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Would Millions of Bessler's Wheels Affect the Planet's Rotation?

Previously there have been discussions on the BWF about the effects of having numerous Besslerwheels around the planet earth, all spinning and generating electricity (I wish!) and it has been argued that using weights and thus gravity, to drive all those wheels, will affect the rotation of the earth.  I assume the thinking is that with the force of gravity being used to continually drop and raise weights all over the world, the energy it spends in doing that is removed from the total sum pressing on earth?  It seems that some people think this would result in a slowing of the earth's rate of spin with some other, so far undefined effects?

What would the force of gravity be doing if it wasn't expending energy on moving Bessler's wheels?   It would be pushing or trying to push everything within its scope into the earth.  If some things are already in or on the earth does it still do work?  Yes. Does it lose some of its force?  No, because it's continuous. If a weight is driven around in a wheel by gravity, the energy is simply transferred to another form, first rotational and then electricity and then whatever electricity is used for.

I do not have an opinion on the likelihood of this action resulting in an effect which can be detected, and I'm doubtful that any number of Bessler wheels would have any impact on the earth's spin.  In writing this blog it occurred to me that, no one has proposed a similar result being caused by the millions upon millions of rotating engines all over the globe throwing weights around and around and up and down. All those pistons being exploded up and down and side to side.  What about elevators? Lifts in tall buildings going up and down, apparently the world's tallest skyscrapers are set to double in height after an elevator company developed a new super-strong 'rope' to haul lifts to the top.   Would a mass of 3 tons accelerating up and down the tallest building ( quarter of a mile) multiplied many time have any effect?  Seems unlikely.

Trains weighing thousands of tons travelling in excess of 100 mph accelerating and braking, or just shifting their mass across the surface of the earth; aircraft taking of and landing, moving their weigh from a runway and spreading it onto the atmosphere while travelling at many hundreds of miles an hour.  Huge cargo ships and tankers loading up and taking to the seas, spreading the load which was concentrated on a dockside onto the ocean. Aren't these kinds of activities just as likely to effect the earth's rate of spin as a hundred million Besslerwheels all rotating 24/7?

So the one difference between all of the above and Bessler's Wheel is that the latter will be driven by gravity, although many people believe that that is impossible and there is some other force driving the wheels, and that then puts it in the same category as those mentioned above.

I do not know if the concerns expressed here are legitimate or not, but I suspect the wheels will be produced regardless, if their existence proves commercially desirable.  That of course is another question which has exercised us over the years, can Bessler's wheel be justified as a generator of electricity? My personal view is that it could be.  To use an old English proverb, 'necessity is the mother of invention'.  In the Oxford Dictionary the proverb has been defined as – when the need for something becomes imperative, you are forced to find ways of getting or achieving it. And that is the key; if all alternative forms of energy creation become too expensive, detrimental to the planet or us, or unavailable everywhere then some one will take Bessler's wheel and use the concept which allows it to work without violating the standard laws of physics, and build a useful generator which can supply sufficient electricity for each one's needs.

For me the answer to the question posed in the title of this blog is - no, not at all and even if it did,not in any detectable way.




  1. ( Aha! Done while the too-wordy one, our 'own' KB, slumbers-still! Or, perhaps, it is because he is now gone to Heaven, to his reward? )


    I suspect strongly that, on this one, Vibrator will have much to say that is both wise and informational. For it we've only to wait, I am sure.

    As for my admittedly rather lesser-self, I just believe it would have some sort of effect, that's all.

    As a subject, this is an interesting one (and as they all are invariably) for contemplation.

    "A working wheel is just days away."


  2. Thanks for your concern, James, and I'm happy to report that I am still very much among the living...that is, unless I did die last night and am now typing this as a ghost! No, I'm probably alive because I don't really think there is an sort of afterlife or ghost. When we die, we die...forever! So, we should enjoy the time we have now because, most likely, it is the only time we'll ever have.

