Sunday, 9 January 2022

Johann Bessler and His Wonderful Machine

Some people believe that Johann Bessler built a machine that could turn continuously enabled purely by the effect of gravity on several weights.  

These weights were configured in such a way that the wheel was permanently out of balance.  This feature of the wheel is supported by several witnesses at different times to the fact that the wheel had to be tied down, or locked, once it was brought to a stop. Once released it would immediately begin to turn again, quickly reaching its top speed when not under load, of around 50 rpm. Among numerous tests he also allowed one wheel to turn for 54 days.  I am one of those who believe Bessler’s, so-called Perpetual Motion machine, was genuine.

Of course I’m familiar with the immediate response of all those (everyone else!) who’ve been taught that such machines are impossible but there is so much more to this story than meets the eye.  Right from the beginning, aged about 15 years old, I was convinced that Bessler’s machine was genuine. But at such a young age it might be suspected that I was naive, ignorant or easily misled etc, but no, the facts documented in the legend are not open to dispute, and therefore they should be examined by teams of funded researchers. A quick and fair study of the facts will convince anyone of the truth.

Fortunately there is an amazing group of people from all around the world who share a common belief that Bessler’s claims were genuine and that the machine needs to reappear now, just at the time it is most needed - to provide clean, free energy. They (you) are striving to find the secret of Bessler’s wheel.

The vast number of people have no idea that Bessler’s wheel even existed, let alone that it worked.  The struggle to get official recognition that his machine was genuine is proving to be a momentous task, and it is widely acknowledged by his supporters that there is really only one way to get that recognition and that requires a working model to be revealed in all the media that abounds in our world.

When I first began to publish my books about and by Johann Bessler, I imagined the world would be fascinated by my work.  I was convinced that within a very short span of time Bessler wheels would have been invented; there’d be thousands of them in every country generating electricity; the combustion engine would rapidly becoming obsolete; windmills redundant; climate change halted; pollution reduced. I was wrong; I was too impatient, but we will get there……eventually.



  1. Sam don't be so upset about Donald E. Simanek I do agree that he is wrong in his opinions of course you know what they say about opinions. I got to hand it to him he is a great source of research and without him it would have been difficult to collect the information needed to find and understand needed for me in discovering the truth! So won't it be a kick in the ass when he finds out his efforts aided the ones he persecuted then he will understand the proper methods of understanding in which mainstream science has discarded it will take a lot of patience and maybe some medication to help them after all they've been delusional for a very long time. But don't forget to thank him for his zealot zeal it only made me more convinced I was on the right track!

  2. JC wrote "I was convinced that within a very short span of time Bessler wheels would have been invented; there’d be thousands of them in every country...I was wrong; I was too impatient, but we will get there……eventually."

    They were also all thinking like that three hundred years ago. With thousands and thousands trying to find B's so simple a child could make it design over the centuries and not doing so, the belief that is it was all just a hoax and one of the most clever ones in history will only continue to get stronger as the years drift by.

    I don't expect anything to change this year. A year from now the only difference will be JC and other fixtures on the free energy sites will be a year older and still chasing useless designs or proudly proclaiming they've already found Bessler's secret...but for one reason or another cannot reveal it at this time. Lol!

    Delusions are a fascinating thing to watch. What's amazing about them is that the deluded aren't aware that they are delusional! Their brains automatically filter out all evidence that they are and many will finally drop dead still delusional.

    1. John Collins is right. Just because you are a pr*ck doesn't mean you are wrong------------Sam

    2. I got this... I'm a couple days into the build. I've been hated by the "highly regarded" just like Bessler was. Too bad they were throwing their weight around instead of throwing their weights around (PM joke)!

    3. "All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them."

      Galileo Galilei

      Your wagon wheel is stuck in a rut Chris, recycling the hater myth playing over and over in your mind (PM joke)! I saw only well wishes for your build.

      So easy once found; the point was to find it!

    4. As Bessler new everything is connected in the connectedness principle you can't escape it no matter how freaky or strange it may seem so put it all together nice and tight because you know it's all about space time extra space is nice but timing is everything 🕚

    5. Anon 01:35 You missed the mark by quite a bit on the humor side. Expect the unexpected.

  3. Anon 19:53. Nothing to see here, move along! Except solve a clever deception perpetrated over decades, that fooled many highly educated and intelligent men with reputations to lose, who said they appeared genuine. And of course Karl was happy to pay a salary to the man that potentially could make him a laughing stock and the butt of jokes for all time.

    And sacred sworn oaths and offers to chop off heads are just idle talk and posturing of no consequence.

    So why haven't you solved the parlor trick anon, and moved on? Because you haven't a clue how his wheels worked and would rather take cheap shots from the peanut gallery.

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