Sunday, 23 January 2022

Suppose You Succeed! What’s Next?

What will you do if you succeed in building a device which is based on the same concept as Bessler’s wheel, or appears to be similar?  I know that I have different thoughts about the best way forward, and I change my mind from time to time.

I guess it depends on what you hope to get out of it, or even if you don’t want anything material, you just want it out there.  Most of us, in my opinion, want security for the future for themselves and their families, which means some kind of financial reward.  Others would like recognition as the rescuer of the lost Bessler technology; some would like acknowledgement of their part in its resurrection without the attendant fame.

Those who did not want anything other than seeing the machine recognised as a unique source of free and clean energy, would willingly share it with one or more people as long as their anonymity was maintained.

I understand and sympathise with all of these scenarios, as I have considered each and every one of them at length over many years. But in the end I came to the conclusion that family gets to put their point of view above all the others and security for your loved ones whether, old, middle-aged, youthful, child or baby; or friends, neighbours or people you admire or want to help - they all have a stake in your decisions and will likely affect what course you take.

So financial reward looks the most likely deciding factor in my opinion -  you might disagree, probably will - so how would you deal with success?

Many of us have expressed the opinion that patenting is the right way to go.  I have always believed that it would be a mistake for reasons I have explained many times here and I don’t want to go into it in detail again.  Others think that licensing a patent is one way do it, but licensing a product without a patent can be done if you know how to do it correctly. One approach is to get a provisional patent, where you'll pay a specific fee and complete a form. When you show it to possible buyers, you'll put the words "patent pending" on the item. You won't have to go through a complicated process of getting a patent this way and are still able to protect the invention from potential competitors who might steal your idea.

Another way to sell a product without needing to get a patent is to work with an invention submission company. There are many companies out there that offer help to inventors for a fee. A variety of services are offered, and some help you just get a patent  while others will help you with possible sales. 

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There are so many other ways to earn yourself what ever financial reward you believe you deserve. Interviews for  books and magazines both digital and printed; TV, radio; forums, social media.  Of course there may be documentaries and films. The possibilities are endless.

I mentioned films and one popular discussion point  over the years has been the important but difficult decision as to who would be the best actor to play Bessler. I have my ideas but I’ll wait and see if there are any suggestions.  😁



  1. Provisional Patents are an excellent way to put a flag in the earth to say, I had this idea on this day and the patent will recognize you and your data.

  2. I would let everyone build it for free and start a revolution.

    I would probably initially seek donation funding for my own projects (while not inhibiting anyone else from starting their own project), and once my projects become over-funded, let the funding spill over to other peoples projects.
    That way the world could change quickly for the better :-)


  3. As far as i know , provisional patents , only protect you for a year ,
    in that time frame you can safely disclose your invention or improve on it ,
    however it "expires" after that time frame , it is meant to be followed up by a real patent ,
    and provisional patents are also limited in regards to claims of "physics laws" being broken and pm.

    If your provisional patent expired ,you exposed your invention , do you have no rights on your invention anymore ?

  4. Patenting is informing the cabal that the Bessler wheel is real and is a threat to them, whoever is bringing it there would be putting us all in danger, because they will come after and murder us all, if going there please do not state its a Bessler wheel and do not involve us in it.

  5. I just want to be rid of it; I can hardly wait for the night mare to be over with--sam

  6. Anonymous 9:35 what physics law are you referring to

  7. You've succeeded! Great! What's next? Probably exactly what happened to Bessler...nothing much!

    If you are very lucky some Chinese manufacturer might make desk top toys from your design. Whether you've patented it or not won't make much difference. They will sell them worldwide without your permission and keep all of the profits for themselves. Good luck trying to sue them over in China! In the West you will find that the fossil fuel industry will do anything it can to sabotage your efforts to create interest in and sell the invention. Also, the Green Energy types will find some reason why solar panels and wind turbines are much better. Maybe they will claim that refining all of the lead for the weights in your gravity wheels will put too much carbon into the atmosphere and make Climate Change worse. Can't have any of that!

    In the end all you will have is the nice feeling that you finally solved Bessler's wheel. But, it's not really your's his and you really have nothing of your own to brag about. Having solved this long standing mystery will be the only real satisfaction you will get. Still many will claim that you really didn't solve it because they know that the different design that they are working on is really the one Bessler used and not yours even though it does work.

    Anonymous and PROUD of it!

  8. By the way, does anybody know why SK...sir is so quiet? It's been couple of months he didn't comment, hopefully covid did not get him, and his is just to lazy to say hello.

  9. He finally committed himself here to building it. I guess it's taking more thought and longer than he allowed for. And your comments about SG - a clown in his own circus. Bessler's solution is pure mechanics and physics. Nothing more and nothing less.