    John, I'm not worried about millions or even billions of Bessler wheels somehow upsetting the Earth's rotation. To do something like that, they would all have to be arranged in a narrow belt around the equator's land surfaces and be spinning in the same direction. Even then, the effects on the still huge mass of the Earth would be negligible. Maybe in a few millenia, depending upon whether the wheels all spun east or west, the Earth's rotation rate might increase by a few miles per hour and the day's length change by a minute or so. Right now I'm more worried about what the consequences of Global Warming will be and how human health (especially mine!) affected. As the atmosphere heats up and we have more droughts, forest fires, and floods, all sorts of particulates and mold spores can be created and be inhaled by people and animals with the resultant increase in respiratory ailments like the ones I'm currently bothered by. Yes, we are really fouling our nest on this planet and, hopefully, new technologies will come along soon the reverse the process. We don't have forever to work on these problems because, if we don't, we will be experiencing some very unpleasant changes in this century alone.

  3. I can't see why it would or could affect the earths rotation. I don't foresee an energy drain of any sort either. If anything maybe some lightning effect at the locality of powerful wheels.


    1. I think that should be lightening (as in as lightweight} not lightning (as in ZAP!) LoL:-)

    2. Brings to mind "the quickening" in the Highlander film, lol.

  4. I just saw a very interesting ad for an invention Tesla patented in the 19th century that it is claimed will actually multiply each watt of electrical power one uses in his home by a factor of 5 using a special "coil" that this genius inventor developed. They're trying to market plans so that a homeowner can build his own version and immediately save about 80% on his electric bills. If this is a scam, then it's one of the slicker ones I've seen in a while. Here's a link that will take you to a video they have discussing it. Caveat emptor.

    1. Have a look Gerard Morin Tesla- youtube.

    2. Morin certainly seems "credible", but I'm leery of any claims to OU based on voltage measurements of unusual waveforms coming out of homemade generators. Unless one accurately considers the phase angles involved in their outputs, one can quickly reach the conclusion that they are outputting far more power than they actually are. But, otoh, Faraday was impressed enough with the power multiplying coil he discovered to run in and get it patented. Perhaps the standard 60 cycle AC voltage we use in our homes is actually wasting much of its power so that we only get 20% of it and Tesla's special coil can somehow compensate for that so that we can get all of it? Well, here's yet another too good to be true energy gadget that, most likely, will be lost in the mists of time. It's interesting to note that right after Tesla announced his new invention to his backers, his laboratory had a "mysterious" fire in it that destroyed everything. Coincidence? Maybe. But, that fire basically shut him down and sent him packing back to his native Croatia.

  5. It would affect the planets's rotation if there were millions of maids' to rotate the Bessler wheels.

  6. I completed a new model wheel using the 1.5 x more massive levers yesterday, but have not had the energy to test it yet. My respiratory tract infection took a turn for the worst today and I'm now trying a new, more powerful antibiotic to knock it out. If this fails, then the next step is to go to a hospital! Hopefully, it won't progress to that because if it does I may be absent from this blog for a while.

    Anyway, I found this interesting image showing a giant imbalanced pm wheel used as a restaurant sign from the early 20th century. The owner of the restaurant must have been a serious student of the subject, but found out serving meals was more profitable than trying to achieve pm! I'm not sure if the giant wheel was static or if it was somehow slowly rotated by a hidden motor so that the balls in the compartments would roll around. It would be really cool if they did.

    1. Ken, you should take massive dosage Vitamin C every day and if you already have taken antibiotics you should take it with high potency Serrapeptase to make antibiotic more effective.

    2. Take care of you, Ken!
      And thanks for the links to Bessler's portraits. The resolution is pretty good!
      I guess there are some clues to find in the first portrait, especially when looking at Bessler's hands and at the positions of the fingers.
      The leaning jug and the sloping book seem to me significant as well...
      But I wonder about the skull...

    3. @vincen: I'm already taking about 600 mg of vitamin C per day and I think I read somewhere that it is a moderately powerful antiviral. I have confidence in the new antibiotic because, compared to the last one I used, it is like a hydrogen bomb compared to an atomic bomb! Pow! Goodbye gram positive and negative bacteria...back to hell where you belong!

