Tuesday, 2 April 2019

My Plans, Intentions and Hopes for 2019.

So often, I am asked a number of questions about my plans and intentions; when will my wheel be finished? What will I do if it works? What will I do if it doesn't work?  So here are my intentions and hopes.  Of course it's always wise to bear in mind the ancient proverb, 'Man proposes, but God disposes', so subject to that advice.....

I will finish the wheel within a few weeks. Sorry I can't be more specific about the time, but there is a lot going on in my life at present which takes away some of the time I could be spending on the wheel, but that is normal life and one of the reasons why Bessler said he succeeded where everyone else had failed; he had no family and no permanent job, so he could spend as much time as he needed working towards the solution to his wheel.  I anticipate that it could be finished before the end of this May, but you know how time slips away and it could be June before I finish and test it.

If it works, I will take a video of it working, and add explanations showing how it works and provide some of the clues I deciphered to prove that it is the same concept as Bessler's. I have some other ideas which are still under consideration, but there will be no patent application to protect the design.  I have received an offer to freely globalise the design from an influential person which I am considering,  and I shall post on one of my websites more details of the mechanism and more of the clues I discovered which lead me to believe that I have the solution. There will be links to the video and photos of its interior.  

If it doesn't work, and I have certainly experienced that more times than I care to recall, I shall post details of my design and the clues they derived from, in the hope that someone else can take it forward to get to the actual solution that I presumably will have missed.  I really can't delay that information any longer.

At the New Year I reaffirmed my certainty that this year would see Bessler's wheel working.  My reasons for sounding so sure, more this year than previously, was due to the fact that the many clues I had found were so cleverly constructed that, once I understood how they were designed to mislead and got the meaning, I did not have any doubts about their validity. I'm sure many people will think I'm deluding myself, and the wheel won't work, and though that may be true in part, I am confident that when the hidden information is deciphered there will be  a consensus that the clues are real but perhaps I have missed some important feature that is all the mechanisms needs to work as Bessler's did.  But I remain confident that this time the wheel will work.

There will probably be a slight gap betweeen the wheel test and any announcement, regardless of success or failure, as I will need time to assemble the appropriate text and drawings to publish.  Much of it has been already accomplished but there are a few things I need to finish before publication.  In the mean time I will try to post the occasional blog just to let you know I'm still here and working on the project.

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  1. Rick Graham, Michigan, USA2 April 2019 at 18:35

    Outstanding! I'm glad to hear that you believe that you are that close.

    1. We’ll find out soon! One way or another, I’ll share the clues I’ve solved.


    2. John. I am glad that you are still working on the project
      You're talking about testing your project. There is in your words uncertainty about the principle of the wheel. This is the Bessler curtain.

      Bessler, that's right, RELEASE THE POWER and then apply it.
      The principle of movement is active - always keep in mind.

      There are few people who have a good memory, they are TRUTH and look for it.
      Most people are inventors or devotees.

      Behind the veil in Bessler's portrait is the answer to the most important question.
      It is there for sure. Bessler is enigmatic but truthful.
      I wish you good luck.
      My choice forces to go my own way.

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    1. Stephen. You are right that there is no need to build for understanding the living movement.
      To get to know the real Vis Viva you do not need a toy page.
      I wish you good luck.


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