Friday, 9 January 2015

Happy New Year and my Resolution.

I have a very good feeling about this year - I am certain that the solution will be revealed!  That's my new year's resolution to achieve!

I'm working on a slightly smaller model at present because my previous one used levers which were too large and I was unable to build in the fine detail required by the mechanism, which resulted in it being too stiff and ungainly to move easily under gravity.  My current model measures only 3 feet wide, two inches thick, and will weigh about 5 pounds, although that may increase if I need heavier weights.  The levers are thin and light and work much more smoothly

I'm not the best engineer and builder and I'm finding the task quite demanding and I am considering alternative options should my limited expertise be insufficient for the job.  I could call upon someone who is an accomplished engineer and a willing collaborator but unfortunately he lives far away, and I'd prefer to find someone in the England if possible, so that we can work together more easily - some of our discussions may involve adjusting certain details to conform to what I believe is the solution, and this would be difficult to achieve if we were too far apart physically; or I might seek out an accomplished animator so that I could produce a video explaining in detail why the design is as it is and how it works; or perhaps I could share what I have with someone who would be prepared to sign an NDA, and could then take on the task for me.  These are merely options due for consideration if I can't complete this task

But my priority is to try to finish it myself, even if it is not very attractive nor efficient, as long as it does just enough to prove the principle, I shall be content.

So back to the workshop!  I work slowly and intermittently and this means it may be a while before I get to make a decision on my next step, but that is how things stand at the moment.



  1. Well i'm forever at your service sir, though doubtless you have no shortage of more capable volunteers at hand. Again though i'm troubled by your disinclination to speed ahead with sims. I've done this sort of thing under NDA before, though would only add that it'd be preferable to agree to show your hand if the ideas prove fruitless...

  2. Nice to see that you are becoming active again, John. It's not good to let one's research lapse too long because that increases the risk that it will be abandoned completely. Handcrafted models have there place, after all they worked for Bessler, but I think you would benefit enormously from using wm2d to make models / sims of your designs. That can save you tons of work in the workshop and help direct you in the direction most likely to produce results. Without wm2d I would not have gotten to the point where I am now which is, I believe, very close to "the" solution (but, I could be wrong, of course). Anyway, yes, let's do hope (pray!) that this is the year that the Bessler wheel mystery is finally satisfactorily solved. I know it will definitely be a "make or break" year for me. I was going to quit at the end of last year if I got no results, but then decided to delay "retirement" when I started to make unexpected progress toward the end of that year. I don't think that will keep happening, though. After almost 1100 models I'm now very close to having tried everything I can think of trying to reverse engineer his wheels. If I don't find it this year, then I will definitely have to quit the pursuit. Pm wheel research is sort of like chasing a rainbow to find the pot of gold at its end. Only, when you find that pot, it's very, very likely to be full of something other than gold!

  3. John, I noticed your latest topic does not end with your coded solution.


    1. Perhaps he just forgot to add it. Or, possibly, he now realizes that the principle described in it is not correct and is letting it just fade away as this blog progresses. When it comes to pm research, practically everything one commits in writing and illustration to it he will have to disown in the future unless, of course, he finds a working design. In the past I wrote and drew much, much on pm both privately and publicly, but only a tiny percentage of it is still relevant in light of my latest designs. Such is the nature of ongoing research.

    2. Ken's right Zoelra, I forgot to include it - due most likely to jet-lag, the five hours difference between Florida and England is punishing at my age and I have been too absent-minded for the last few days, but I'm back and I must thank you for replacing the missing code. Sorry Ken I have complete faith in my discovery as you will too, when you know it.


  4. Welcome back, John. A fair amount of time has now passed since your last, and some, I know, were thinking of becoming worried, fearing that our Southern climes might've claimed you alligator or infected mosquito-wise. I'm sure, what with you're being a good English gentleman and all, that you took along quinine sans gin, just as a precaution. Seemingly, it worked. (Ah, I seem to recall that it was to be back-to Florida for you and the famile, no?)

    Good news!

    The train of Behrendtian Excesses were amazingly few, and not so bad as usual. (How much more productive they likely would be if devoted to The Cosmic Vault effort, rather than here. How many years has it been since some thing new appeared there?)

