Wednesday, 26 December 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR! ..Welcome Bessler's Wheel in 2019.

My usual New Year message expresses the hope that the coming year will see the solution to Johann Bessler's Wheel, but this time I'm actually predicting that the solution will be found!

In a previous post I asked if Johann Bessler foretold the year of the reappearance of his wheel? I asked this because he published a panegyric to Karl, the Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel, dated 2019.  This seemed an odd date to seemingly pluck out of the air for no apparent reason, but it did relate to the year 1719 when he published it, although 300 years out!  He also dated others, 1519, 1619, 1819 and 1919.  Hedging his bets? Some people have suggested that Bessler obtained knowledge of the future of his wheel from his subconscious mind.   I’m sure it was a coincidence, but a happy one for us because I am firmly convinced that this year, 2019, will see the reappearance of a working Bessler wheel.

In recent years I have become fairly confident that I knew how his wheel worked, but not in precise detail.  I shared my design with someone who pointed out the defects in the design, and any doubts I had about its validity were confirmed. However this year I have been familiar with the current design for several months but have been unable to do much of any work on it due to other more urgent calls on my time but  I have had plenty of time to dwell on it, consider it and turn it over and over in my mind. Once the new year is under way I intend to work hard on completing the device according to the design I have worked out from Johann Bessler's clues.

But as I always say, I've been wrong before and I could be wrong again. But I have deciphered many clues and I'm confident that my interpretations are correct, which is why I feel more confident than I have ever been before that this coming year will see Bessler's wheel working once again.  Later this year I will publish what I know, with or without an actual working model, including photos of it. Then I shall publish the book I've been working on for the last few years, explaining all of the clues I have deciphered and why they lead to the solution.

So....fingers crossed Bessler's Wheel might just reappear in 2019.



  1. All the best in 2019

  2. The best wishes for the new year to all.
    A lot of health and a peaceful cooperation as well as on good ideas and success with the wheel of Orffyre wishes
    Marco Z

  3. Best for wishes for 2019. I think you are correct about the solution will be found in 2019 ;) I will post a little about the basics when I have time..


  4. Best wishes to you, John, and to all of you, friends.

  5. Best Wishes to all......... Obey gravity.... it's to the Law

  6. Thank you for your kind wishes. New post up soon.


    1. Please forgive me John, but I do not share the optimism that Bessler circle may appear again this year. Maybe. that someone will build and publish. The wheel is driven by an unusual rule:
      Prime Mover - This is the main initiator-moving-
      stimulus, drive, Vortex of Life ..
      Prime Mover: Spanish - main move.
      Without this extraordinary principle, it is impossible to build a working circle and this is a condition passed by Bessler. Descriptions and translations made and published thanks to J. Collins - your work carries such a picture and I think that it is a picture that is real.
      It is necessary to discover a new direction of science that will allow it to be considered for turning over and over again.
      John, when it comes to pentagon and 55, today I think that your persistence is right for Bessler's crossed fingers.
      We all need a key. I assume with caution that we will receive him in this particular year.

  7. Happy new year John! This year will be your year. I feel it :)

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