Monday, 6 April 2009


I received an email yesterday asking for any details of the wheel's construction, which I felt able to share with the writer. This is something that happens frequently and I can't blame people for asking, because I keep saying that I know a lot about how the wheel works. I am finding this a really difficult problem to handle because part of me wants to share what I know and the other part wants to be the first to succeed in reconstructing Bessler's wheel.

I know there are some among our fraternity who think I should share it regardless of my own wishes, because this invention could be so valuable to the planet right now. So I'm going to try to satisfy both sides of the arguement. My intention is to continue to finalise publication of my book (which will contain everything I know about the wheel) while at the same time I will continue to experiment with my prototype. Which ever I finish first will determine which action I then take. If the wheel works (please!) before the book is ready, then publication of the details of the wheel will follow; if the wheel doesn't work then publication of the book will follow. The book will be published later anyway, so either way I will share everything soon.

I read the many posts which are published daily on several different forums and I am constantly amazed that no-one else appears to have discovered what I have, about the concept of a gravity wheel. I first realised the truth about them a few months ago, last year in fact. Since then I have performed a number of very simple experiments which prove the principle. Knowing how it works has proved easier than devising a system that fulfills the concept, but with Bessler's help I believe I shall succeed soon. I'm hampered by my lack of skills and equipment but fortunately the design is very simple and should not prove too difficult for me to accomplish.

I know that there are kind souls out there who would jump at the chance to help out here but I am determined to finish this thing myself, if I can.

Rereading the paragraph above, about my surprise that no-one else appears to have reasoned out the concept as I have, I realise that there may well be people out there who have in fact worked it out too, and are currently engaged in the same process as I am, namely the reconstruction of Besssler's wheel. So may the best man win!


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