Sunday, 27 June 2010

EDIT - Following the negative, pessimistic responses to my reported efforts to solve the problem of Bessler's wheel and due to the fact that most of my readers think I'm deluded and either fooling myself or trying to do the same to them, I see little point in continuing to write this blog. I would like to assure you that it was never my intention to mislead anyone, myself included and I'm sorry that that is the impression that has been received. If I have a fault I believe that it is an incurable sense of optimism which pervades all of my work and my enthusiasm sometimes gets the better of me and I see the end of the rainbow within reach when perhaps it's still beyond my outstretched fingers.

Nevertheless, I do have a full understanding of the mechanisms and why they work and I will publish that information - but not when everyone wants me to, but when I am ready to do so. In a way the harsh responses to my positive estimates have released some of the pressure I put upon myself to get this thing finished, and I can now take my time, keep my head down and proceed in my own time.

A big thank you to all those who have continued to support me, for them I will continue to write this blog occasionally, because I enjoy writing.

Also I hope my own indefatigable optimism has encouraged others to travel this course and maybe one of them will win the race....



  1. Thats Great Collin. I should also have news for you soon!

  2. Nice to see you back,John.

  3. Wecome back John. Hope you enjoyed!


  4. How the hell does trimming a hedge come before finishing a probable mechanical masterpiece???
    What's with the excruiating, dilly-dallying delay?
    You can take a permanent holiday after success!

  5. Yeah I know - but I'm not the boss. But anyway I proceed at leisure, enjoying the journey as much as the arrival - I read that somewhere and thought it sounded cool, but it doesn't really apply. I'm bored with the journey and I just want to get there!


  6. First Murderer

    Fear not, my lord, we will not stand to prate;
    Talkers are no good doers: be assured
    We come to use our hands and not our tongues.


  7. This blog reminds me of that old joke:

    How do you keep an idiot in suspense?
    I'll tell you tomorrow...

    I think we can all see what we are... Idiots.

    Notice the tone of this blog post? No "I'll be posting up the SOLUTION that I discovered, over the next few days"... no "I'll be completing a WORKING MODEL this week".

    It will never happen. It will never work. How much longer do we have to wait to find that out definitively?

  8. ps
    "enjoying the journey as much as the arrival"

    Well, I'm not. What "journey" is there for us, who have to sit and wait and read excuse after excuse every week...

  9. John. What next ? Haemorrhoids, anorexia, werewolf, Alien Abduction, letter from John Lennon ? ? ?

  10. Anything but the solution, that's what next...
    This is getting ridiculous, and so dull.

    He obviously doesn't have the solution, and obviously has no faith in whatever he thinks he has.

    I would much prefer honesty, and we could all have saved the last six months and not bothered coming here, since we are no wiser than we were at the end of last year, when John said he would be publishing his solution before the end of 2009...

    I often wonder how I manage to get anything done at all at home, seeing as I have a full time job (as do most people). Were I retired, I could certainly have knocked up a wheel within a few days, let alone six months...

    Still, it's only allegedly the most important discover ever known to man, let's just worry about anything BUT the wheel! There are chores to do, goddammit!

    "Today I went to the shops and bought groceries. There was a squirrel in the garden when I returned. Must investigate."
    "Still haven't found time to build the wheel yet, it's only been seven years now, but there are so many things taking up my time..."


  11. Don't worry guys, it's gonna be a couple o' days now..

    Lol.. What a joke! .. I was on the side of John for far too long, this sounds so much like a scam and we've been there so many times before, I can't believe John is doing this..

    Anyways, personally, this Bessler wheel non-sense is finished with me.. That was my last hope, now I can confirm it's really a big joke and a big scam to sell books!

    Let's see how many months this is gonna take from now on.. I bet the solution will come in the form of a new book...

  12. Wake up, he obviously thought he had something really big, but he found out the problem, tweak a little here and there.. Couldn't find how to make it work..

    Been there before, done that, another unfounded claim.. I just don't understand why the acting.. To draw attention elsewhere!?

    Anyways, SSDD.

  13. Hmmm,

    as much as I admire and respect John, and I really do, I'm getting my doubts now too.

  14. I thing Bessler went "Nuclear".

  15. Obviously his solution doesn't work, and he has realised that. Quelle surprise.

    And rather than admit what so many of us have been predicting all along, John is obfuscating and making up excuses. It's so tiresome. I'm sure we all visit this blog because we are (or were) genuinely interested in Bessler's wheel, and the prospect of its secret being revealed, but now I expect a lot of people just think, what's the point, it's only going to be more of the same, no substance, no solution, nothing, just irrelevancies. Does anybody actually care about anything John is doing, apart from the wheel? I sure don't. I don't want to read about your private life, I just want to read about Bessler's wheel.

  16. Looks like people are starting to wake up to the perpetual insanity game john is playing. I have stopped caring about his loony behavior after I saw the truth.

    From the start he has been destroying himself and dragging others with him. I have advised him to stop posting until he either has a wheel or will publish but he kept going.

    For the people who missed this one, be enlightened...

  17. That was excellent, Broli, I didn't realise the delusions went back for such a long time...

    One word for John: Algodoo.

    That will save you a LOT of time, because you'll find that your solution doesn't work, a lot more quickly...

  18. Hhmmm - seems like I've been on this loop for too long - fair comments. I'll shut up now until I have something to say. The trouble with having a blog is that you feel obliged to post something even if you've nothing to say. That's it for now guys thanls for your company.

    JC has left the building.