      @Michel: My doctor keeps telling me the three most important things to do when I'm sick are rest, rest, and rest. What do I have the most problem with in life? Rest, rest, and rest! It's an effort to stay away from the wm2d models when I think I'm as close as I do. But, there not going anywhere.

      Glad you like the link to the portrait images. The ones I use have far higher resolution, though. Oh, yes, Bessler's fingers in the first portrait are very significant. His right hand shows a single extended finger and one behind it that we only see half of extending. That hand represents the 1:30 lever in the wheel with the extended finger represent 1 o'clock and the half finger behind it representing 30 minutes since 30 minutes is half of an hour. The skull represents the 3 o'clock lever. Note that a vertical line upward from the skull's empty eye socket will intersect the third button on Bessler's sleeve. These clues, however, are only a tiny portion of the information contained in this portrait about the internal mechanics of his wheels. The sloping book and leaning vase also represent levers, but I'll leave which ones of the eight levers inside of one of his one direction wheels they are for you to figure out.

  7. Speaking of John's topic, I'm not sure that any number of Bessler Wheels would have any impact on Earth's rotation. And, even if it did, it could most likely be easily countered.

    If we assume that Bessler's Wheel is powered by gravity alone, then the only source of our torque imbalance would have a force vector pointing directly toward the center of the Earth, radially and perpendicular to the 'eastward' rotation of the planet. And, as the wheel is already part of the rotating system with the Earth, then any force generated is '90 degrees and out of phase' with the angular momentum of the planet.

    If we assume that the wheel has a sum total force vector aligning with the plane of the wheel, which is not straight upward or downward, then theoretically it might have an effect, albeit undetectably small. However, it would be quite easy to counter the force, by either orienting the plane of the wheel either directly 'north or 'south', which again puts the force of the wheel perpendicular to, and '90 degrees and out of phase' with the eastward rotation of the Earth. If we couldn't align the wheel in those directions, for whatever reason, then it would be just a matter of two wheels counter-rotating, which should cancel out any effect between them.

    I think it's an interesting 'thought experiment', but probably not much of a concern. But, then again, we don't even know the 'modus operandi' of the wheel yet, so most likely anything is possible. Certainly 'Vibrator' would have a better handle on the mechanical physics than me.

    I never forget one underlying factor though, and that the score so far is:

    Bessler Wheel Secret = 1

    The Human Race = 0

    The best of research to everyone!


    1. Each day that passes we come closer to finding the secret of Bessler's wheels. I predict that the secret, once revealed, will be seen to be extremely simple, but will require a precisely shaped and interconnected collection of parts which will just be levers, weights, ropes, and springs. Bessler managed to find a particular design that, using the tension of stretched springs, delicately counterbalanced the weight carrying levers against each other such that their center of mass was located on the descending side and, as the wheel began to rotate, would immediately and automatically shift themselves so as to keep that center there. Finding the design he used is not a easy undertaking. Fortunately, he did leave us an abundance of precise clues in his DT portraits, but they are mixed up in such a way that the reverse engineer must try, literally, hundreds of possible combinations of parameters until he finds "the" one that is "it".

      Good news to report. I'm now close to completing my second day of the new antibiotic and my temperatures are down from 100+ degrees F to near 99. So far, no side effects. I'm still sick and a bit weak, but I'm moving in the right direction and improving. However, I'm still not up to working on the latest modification of my wm2d model for Bessler's 3 foot diameter prototype wheel yet. I'm wondering why I did not try increasing the lever mass several hundred models ago. But, better late than never!

  8. I'm sure we've been here before, and an exhaustively complete answer isn't gonna be short - TL;DR: a badly designed or implemented Bessler wheel COULD eat away at Earth's rotational velocity, but wouldn't necessarily NEED to.

    Full explanation:

    Obviously the planet's conserved angular momentum is independent of its gravity, however a class of potential exploit that could effect both would be the ability to vary or disable, cheaply or freely, the value of mass.

    So we could obviously drop a weight with its mass enabled, then switch it off before re-lifting it, gaining free energy.