    Happily, it would seem that exactly 1100 models does now approach being as a blessed END would be to too much good time-coinage as thrown already after the bad. Halleluiah! True relief for the reading perceiving-weary may become ours after all but . . . I'll not bet much on the alluring, most delicious possibility. No.)

    Lodestones . . .

    Such may prove the key after all for, what else was so conspicuously deemphasized in his many writings that was post mortem found among his pitiful belongings? Surely such a usage would have impressed L.K. as odd to have not been thought of "before", no?

    Consider how many others "since" have believed the same - that the Genii contained within said rocks might be set to the doing of Mankind and his beasts' labors, thereafter and forever of them setting both free?



    PS And, let us remember also that, pitchblende is constantly throwing out particulate matter at high velocities, as the ATOMOS design (over at BWF) made handy use-of. The Deutschies have and HAD plenty of it. That too is a real possibility for a motus primus. The physics pro it's working are good, I think but, not very big on safety. (Shades of Fukushima!)

  5. Ken, you made the statement below in the previous topic:

    " takes my model wheels exactly 7.5 seconds to rotate through 45 degrees...".

    So in 60 seconds your wheels rotate 360 degrees. That's 1 RPM. Are you limiting the speed for testing purposes?

    1. I use a "standard" rotation speed of 1 rpm, the same rate as a clock's second hand, for all of my models which are currently motor driven. Limiting the speed allows me to better observe how the levers are shifting, where the center of mass of all of the weights and levers is located, and helps to suppress unwanted centrifugal forces. This is only done temporarily until I finally find the correct design that Bessler used. Once that is done, the motor will be removed and the models will be allowed to accelerate from a standstill up to whatever their maximum free running speed would be.

    2. There!

      Short, sweet and to the point directly.

      This PROVES that it can be done, even by the chief Behrendtian himself!

      Only a few more to go 'till that magic "1100" models is reached and then, a well deserved restful retirement from his tragically futile field of search; the marvelous Torch of Inquiry on account being then passed onto a generation younger for further exploration. (As one generation surrenders it, another then receives and proceeds. So-be-it.)

      Things ARE looking up.


    3. My fear is that if our present rapidly aging generation does not find the solution to Bessler's wheels, then that will ultimately result in the end of any future interest in the man or his inventions. Bessler will then just become another interesting, but obscure historical character that will be completely dismissed as a hoaxer. I don't expect anything serious to result from Bessler's wheels if the solution is found and they are replicated. But, the fact that it can be established that he really did invent such a device would definitely help to spur interest in self-motive technology in general and that might then lead to something important which could be used to counter the ongoing climate change on our planet.

    4. Although difficult for me to say-so I am sympathetic to this fear, however, our views do differ as to any likely end.

      To wit

      I rather carefully believe that if matters materialize actually as you have written them, still The Bessler Mystery will remain one authentic and so-wholly, being simply uncracked as to true motus - the chronic and blind deniers of the vexing facts all be damned to their mind prisons.

      I say "vexing" particularly because they point to a truer reality of authenticity than to one of fraud. This is really tough for the usual middling critics to get around without resorting to illogic and intellectual myopia, which most are wont to do. The evidence in support of this I think, being at least plentiful.

      Even-though I believe our genial host/moderator, J.C., will have more than enough to do, what with any new information that he might have already in-hand and what will be likely be forthcoming, and as well, new angles on eliciting fresh interest and awareness among a newer generation of seeking and curious PM students. ("Where there is life, there is hope.")

      For my own part, K.B., I am (and honestly have for a long while) intending to compile a large assemblage of PM history and memorabilia for publication, as a sort of answer-too, and logical expansion-of the successful Ord-Hume volume. As a proposition, it is just too juicy and alluring a project for any ignoring.

      Here is a link to many things graphical to be seen on Google:;_ylt=A86.J3V81bRU3nEAytMPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTBsOXB2YTRjBHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2dxMQR2dGlkAw--?_adv_prop=image&fr=yhs-mozilla-001&va=perpetual+motion+books&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-001

      Here, on the mantel, is a lovely non-runner but, as-ever classic and beautiful. Notice also what lies within the glass dome to the right.

      And, a fine reconstruction of "the most beautiful perpetual motion ever built" - Scientific American, this regarding the Willis bros. motion of 1855, being 'a must'.