  10. Glorious Steven, you are a pompous arse and scourge to JC's blog. You are certainly stark raving mad as everybody can read every time you post. I hope he deletes even more of your hopelessly lost illiterate and unpunctuated moronic ramblings. That is what you deserve.

  11. You're call SG. Throwing the worthy out with the unworthy doesnt sounds like a spoiled brat.

  12. You're on your own now John/ anonymous!

  13. Looks like SG deleted 14 of his recent comments from the total of 33 comments here! He's obviously annoyed that the "dullards" here have forgotten that only last year he was still considered the TOP GURU on this blog. It was a coveted title that through much hard work he had stolen away from SK who had previously held it.

    To qualify for such a lofty status requires one to claim he's known the secret of B's wheels for years and to prove it, not by actually building anything since genuine gurus need not be bothered doing that, but by dropping as many vague and mystifying hints about it as possible. That SG well did. But, he went further than that.

    It turned out that he has a history on other sites of trying to recruit followers who would communicate with him privately so he could divulge the secret to them. He seems to prefer that they phone him. Of course, it wasn't that easy. The disciple had to prove to SG after much communication that he was indeed worthy to receive such higher knowledge. No doubt, if anyone went to the trouble of actually doing that, he would eventually be rejected as just another unworthy dullard by SG because he did not agree with everything SG revealed about B's wheels to him which would be done in small pieces over the course of weeks or months. IIRC, he even tried to recruit JC as a disciple who passed on the offer. Refusing to accept SG's kind offer immediately proves to him that the candidate is an unworthy dullard!

    I'm actually hoping that SG does not leave this blog permanently because it's lost enough contributors over the last few months and has become a pale shadow of what it formerly was. We can only hope that eventually SG will risk "casting his pearls before the swine" here and reveal what he believes he knows about B's wheels in a form that is readable and makes some sense even to dullards and swine.

  14. Yes finally proof how interesting that I deleted those comments an anonymous here knows how many there are but not only knows how many there are mysteriously more than half of the delete logs that were on the site are now gone! and don't give me the BS it's just a coincidence there's no such thing John Collins AKA anonymous! what a real fool you are!!!! They had me going there for a while but I'm sure a lot other people on this site suspected! they're not idiots you know another ancient mystery solved huh I think you deserve it going another holiday!

    And don't give me you were just trying to clean it up the page is full of nothing but Anonymous but yet all these things have happened bite my ass you your deception is known now John Collins AKA anonymous!

  15. Here's the other excuse Anonymous here as administrative access to the blog everyone else pay attention to the date and time on this page of all the comments!

  16. A fraud found out I will not delete any more comment on this page!

    1. Stephen, I’m a mite confused. Are you accusing me of something? If so please name it because I don’t know what it is. Are you upset that I deleted your many deleted comments? If you are I don’t know why, I always try to tidy the comments section by deleting deleted comments.

      And please use punctuation in your comments, they are very hard to understand properly.


    2. Your contortions like your attempts to design, it's now pretty obvious why this blog exists. Playing dumb of course and deflecting has obviously paid off for you up till now. People in general are good and trusting. You have played the game close to the vest of course, never quite getting there, after all you're the host and the Dealer, the buck stops with you, who's to question. Now you're exposed; we now all can examine the deck and find out it's a shaven deck, easy to slide in and slide the Target carts In-N-Out. It's marked as well, that's not for the dealer, that's for a partner/ Anonymous to deflect. I got to admit you got big clankers! It is most unfortunate for you! You made your play a little premature on the cleanup, so you panic, you went for your gun, I was surprised an amateur's move! It was a an itty bitty little Derringer, you fumbled, and shot yourself in the foot. You shouldn't bring a peashooter to a gunfight. You just got blown away by the good, which is the truth. The bad, is laying in the grave, and ugly, he is now teetering on the edge. What's it going to be! Feel lucky punk? You could be saying to yourself right now, “ it sure is a long shot but you got bigger problems right now, how are you going to live looking at that liar in the mirror the rest of your life?” Since you lack imagination, instead of cultivating it, you wish to steal it just like the rest of those pompous assholes who persecuted Johann Ernst Elias Bessler. Now you can all pat yourselves on the back, how truly pitiful you are.

    3. Nope. You’ve lost me Stephen. I think I can see that you’ve got a gripe about something I seem to have done. But I guess I am too dumb to understand. Perhaps someone else reading this can explain to me why Stephen is throwing his toys out of his pram.


    4. Care to play pool John I won't hustle you because I'm up front I will beat you. How about some 8 Ball maybe 9 ball or we could play straight how about straight Billiards or or maybe you think Snookers your game.
      Maybe you better not you're lacking your Edge! Bad pun you haven't heard the last of them.