    Similarly, we could accelerate a weight in the direction of Earth's rotation, Eastwards as Hutch notes above, thus exerting a westwards counterforce upon the Earth, slowing its spin, then switch off our mass again before the weight comes to a stop. Unlike the examples JC gives in the OP, this interaction in non-reciprocal with regards to Newton's 3rd law.

    So to combine the two effects - gaining free energy while also lengthening the day - we could imagine a vertical wheel like Bessler's, ideally situated on the equator and aligned with it such that as the weight descends from 12 o'clock it also accelerates eastwards. Observed from the north, it so falls anticlockwise 90° to the 9 o'clock position, exerting a westbound counterforce upon the Earth, whereupon we deactivate its mass, allowing it to coast around past 6 oclock, 3 o'clock and back up to 12 o'clock TDC. Rinse and repeat. We get 90° of free torque each cycle, and as an added bonus Earth's precious angular velocity is gradually squandered away by an equal amount per cycle, eventually reversing the planet's spin.

    We could likewise re-orient the wheel in any of the cardinal directions to speed up the planet's spin, or alter its moment of precession - so altering the rate and extent of the seasons along with the day lengths.

    But this is all quite unnecessary. If we instead let the weight fall the full 180° from 12 to 6 o'clock, then Newton's 3rd would take care of reciprocating the acceleration exchanges mutually & equitably - we'd have double the free energy, but with no net effect upon Earth's motion.

    Of course, an ability to modulate the value of mass, while most convenient, is also probably the most assuredly impossible route to success - and even if we could do it, then destroying the Earth would only be of sentimental significance since any number of new accomodations would be instantly within our grasp...

    Any attempt at altering the Earth's spin using planes and ships etc. would be frustrated by fluid frictions mediating N3 instead - to have a chance we'd need to consider leaving the Earth altogether; launch eastwards but by pushing against the Earth rather than using on-board thrust such as rocketry: so some type of gas gun approach instead...

    IIRC in order to launch a projectile into low orbit such a gun would need a muzzle velocity of around 3km / second - again, launched eastwards the resulting westbound recoil would decelerate Earth's spin. However assuming all else was equal the returning artillery shot would rebalance the books upon its arrival back at Earth. So in order to skew the outcome our projectile would need to alter its return trajectory under its own power, coming back in and impacting from a different direction of attack.

    This would change the planet's spin, but by expending energy rather than gaining it.

    1. Another system that could achieve our fiendish ends more profitably would be to exploit the Coriolis force - the conserved momentum of a body in flight relative to that of the Earth's rotation and the contour of its surface. Atmospheric drag notwithstanding, a body in motion wants to follow a straight line trajectory, whereas the surface of the Earth and everything stuck to it is constantly accelerating due to its angular velocity. The resulting deflection is demonstrated by Focault's famous pendulum experiment.

      In this system then, we'd harness the Coriolis force to drive a load via a large pendulum or vertical wheel, say, powering a generator. This would effectively act as an external stator, using the linear inertia of a body to brake the Earth's spin, lengthening the day and converting it to more useful pursuits like powering TV's and beer coolers etc. However to cool practical amounts of beer would require truy ginormous structures...

      Another related point to consider is the 'figureskater effect' - because momentum is conserved, decreasing the radius must increase the angular velocity. Thus, when we drop a mass to the ground it doesn't fall in a perfectly straight line, instead landing ever so slightly fowards (eastwards) from the point of release. Like the Coriolis force, usefully harvesting this minute acceleration would require dropping humungous masses from ludicrous heights, but again, would be braking against Earth's angular velocity.