      (This alluring creature had been purchased by Barnum, and ended it most entrancing career in the first big fire at his museum and thus, we know for certain it exists-no-longer. There was a lot of press attending, and the source of much interesting fuss at 25 cents a look. "Is is a REAL perpetual motion?" The same building housing the same suite in New York, where it was exhibited originally a century and a half ago, exists-still!)

      The natural fascination that is Perpetual Motion, will never die. Never.


    5. James!... though I find your poetic jibes highly entertaining, please give poor Ken a break!

    6. Thanks for the links, James. Yes, pm research certainly has a "colorful" history and I'm always fascinated with the patent drawings of 19th century devices. Each one represents some hopeful inventor whose dream of fame and fortune eventually led to nothing...unless, of course, he chose the route of the hoaxer. Such was the case with E.P. Willis' device which the reader can see illustrated in this Google books view:

      As can be seen, the device, like many now shown on youtube, was moved by a hidden jet of compressed air blowing on a hollow, tilted "flywheel". Tragic that it was lost during that "accidental" fire at Barnum's museum after the end of the Civil War (he also had a genuine mermaid from Asia that was kept in a water filled glass cylinder that was lost although photos of it still exist in the National Archives). Btw, that device you noted inside the glass dome of the painting of the alchemist is not a pm device. I think it's a clock that shows the motion of the moon and apparent motion of the Sun around the Earth during a full year which might be of interest to someone involved with astrology.

      Meanwhile, I've made a minor breakthrough with my Bessler wheel research which I will report on later. It's very exciting at this point in time.

    7. I made a mistake above in my description of how the Willis pm wheel hoax was operated. The hollow flywheel is not the tilted wheel, but, rather, the horizontal wheel to the left of it in the illustration. There is a small "strut" running between two of the left side vertical supports which passes close to and just below the flywheel (marked with the small letter A in the illustration). That strut was the source of the jet of compressed air that then turned the flywheel and drove the tilted wheel with its set of shifting weights and rods. This scheme was used on other hoax wheels as well. The wheel that is finally driven is, in reality, the one that is secretly driven by a concealed power source and it then drives everything else in the machine. People never suspect it because they automatically think it is being driven instead of doing the driving.

    8. Gee's Trevor, I thought I just had!

      You're welcomed, J.B.

      I hope that "breakthrough" results in a runner.

      (You see, even I can keep it short, sweet and to-the-point. We are all learning.)


  6. Okay I give you that, but I think you have something in common with Ken, word-wise with Ken's attention to detail and your eloquent prose. LOL.

  7. Trevor, gosh that was a nice compliment. Thanx a bunch!

    A quick word of explanation . . .

    Writing-wise I've two personalities, or, styles.

    Depending on the mood-of-the-moment I am one or the other, never both concurrently. This one right now is NOT 'the other' and so, as a result, it reads rather "normally" more-or-less, as I suppose but, being the reader you might view this otherwise and not perceive any distinction.

    When in the 'other' form, this according with required context as well as mood, things come out very differently, and are often more on the pointed, even acerbic side. This would be a near-Brann or pseudo-Brann style. Intellectually and stylistically I am about a light year, or maybe two, away from possessing his massive, latter-day abilities but, I do try.

    (If he were alive today, he would be one of the most politically incorrect writers operating, and would probably be shot yet again by the cracked-pot PC set. Their ways of thinking and being REJECT Nature's reality and it's absolutely sovereign requirements, while believing at the same time that they are operating according to it. No way. It is Satan's Sandbox truly and is irrational supremely, and renders in-sum, results identical to his, Satan's, needs. No thing that is in any way good has ever come from it. Eventually in some way or another, THE PRICE is to be paid. No one is born with a Guarantee attached to their toe protecting against feeling the pain of life. To be insulated from it by such means so artificial equals no growth of the needed sort. For our time, we vitally-need a new Brann. Also, Brann was four-square against women's suffrage, predicting a fully developed world Marxist system made, according to voting females newly commanding 'fairness' in all things absolutely. How's this going? No, we will all have to WAIT for perfect fairness uniformly in Heaven.)

    Thus far, as I have noticed, K.B. seems to use one single way of writing which seems perfectly suited to his own needs, which are mostly technical in nature, which you appreciate as well, as you said.

    That's about it; anymore and I might get myself into some real trouble . . .


  8. Don't worry James, I am already in trouble with my optimistically high expectations concerning my wheel.
    Motivation is the key.


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