  19. The problem, is that you are still in denial ..

    Instead of posting that you'll make it for next week, just tell it as it is, you are unable to make it work..

    Is it so hard to admit !? ..

    After having us wait over your build, which was a big stunt in publicity, which got me convinced you've got something valuable, you cannot deceive your public that way..

  20. Better to have loved and lost
    Than never to have loved at all

  21. Better having any result than useless hope.

  22. I'd rather live in hope than admit defeat.


  23. My glass is always half full Fred, but I suspect yours is half empty?

  24. [I'd rather live in hope than admit defeat.]

    I'd rather know the truth than die in hope.

    [My glass is always half full Fred, but I suspect yours is half empty?]

    I'd rather weight my glass than measure it.

  25. So I take it, JC, that your solution doesn't work then...

    Seeing as we never get a straight answer, and will never see what you have discovered so far.

    No mention of it since you came back. But plenty of promises before you left!

  26. I think with the distance the internet provides, people feel they can dispense with politeness or the pretext of civility. I guess that is something old-fasioned, capitalistic parasites like myself don't want to change either. I don't blame John at all for dropping this blog. While their are many intelligent, civil people here that John would enjoy bantering with, their voices get drowned out by those who have different expectations and get upset when they aren't fulfilled. It was a nice try on your part though John. Good-luck with your research. Farewell and good luck to the rest of you also. Remember that the only person that can change your life is you, (and Oprah of course)

  27. It's not a matter of politeness, it's a matter of being drawn as an audience and stay in perpetual anxiety to wait for a result supposed to happen in a couple of days since a year and a half..

  28. Haven't even had a chance to look at it yet anon. If it works I'll tell you and if it doesn't I'll tell you that too.

    Thanks for the encouraging words Mr Umez.

    Yes LIB I'm sorry for being wrong about when I'd do it, and leading you all on with me, but the situation is exactly the same as it was before I went on holiday, so please stay with me or go your own way, and I shall continue to construct my prototype but without any further details until it's finished.


  29. "and I shall continue to construct my prototype but without any further details until it's finished."

    And this will be the inevitable result:

    What happened to your writing papers to explain it all? What happened to it almost being ready?
    What happened to - you will publish your solution one way or the other, as soon as you come back from holiday?

    All out the window.

    Mr Umez, nobody is being rude - but nice try at attempting to silence any criticism of John...

    People come here to read the comments just as much as they come to read what John writes, I would think...

  30. John, I'm just saying that because that's how I feel about it.. I believe I feel cheated in a way because I waited anxiously for an answer and you left for weeks..

    I know you don't owe us a thing, but it's frustrating to be told time after time that it's only a couple of days away... It's like waiting for a TV show that is supposed to air but they always postpone the date.. It's infuriating..

    And in itself, it should give you the proper message, we are interested in your outcome! ..

  31. Would anyone be adverse to me publishing all about my wheel here??


  32. Will you do it in the next couple of days!? ..

  33. John,take a deep breath,calm down,and don't worry.
    Everybody can endure a few blows!?
    I,personally have to give you credit for the research (historical)you have done on Bessler's Wheel.

  34. So what happened to the impending patent?
    The impending announcements?

    Just excuse after excuse.

    "I will publish that information - but not when everyone wants me to, but when I am ready to do so."

    And finally - there is a difference between optimism and delusion...

    Well then, you shouldn't have claimed that you had the solution, before you were ready to publish.

    What happened to your American counterpart, Mr Whatsisname, who we were all supposed to know who he was? What happened to the professor who was going to verify the solution?

  35. Well, I am still trying to recover after all these developments in the past 48 hrs..I never expected it to be so....why the end has come like this to this great blog ? We spent so much of our lives here discussing so many things..

    Patience is a great virtue especially for this invention and we seem to be running out of it now.

    No one should force anyone for this invention ..I had been telling often, there is some soul connection here. Bessler's soul will be reborn and it is actually going to invent the same. Hence, we need to do some soul searching instead of blaming one another.

    Bessler wheel's internal mechanism is very simple yet it eludes many..why so???

    Bessler was very passionate about it. We seem to lack this..There is a way how he designed the weight..that was why he had it covered with a handkerchief during public display..

    There are so many clues that we need to makes no sense in thinking of ending this blog...

  36. Suresh,We are not at the "CEMETARY", not yet.
    I am deeply involved in mine experiments, and also
    in between, study all John's books,in english and german.But it takes time,you have to go over and over and again.My present opinion is, that, mechanical clues in Bessler's wheel are secondary.
    The core is still well hidden.

  37. I agree with you Vincent...I was just afraid JC sir might shut the blog and we might loose touch.

    I have also found that some of Besslers clues do guide us from time to time. Everytime we come up with a solution we can simply refer to bessler's clue to see if it matches. The core is not fully hidden to everyone. Anyway, I wouldn't like to miss this blog. This is also one of JC sirs greatest contributions which needs to be maintained. One thing I have found is that bessler has really revealed a lot indirectly and we are not able to completely understand everything. JC sir has not revealed anything much so far...this is what is annoying the annons despite his great claims...Bessler was really very liberal, wasn't he?

  38. Dear Suresh, we cannot force JC to continue with this blog, if he decide to shut it; but in the other hand, we don't have to lose contact; discussing we became, I think, very good friends, including anonymous and DrWhat, so we could open a new blog and named it "John Collings friends blog" or whatever name we all decided to put it, and of course, inviting JC as a our guest of honor, to release somehow some of the pressure JC put to himself, letting him to have his own time to continue with his project.


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