      This is far too long a post already so i'll wrap it up with my usual Chicken Lickin doomsaying; an assumption of strict conservation of energy forbodes that ANY asymmetric force interaction is going to cause a cooling of the local vaccum potential. Since all forces (likely including the Higgs field) are very possibly a function of the vacuum density, and that local changes cannot propogate outwards (and so equalise) faster than lightspeed, a thriving global 'free energy' economy could precipitate cataclysmic changes in the strength of the gravitational constant, the EM constant and even the value of mass and thus conservation of momentum. Minute changes in any or all of these fields - changes so tiny they were beyond measurement - could nonetheless have calamitous repercussions: Any alteration in the Earth's rate of change of spin (since the ambient dynamics are slowly changing anyway) will incur tidal variations between the crust and upper mantle, and the inner solid core vs outer liquid core. There'd be biblical geological upheavals - unprecedented volcanism, tidal waves, magnetic reversals; the Moon wouldl begin to rotate relative to us as its tidal locking was broken, showing us its dark side in both respects, and as i've laboured ad nauseum before, this would merely be the prelude to the main feature of a full-on theatre collapse, replete with fire and brimstone, stampeding bison and all the emergency exits blocked.

      Still, might take centuries or millennia before such effects kicked in - and besides, we've yet to really crack such technologies. I still believe Steorn's Orbo is a front runner, but there's also LENR - purportedly a 'conventional' tech (insofar as nuclear reactions don't invoke asymmetric force interactions)... so perhaps Bessler's self-censorship was a greater blessing than full disclosure would ever have been.

      In summary, Bessler wheels are probably perfectly safe in the immediate term. In the longer term, they may or may not be safe, but the safest thing to do would be to determine their long term safety as soon as practicably expedient - and ditto for a working magnet motor - preferably before the cat was too far out of the bag. Hopefully the amount of attention such a revelation would garner from the scientific world will be sufficient to guarantee this due diligence..

    2. Final thought, again, if we could manipulate the value of mass, we might choose to switch off a weight's mass while it was still falling, before it lands and gets relifted; this would exert a linear force upon the planet, so we could tweak the year length, orbital radius from the Sun, or just set off across the cosmos on Spaceship Earth...

      All of which is moot since it's the least likely explanation for Bessler's success - whatever he was doing was, i'm sure, fully dependent upon N3 and most unlkely to lead to any breakthroughs in defeating it (though i know JC has been somewhat more optimistic here).

      If however we DO eventually find ourselves looking at an N3 exploit, we'll truly be masters of the universe, with little to fear from inadvertently dropping a spanner in the works - aside from being able to easily remedy the situation, we'd have the option to tweak the climate any way we liked... as well as barnstorming across the universe and colonising anything that wasn't tied down.

    3. Vibrator wrote above: "So we could obviously drop a weight with its mass enabled, then switch it off before re-lifting it, gaining free energy."

      I have hypothesized this possible method in some of my past writings. One would use a flywheel with a heavy metal rim whose axle was horizontally mounted. Then, one would use a new type of field effect to greatly reduce the mass of the metal rim on one side of the axle. The opposite side's rim, having its normal mass and weight would then cause the flywheel to rotate. As sections of the rim went up and over the 12 o'clock position, they would regain their normal mass and weight while sections of the rim that went down and around the 6 o'clock position would suddenly lose their normal mass and weight. The result would be the ultimate imbalanced pm wheel whose axle could directly run an attached electrical generator via a belt. The system would require that some of the outputted electrical power be used to generate the new mass reducing field effect, but it would only be a very small percentage of the total power output. As in the case of Bessler's more primitive versions of such a device, the subatomic particles in the atoms of metal rim of the flywheel would continuously lose their rest masses as the wheel outputted energy - mass to its environment.

      Health update. Continuing to improve with the help of the antibiotic I'm using. Still a bit weak though and alternating between a few hours of sleep and a few hours of wakefulness. What energy I have I'm devoting to proofreading the galley for my current book which is now at the publisher and in production. It's a lot of work and I can only work on about a dozen pages at a time before I have to stop. But, it's slowly getting done. So much for resting!

    4. Thanks Mr Vibe, your thoughts as always very much appreciated and extremely interesting. I was trying to get a grip on the idea of of millions of Bessler wheels all spinning at the same time and I gave brief consideration to imagining a giant wheel, perhaps a mile in diameter spinning with one thousand ton weights falling and rising - obviously an impossible structure but some time these theoretical pictures can help understand what might happen, but then it was still unclear to me so I substituted a ten mile high wheel with similarly large weights and then it was perfectly possible to see how orientation of the wheel might indeed be critical!


