Friday 23 February 2024


Even though I’m 79 now, my enthusiasm for seeking and finding the solution to Johann Bessler’s perpetual motion machine has not diminished one iota.  I’m still determined to find it myself, or help someone else to do so.  Over many years I’ve dealt with the scornful or humorous reactions to my search; the arguments and debates over my apparent lack of understanding of the basic laws of physics; as well as the warm support from those who are open to the idea.  I know what I know, and my years of research have only served to reinforce my conviction that Bessler’s claims were genuine.

Long before the internet arrived I experienced mostly negative reactions to my ideas, if I dared to mention them to others and I quickly learned not to share my ideas.  Once the internet bloomed I stuck my head up above the parapet and quickly became the target for trolls as well as serious debaters and of course a large number of others, like myself, engaged in a lengthy period of research in the same subject though not always with Bessler in mind.

Until recently I believed that if I publicised enough information about the inventor and his machine, eventually someone would succeed in producing a working model, and I have produced an enormous amount of information through five books and several web sites - but no working model anywhere in the world….. yet.

So I recently came to the conclusion that no amount of designs published anywhere will convince the world at large unless it results in an actual working model.  Which is why I have returned to my workshop and begun again to try to recreate what I believe will prove to be configured the same as Bessler’s wheel.  I apologise to those who thought  I would finish it quite quickly.  It’s time consuming and not so easy - I am making parts out of old discarded pieces from previous attempts, and this takes time and at my age I’m usually mostly at my best in the mornings.  I also have other projects which keep me busy because as some know, we moved into this house about 18 months ago and we had builders in for six months, so there are lots of things my wife has identified, mainly in the garden, but not all, which she would like me to deal with!

The weather here has been bad with continuous rain and strong winds for most of this winter, so when it’s dry, (hardly ever) I get to work on the other projects outside.  Until I’ve completed Bessler’s wheel and I have a result, I won’t know if I’m right, but win or lose, I will publish all the details.  What I do believe is that when people see the completed wheel, whether or not it works, they will understand why I’m so confident that this is the real thing and maybe the concept will work, even if it requires a little adjustment.

I read an inspiring blog recently and I thought about the reasons given for writing such a blog.  They described how many people find encouragement by always looking forward and not dwelling on the past; we in this line of research are incurable optimists - we have to be to keep going!  Everyone believes in something, whether it’s religion, science, politics or something in social media. We all have our choices and we don’t need to be afraid maintain our beliefs in the face of strenuous opposition.   

I think with absolute certainty that a gravity-enabled wheel, such as Johann Bessler’s, is perfectly feasible and the evidence that it is, is out there.  If only people would open their minds to the possibility of manifesting such claims as Bessler’s.  We were taught that such a device as Bessler’s was/is impossible but it should really be thought of in the same way as a political opinion - not necessarily the absolute truth - it's just someone’s opinion.

Pierre Bayle (1647 – 28 December 1706) had it right when he wrote:-

 The antiquity and general acceptance of an opinion is not assurance of its truth.”

In his “Historical and Critical Dictionary”Bayle expressed his view that much that was considered to be "truth" was actually just opinion, and that gullibility and stubbornness were prevalent.”



  1. Hi John. Your dedication, passion, and commitment to your goal is inspiring. Like many others, I have been following your posts (off and on) for several years. Many (maybe most) of us are rooting for you!


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