    5. You're absolutely right John you lack imagination and because of that you'll never truly understand what Johan bessler left! pitiful you are and how very very dull!

  17. Toxic, nasty, & pathetic attention seeking.

  18. I am absolutely sorry to interfere here this way but I thought that I should help ease the situation...

    With due respects to JC sir and SG...

    Please pardon me if I happen to hurt anyone's sentiment...

    I too feel the same SG feels...
    I think JC sir remains silent when someone happens to troll another...
    Maybe, he has his own reasons for it...
    I am quite unhappy with the way RH46, Ken or bnr criticize others...

    I also feel SG is not giving due regards to JC sir... He shouldn't forget that this blog was very great for us in the past though it has deteriorated at present...
    SG shouldn't be reacting this way...

    Maybe SG has terribly mistaken JC sir...

    JC sir should make his stand more clear now...
    Because, I too sometimes feel that SG is partly right...

    All said, definitely JC sir doesn't deserve to be treated this way, in any case...

    We should always respect his age, experience, hardwork and dedication...

    I have personally learnt many new things from JC sir...

    It pains me to see him being dishonored...
    He is a stalwart... He has been too good most of the time... We have passed many years under his guidance... No one else can possess so much personal info of bessler like JC sir...

    I think JC sir doesn't recognise authentic guys here and that is his greatest blunder...

    Secondly, he doesn't openly admit about his total ignorance as far as the internal BW design is concerned...

    It is here that he is doing a great disservice to bessler as well as his fellowmen...

    This is due to his cleverness (cunningness)...

    I humbly request both JC sir and SG to let go the illfeelings and once again strive to bring back the past glory of this wonderful blog...

    SG dear... Kindly pardon us... Have a big heart please... Let us all try to respect one another and may God bless each and everyone of us...
    JC sir's birthday is fast approaching and we should celebrate it with meaningful be discussion...

    Good day...

    1. You’re all entitled to your opinions and I see no point in getting into an argument about it. I only delete comments that have already been removed by the author, as in SG’s case. I have rarely deleted comments from trolls. I deleted Ken’s comments because he was promoting his book here which I believe to contain numerous unsupported facts and wild speculation, and my aim over all these years has been to try to supply information in documents originating from Bessler’s time. Thus Ken’s book does not form part of that source of information.


    2. Many people consider Ken's book to be one of the most important ever written about B's wheels.

      He says the wheel design he gives in it uses dozens of previously unknown clues left in the B drawings particularly the two portraits in that DT book. I read through Ken's book twice and found his new clues convincing. But, his book is big and it needs to be read carefully.

      He says that B's wheels worked because the weights on the going down side always lost gravity energy faster than was gained back by the going up side weights as a wheel turned and that extra lost gravity energy was then used to work attached machines. This happened even thought the weights on both sides rise and fall through the same distance. The science guys say that's impossible. Ken says it IS possible. I think Ken is right if B's wheels weren't hoaxed and I'm sure they weren't.

  19. Thanks JC sir... That settles the matter... I agree with you... You are very magnanimous sometimes...

  20. Hello everyone!
    It's been a long time since i posted any comments. I do have one question: Might it be possible for a gravity wheel to use just to weights?

  21. The only reason why i ask is because, if a gravity wheel can run on 8 weights, then surely it can run on just two.

  22. Replies
    1. Perpetualman19:07

      Yes, if final build count is 8 weghts, then it will work with 2

  23. Perpetualman .. once you have settled on a method of creating a forward direction force bias that can lead to a 'gain' in wheel momentum, then it is time to sort out its operational sensitivities and employ any simplifications that don't detract. Including the minimum number of weights (and how massive they could be) and still be a runner and show a 'gain'. It might be that 8 sounds per revolution was optimal for energy density and the internal space available for the tests. Since they would be opposite each other (placement/geographic symmetry) then it should hold that 2 diametrically opposed would also work, tho less efficient or powerful etc. Here's the relevant AP quote ..

    "if I arrange to have just one cross-bar in my machine, it revolves very slowly, just as if it can hardly turn itself at all, but, on the contrary, when I arrange several bars, pulleys and weights, the machine can revolve much faster" – AP pg 355

    I suggest that theoretically it should be possible to still be a runner with just 1 weight (mech)(see quote above). The caveat is that a second opposing mech is replaced by a fixed position counter-mass rotating with the wheel, whilst the COM of the working mech can change radius etc. IMO.


  24. I was thinking the same thing. Has anyone heard of, or used the program called
    (Blender Render?) I watched a guy using it on his computer and i had it installed on mine but when i went to open the program, all i got was a white screen and then it would shut off and go back to my normal screen. It just wouldn't open up. I was thinking that this might be a neat program to do some sims with. What do you think?


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