Friday, 5 February 2010

I'm 65 today!

I'm 65 today! I can now officially retire...except that I already did so a few years ago. On such a day I am allowing myself a little frivolity and I tried to write a limerick about me for my birthday, but I haven't managed it yet so here's one I wrote about Johann Bessler.

There once was a guy called Orffyreus,
Whose claims were regarded as spurious
He said with some levity
plus a morsel of gravity
The spins of his wheel were continuous!

And if that isn't enough here's one I did earlier:

There once was a guy called Orffyreus
Whose invention, they said, was ingenious.
He created a wheel
but would not reveal
What made it spin so continuous.

I shall of course return to my wheel work and sobriety tomorrow.



  1. Happy Birthday ! .. Give you a great gift and finish that wheel ! ;P

  2. Well, you have a nice retirement hobby and today you start to get your old age pension.

    I was going to say - and your bus pass - but I believe they reduced the starting age since I got mine.

    Happy birthday - and many more of them. Treat yourself to a big heater for that shed.

  3. Such "levity", however it would please me more if you focused on talk of "levitiation" instead, namely the secret of your mechanism!

    Happy birthday regardless you old codger!


  4. Happy birthday John, and many more to follow!

  5. Thanks guys, yes I've got the bus pass, Frank, but I'm not sure I'll ever use it, but you never know.

    The levity was meant be a bad pun Damian, in that Bessler needed a bit of levitation as well as gravity to make his wheel work. You have no idea how much I'm bursting to share the secret but my lips are sealed.....for the moment.



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