    5. Yes taking thought experiments to extremes can often help magnify a clearer answer! Similar principle to "reductio ad absurdum" - reducing things to their elements and exaggerating the scales of the variables.

      I should've also mentioned SilverTiger's claim on the BW forum here:

      ...if he does indeed have a 'pseudo mass' that can be turned on or off to gravitate (or not) at will, then it fits perfectly into the class of exploits outlined above, and can be used for planetary engineering while also creating energy (or destroying it, when reversed).

    6. And an extremely interesting and entirely related piece of news has been doing the rounds this last week, even making the pages of the national newspapers, which came to my notice from the Vortex list:

      Roger Shawyer's EM drive, which i've been following avidly since its now-notorious debut in New Scientist magazine many moons ago, has been successfully tested in high vacuum by NASA.

      Rumours are also afoot that they're on the verge of announcing success in controlled LENR too, which would be an obvious ideal power source for the EM drive in deep space, far from sunlight, and without the controversy of launching conventional nuclear plants.

      But the real reason it's relevant here is not so much its energy source, but rather its means of operation - still highly anomolous, but there seems an increasing consensus for what, IMHO is inevitably the most likely explanation, which has long been that it's pushing against the vacuum's activity - essentially, harvesting ambient momentum from the virtual bosonsphere.

      There's been no suggestion (yet) of a disunity - so presumably its KE gain is the difference between input energy and the heat produced (however i intend to seek confirmation of this); so we don't yet know if there's any hint of a violation of classical energy conservation.

      However it is of course an apparent stark violation of conservation of classical momentum. As ever, in reality such evidence must be interpreted as mere indication of an unidentified field to which the system remains open, in this case most likely the virtual photon flux of the vacuum.

      So while we have no evidence yet of an energy asymmetry (with some emphasis on the "yet"), this is a clear momentum asymmetry - an apparent N3 violation that can only be resolved by admitting the vacuum activity into consideration of the net system. Right slap-bang square in the ball park of our discussion here.

      An EM drive such as this could thus be used for climate engineering, although i haven't yet seen this mentioned anywhere else... pushing or pulling the planet against the reference frame of the vacuum; basically, using the vacuum as a stator!

      Coupled with an EM version of Bessler's mechanism, we'd have a system that could utilise the vacuum as both energy source AND reaction matter, and intergalactic missions (not merely interstellar!), within a human lifetime, would be on the table...

      Current estimations of journey times, by NASA researchers on the project, are based on constant acceleration thrusts of a few miliNewtons, positing a 40-year one-way mission to Alpha Centauri, or 90 years for a round trip. But with refinements on the order proposed by Shawyer himself (who's talked of easily levitating a family car if the Q-value of the waveguide can be raised sufficiently), and the advent of LENR or a Bessler wheel, a constant acceleration of 1G could take an explorer across the visible universe AND BACK within around 30 years!

      In reality, the return journey would be somewhat redundant since, due to time dilation effects, the Solar system would have long since evaporated - some 3 billion years having passed in the non-inertial frame, relative to the 30 years experienced on board the craft.

      But also worth remembering is the fact that replacing gravity with electromagnetism, while preferable, wouldn't be strictly necessary since a constant 1g (or any value of thrust) could itself power a Bessler wheel... in other words, a Bessler wheel coupled with an EM drive would be a positive feedback loop; the drive's thrust powers the Bessler wheel, which powers the EM drive, which powers the wheel... delightful notion, isn't it?

      Bessler's wheel and the EM drive are perfect complimentary technologies, made for each other...

      NASA are doing their part... but providing the Bessler wheel remains down to us!

