest solution is always the best and usually correct so because Bessler's wheel required gravity to work, gravity must have supplied the necessary energy.  Those who rehearse the old arguments about closed loops etc do not allow the presence of several weights to achieve what one weight cannot possibly do - and that is to fall around in a closed loop.

With a specific configuration applied to work according to the right principle there is no good reason why a permanent state of imbalance should not be achievable.  The first wheels were permanently out of balance that is why they began to spin as soon as the brake was released.  If you can begin rotation in an out of balance state then it should be possible for it to continue to rotate in an out of balance state.

I see no reason for a change in the laws of physics to accommodate the above.  The laws have stood us well over the intervening 300 years and they will continue to do so without anyone messing with them.




  1. I believe it is possible to get a bessler wheel to work without gravity , the energy is not coming from gravity , it will work in zero gravity , from my own experiments I know that a horizontal wheel will work .
    I have not worked out how to self loop it but there is more energy out than in on a horizontal wheel with swinging weights .
    I done that experiment on a horizontal wheel about 4 years ago , by barely pushing the mechanism there is a tremendous force comes out of it , where does all that power come from ? It comes from swinging weights .I have concluded from the experiments that I have conducted that the bessler wheel was an actual perpetual motion machine .

  2. I think gravity was used to reset the mechanism in the bessler wheel so that weights could keep swinging , but gravity was not used as a power source , gravity was used to self loop the mechanism , but gravity is not necessary in a bessler wheel if there was another way of self looping the operation .

  3. John,
    as you know, I'm a fan of the off centre rim idea, at the moment I'm thinking of a pentagon/octagon paternoster, made up of pantographs that simply flop over to a flat position, one at a time as the wheel revolves, this would continually renew said off centre rim.
    It's all a bit ethereal at this time, but who knows ?
    Any physicist would see immediately how it works, and easily apply any law he/she likes to it.

  4. Here's a strange thought,
    take a Milkovic oscillator and put an upright pole on the non-pendulum end.
    Fix another pendulum to the pole, and make it just the right length so that the arc of swing of the "pole pendulum" causes the two pendulums to collide, Newton's Cradle style.
    This would repeat the cycle.
    The oscillator itself is reported to have a gain.

    That should keep the number crunchers busy for a while !


  5. The Milkovic oscillator should work horizontally , without gravity and if you could get it to work self looped off its own power then that would prove perpetual motion .

  6. STEVO and OYSTEIN’s suggestion in the previous topic about the ratcheting and freewheeling of the one-way wheels within the two-way wheel is an interesting idea.

    Here’s how I see it, and I hope I’m not reading more into the idea than suggested. When the outer casing of the two-way wheel is turned by hand, the inner one-way wheel ratcheted to the axle in that direction is also turned. When the casing and inner one-way wheel are turning fast enough, the motive principle within the one-way wheel kicks in and begins driving the axle and outer casing. The other one-way wheel sits motionless, freewheeling on the axle. This would indicate that the freewheeling one-way wheel is not overbalanced. The same holds true for the other one-way wheel when the outer casing is turned in the opposite direction. This is what I find interesting about the scenario. So how did Bessler eliminate or neutralize the overbalance (self-starting nature) of the two one-way wheels within the two-way wheel when they are at rest freewheeling on the axle? Personally I would like to think the initial overbalance was due to some add-on mechanism or stored potential as this fits an inertia driven approach I have been pursuing for many years.

    1. Were Bessler's first two wheels (his one-way only wheels) really overbalanced at rest. Eyewitnesses say yes, so was the overbalance due to increased weight or leverage on the descending side, or was it due to some additional technique like raising a weight while running and later use that weight to start the wheel turning, or perhaps winding a spring that pushed the wheel to start turning. If the former is the case (simple leverage or weight distribution) then how could he modify that design so the one-way wheel would not self start, yet still exhibit overbalance when turning?

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  8. That's great news Oystein! Sorry you had to suffer so long.


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