Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year - and my new year resolution.

Happy New Year to all.

I predict that this year, 2010, will be the year that Bessler's wheel finally returns to its former glory, to spin continuously, powered by gravity.

I have made my New Year's resolution to finish this last prototype of Bessler's wheel as quickly as my health and the weather, allows. If for some reason it doesn't work, I shall publish details of the principle behind it because I know that this at least is correct and it explains why no-one, apart from Bessler, has succeeded in building a gravity wheel, or gravity converter, call it what you want, in recent history. Failure of my wheel to run will be down to my own lack of skill in building it.

My previous predictions have fallen woefully short and my efforts to complete this task sucessfully must be be taxing most people's faith to the limit, but for the first time in my life, I have found the true reason why everyone has failed to date, and it is this knowledge that drives me on.

It was during the first half of 2009 that the truth dawned on me how we might achieve a gravitywheel but it wasn't until the latter half that I actually worked out the real meaning of Bessler's clues and subsequently the actual principle that would drive the wheel.

In the (hopefully) unlikely event that my prototype fails and my published work is also rubbished, I am sure that much progress will have been made leading to a greater understanding of the way the wheel worked. If this leads to someone else succeeding, good luck to them. This task is worth more than a single person's dream.

I added that last paragraph to cover all eventualities but in fact I don't anticipate complete failure as described, but if it happens it happens and I shall admit my fault with as much grace as I can (probably grudgingly) muster!



  1. A Happy, Healthy and Succesful 2010 to you, John. May the new year bring you not only the well-deserved taste of success but also the joy of contributing such a wonderful invention to the future of mankind. As far as I am concerned, the words in the last paragraph say it all: "This task is worth more than a single person's dream". My hat off to you!

  2. "The most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well."

    Happy New Year

  3. Best wishes, -ssmyser

  4. The most important thing in life, is life- itself!
    Take your time, don't put the 'dead' in deadline!

  5. Dear John,

    please save us from this curse!


  6. The best things in life are Free! ;)

  7. That is Great News John, we are all anxiously waiting the results of your building project. The feeling of finally placing Bessler's wonderful device into use is intoxicating and we thank you and give you our support and gratitude for a task well done.......... 2010 This is the year !

  8. You're do far gone now John - that you'll never admit failure!
    It will always be coming - after your next 'essential' holiday in Spain.

  9. 'so' far gone - that is

  10. I'll do what I said I'd do, anon 19:43, but I don't expect you to believe that 'til you see it.


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