  9. Morning, troops. Well, I had another "slow" day of recovery yesterday and, aside from doing some work on my new book's gallery, got little else done. However, my temperatures are almost back to normal now and I'm waiting, impatiently, for that listless, washed out feeling to finally pass. I spent much time sleeping and turning over the various DT portrait clues in my mind (I've actually memorized both portraits and no longer need to even look at them!) and I can see several clue interpretations that seem to justify increasing my lever masses for the Merseberg wheel from 4 to 6 pounds or a 50% increase. There are just too many of these clues for them to all be due to chance. I think I'm on the verge of a breakthrough with my research efforts, but I will not know for sure until I can spend a good hour or two working with the modified model wheel I have.

    Meanwhile, I found the following image for a perpetual motion wheel by a professor who included it on a derogatory page of pm devices that he produced. The central hub consists of a rubber sphere or disc and the rods have spherical metal weights that can easily slide along them. The idea is that, as the wheel rotates clockwise, the weights on the ascending side above the 9 o'clock position will rapidly slide in toward the center rubber hub, bounce off of it around 12 o'clock, and then bounce back out toward the end of the rod on the wheel's descending side.

    Actually, and I doubt if he was even aware of it, what he depicts is very close to the principle Bessler used in his wheels! No, Bessler did not have any weights sliding and bouncing off of rubber or springs. But, the idea shown is sound: loss of gravitational potential energy of weights on the wheel's ascending side is temporarily stored and then later used to increase the gravitational potential energy of weights on the descending side with the result that the center of mass of all of the weights remains on the wheel's descending side as the wheel rotates. Bessler's wheels did the same thing, but rather than storing lost gravitational potential energy in compressed rubber, he used stretched springs and his weights did not slide along rods, but rather were at the ends of swinging levers. The professor's wheel has the advantage of not having to have any interconnections between the weights and would, up to a certain maximum wheel rotation, be self coordinating whereas Bessler's weight carrying levers needed to be carefully designed and coordinated with a system of ropes. Both the professor's wheel and Bessler's were not capable of runaway acceleration.

    1. Anybody interested in the professor's page on perpetual motion can read it here:

      Note that he suggests that Bessler's wheels were powered by hidden clockwork mechanisms inside of their axles. Later he describes Bessler and other pm seekers as "cranks and charlatans". Apparently, this is the view still being taught in our schools of "higher" education.

    2. Another pm debunking site which some here may be familiar with. It suggests that Bessler's former maid's "confession" suggests that his wheels were fraudulent. I'm really looking forward to seeing how all of these site have to be rewritten when the secret of Bessler's wheels is finally revealed!

    3. Good!

      Two nice examples of what I write about, when agitated past a point into Brannism!

      It is clear that they are THE ENEMY and just full of snotty, stinking hubris!

      Before, yes, I wrote a few sentiments as to what I would like to see happen post revelation (exciting stuff about crow feathers and hat eating etc.) but the real dish of goodies I would wish upon the strutting, too-pronouncing suckers, I cannot put-to-page. It's just too much, but . . .

      Scum is scum, and the lab-coat class generally is replete with this very driven, common quality.

      Big heads! Intelligence worshipers!

      I knew a Stanford U. trained one, and he is a real tough monkey opinionation-wise. Of this prideful class the good ones GET OUT, and off of their Grant-Go-Rounds.

      (When the true dimension of the utter horror dawns regarding the Fukushima mega-disaster, I would not want to be one of their number of ANY sort! They will not be allowed to survive, I am sure. Enough!)

      The few non-Lab Coated humans that do, will make the Luddites of old seem as nothing in their resolute, uniform hatred of Goddess Technica and, the practicing / advocating of technology will get one the death penalty, sure.

      Let us all remember that, 'twas SCIENTISTS that loosed The Atom upon the World, and have now murdered us all! (Yes, purposely past tense. It's a done-deal.)

      Within the atom lies THE TRUE Hell. It was not meant to be entered.

      That said, the Bessler Wheel well may survive as the only allowable energy producing
      technology because "so simple", and quite likely harmless to the environment.

      (That's the only good part of the saga that awaits us, in our uncomfortably close, very near future. "Eat, drink and bee merri for tomorrow . . . etc")

      Also, delightfully, I see that Vibrator has enlightened us well. (If he wears a lab-coat, he is doubtless one of the good ones, and one day will likely remove it forever.)



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