Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Where are the girls?

It's a rare thing to find a girl who is interested in the subject of perpetual motion, gravity wheels and the search for an alternative form of energy - at least one that relies on a solution which includes successful revelations in these areas. In fact I'd say it's an impossibility. For example my dearly beloved wife and daughters hold me in their lowest esteem when considering my history of predicted success in this matter and who can blame them? Not I.

They fondly relate my many assumptions of success over the years while laughing amusingly at my catastrophic failure to succeed. I am, however determined to have the last laugh and have secured a staunch ally in the form of my eldest grandaughter who at 16 (nearly) should know better, bless her! She stoutly supports me against the slings and arrows fired from her nearest relatives and berates them for their lack of support in my honest endeavour. I have cunningly responded by promising her the lion's share of the ensuing fortune which will be mine once I have overcome the final niggle that prevents my wheel from flying around under the merest touch of gravity.

This has of course had the desired effect and both my son-in-laws have jumped ship with little or no thought of the moral consequences and have sided with me, proudly announcing that they were always on my side and only pretended to be averse to my ideas in order to test the metal of my resolution to finish successfully in this matter. I have generously (in my opinion) accepted their support and have promised them like riches just as soon as I have the means to hand - but have warned them about the dubious benefits of holding their breath in anticipation of an early payout.

Returning to the title of this blog it is a sad fact that few if any women do show any interest in this field and it is not for lack of female engineers and other suitably qualified members of the fairer sex, because they seem to flock to alternative energy subjects unrelated to this one with almost careless abandon. Now why should that be, I wonder?

I think that in this particular field, men do, unusually, have the more romantic disposition, imagining the benefits of such a device while successfully pushing the realities to the backmost recesses of their conscious minds. On the other hand women, it seems to me, who have always had the lead in supporting such things as mysticism, feng shui, psychic readings and of course green issues, treat this area of research, perpetual motion and gravity wheels that is, with scant regard for its potential. They assume that what they have been taught in this subject is the gospel truth, oddly, rejecting the same things that attracted the male of the species. This strange dichotomy might be explained by the fact that no classical scientist dares breath a word of support in this matter, whereas there are an abundance of 'qualified' chancers who are only too willing to subscribe to the possibilities of mind over matter, interpretation of dreams, fortune telling and psychokinesis. It is this 'clinically proven' attitude to 'spoon bending' and the like which gives the exponents of such beliefs a widespread sham authority which poor old Johann Bessler failed to get and still fails to get - despite my best efforts.

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